Tuesday, 14 July 2009


SARAH Harding has revealed she is taking time out from Girls Aloud to work on her acting.The singer shocked fans by revealing she now considers herself an actress who is “in a girlband on the side”.Sarah said the girls sometimes feel like they are experiencing “groundhog day” and simply “need a break” from singing and dancing.The 27-year-old, who recently moved in with her boyfriend Tom Crane, says the rest of the group will be working on their own careers for a while.She added: "We're not splitting, we're just taking time out, we want to explore different avenues."Cheryl Cole flew to LA yesterday to begin recording her solo album and promoting herself in the US, while Nadine Coyle has invested in property.Kimberley Walsh is also said to be interested in acting as well as settling down and Nicola Roberts could be set to relaunch as a solo artist.

This is utter crap and OK just twisting things as always

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