Monday, 28 July 2008

2009 Official Calendar

These are the only pics we've got so far with Sarah on but how amazing does she look <333

Sarah+Tommy keep cool in Hampstead 28th July 08

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Girls Aloud at Osborne House

SUMMER one-off music concerts can be a bit hit and miss as Meat Loaf's recent outing at Broadlands demonstrated.
But Girls Aloud, at Osborne House, were worth every penny of the £35 ticket price as well as the difficulty some audience members had in getting to the Isle of Wight venue thanks to a broken down ferry.
The girls played for around an hour and a quarter, treating the audience to a string of top ten hits, tracks off the latest album Tangled Up and a number of covers.
They also had an outfit change, starting the show dressed in super sexy black, white and blue Barbarella outfits complete with male dancers in eyebrow raising bondage-esque gear, before changing into sparkly gold spangly cocktail dresses.
They started in style with Sexy! No No No performing some surprisingly raunchy dance moves given the pre-teen age of the majority of the audience. The outfits and dance moves were a little incongruous with them regularly smiling and waving at their kiddie fans - not that the audience seemed to mind.
Another early crowd pleaser was their first ever hit Number 1 smash Sound of the Underground. This provided a massive cheer from the crowd, as did altered lyrics "base line jumps in the Isle of Wight".
After the costume change Sarah, Nadine, Kimerley, Nicola and Cheryl returned with their dancers dressed in tuxedos, ballroom dancing with them as they performed I Can't Speak French. And on the next track, Love Machine, they made use of an impressive revolving section of the stage.
Throughout the entire concert the girls danced enthusiastically and impressively, pulling off well executed routines with their expert backing dancers.
The girls are known for performing the odd cover and they performed a number at Osborne House with varying success. Their version of Robyn's Every Heartbeat didn't really work musically. For one thing while Cheryl was emotively singing "and it hurts with every heartbeat" Sarah Harding was leaping around the stage punching the air and shouting Yeh!
However, their energetic cover of Salt n Peppa's Push It was a definite success, being lots of fun and showing off the girls' ability to whip the crowd up.
The highlight of the night was another cover Jump while their encore Something Kinda OOOOh wrapped up an excellent show with style.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sound of the Esplanade as crowd are Aloud to go crazy

Girls Aloud, Edinburgh Castle
HORDES of screaming fans lay siege to Edinburgh Castle last night as pop sensations Girls Aloud returned to the Capital in spectacular style. A capacity 8500 crowd worked themselves into a frenzy, screaming and stamping their feet as they awaited
the arrival of their favourite girl group.Playing their first gig in the city since 2006, the glamorous quintet gave a dazzling performance to a predominantly female audience.The warm summer evening had everyone in good spirits and the show got off to a fantastic start. Dressed in black coats and flanked by five male backing dancers, the girls strutted on stage singing their hit song, No, No, No. The coats were quickly stripped away by the dancers to reveal skimpy black and silver catsuits.After the energetic first number, lead singer Nadine Coyle thanked everyone for such a warm welcome. "It's great to see so many Girls Aloud T-shirts," she cried. The girls then took the crowd back a few years – six to be precise – with their first No.1 hit, Sound of the Underground. While the band nipped off for a quick costume change, the shirtless male backing dancers had a chance to show off their impressive skills. Emerging again in gold sparkly mini dresses, the girls sang one of their most recent hits, Can't Speak French. The group may not have been able to speak French, but their stunning stage outfits would rival any Parisian mademoiselle. Sarah Harding then asked the crowd: "Do we have any Love Machines in the house?" before breaking into the popular track which had almost everyone out of their seats and dancing. With the amount of noise being generated, the castle security staff may well have been wondering "What Will The Neighbours Say?" While Biology had the Esplanade shaking, the gig slowed down with Whole Lotta History. The group then performed a couple of covers. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening. Robyn's 2007 hit, With Every Heartbeat, was followed by a classic from the Eighties, Salt-n-Pepa's Push It. "All you sexy Scottish people get up and dance," cried the girls. They obliged.The fast-paced Wake Me Up then saw fans revving up imaginary motorbikes, mimicking their idols' video. Although they weren't joined on stage by The Sugababes to sing Aerosmith's Walk This Way, which they performed together for last year's Comic Relief single, Girls Aloud made do with a great sing-off against each other. Call the Shots and Stand by You slowed down the pace once again until things roared back into life with Jump.All too soon the gig was over. But as they brought down the curtain with the cheeky Something Kinda Ooh, it was obvious Girls Aloud had made many a fan's heart go boom boom.

Live Last Night

SIX hit-packed years after their reality TV debut, Girls Aloud certainly know how to put on a performance. Sarah, Nicola, Nadine Kimberley and Cheryl entertained an excitable Edinburgh Castle crowd last night, playing songs from their four top-10 albums.
Sporting Madonna-esque outfits, the girls waltzed straight into Sexy, No, No, No then changed into glittering gold dresses halfway through the show.
Crowd-pleasing favourites included Can't Speak French, Call The Shots, Biology and Jump.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Six years on the girls haven't done bad

FOR ones gifted to the planet through the curious voting pulses of a Saturday night television audience – and therefore expected to go spectacularly to pieces, with public backlash and rapid disintegration within a matter of months, a la Hear'say and One True Voice – Girls Aloud have not done so badly for themselves.
It's now six years since they were formed on reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals, and went on to confound their critics with a string of terrific pop songs, such as Sound Of The Underground, Love Machine and No Good Advice.One of the most successful British pop groups of the last decade, quintet Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh have enjoyed a record-breaking 17 consecutive top-ten hits, including three number one singles. And counting.Music snobs will argue that Xenomania, the chief songwriters behind the band, should take most of the credit for their success. But while they have obviously benefited from the pop production house's Midas touch, it's the girls themselves who sing and perform the songs.And it's the girls themselves who will have 8500 fans dancing their socks off when they play Edinburgh Castle's Esplanade tonight.As you'd expect, being in one of the biggest pop bands on the planet, there is little time to relax, what with a hectic schedule of tour dates and promotional interviews."It's full on," admits 26-year-old Harding, who is the oldest member of Girls Aloud. "It's worth it, though, once we get on the stage."Of what fans can expect at tonight's Castle concert, the pretty blonde singer says, "There will still be a few hits in there, but I think it will be different in the fact that every year it gets a bit more elaborate, a bit bigger, a bit better, better costumes. Onwards and upwards."As the record books show, Girls Aloud have been one of Britain's most consistently successful pop acts since being formed on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002. But did they ever think that, six years down the line, they would still be churning out the hits? "I didn't really want to think about that," says Harding, who was working as a barmaid when she first learned of an opportunity to audition for Popstars: The Rivals."We were just taking every day as it came," she continues. "You've got to live for the moment, enjoy what you have. There's no use fretting about what might not be in the future."So what's been their secret? "Because we are all strong, feisty, opinionated and ambitious girls, I think that's helped a lot," she says. "Plus the fact there is room for us in the market and the fact that we have a great team around us to help us do that."We've been extremely lucky in that case, but despite being lucky I don't think if none of us had our heart in it we would still be here."We have our downsides, definitely, but the upsides definitely outweigh that," she adds.One of those downsides is tabloid intrusion into their private lives, though the love they receive from their loyal fans makes it all worthwhile. When they have time, the girls occasionally trawl through fan messageboards and forums on the internet to see what people are saying about them."It's important to see what the fans are saying," says Cole (nee Tweedy), who has recently become a judge on the latest series of The X Factor, replacing Sharon Osbourne. "It's hard, though, because we don't always have much time – you get home at like 10 at night and you're tired so it's difficult, but we do look."If we haven't time, our record label people normally look and the opinions of the fans do get through to us one way or another."Bradford-born Walsh, who got her first taste of fame starring in an advert as a child, chips in, "Yeah, we have a look (on the internet] to see what they thought of the shows, whether they like the new dance moves, that kind of thing. We have a really strong fanbase and their opinions really matter to us."Surely those vicious press stories must get to them? "We really don't care about it, we just ignore that stuff," insists Cole, whose cache in the tabloids has been larger than any other member of the group, partly down to her marriage to Chelsea defender Ashley Cole, who was alleged to have cheated on the singer last year."I'm immune to it now," sighs the 25-year-old. "Here in the UK the press just like to build people up, put them on a pedestal, and then tear them down – it's just the way it goes. I really don't give a s*** now, though."Luckily, it's not all bad press. Cole, for example, was recently voted No.1 for The Ultimate Fantasy Body.But despite this latest accolade, which she won following a survey of 2000 British men and women, the Geordie stunner says that she hates her legs, because she thinks they are too short."I don't like my legs," admits Cole, who stands at 5ft 3ins. "I haven't got much of them for a start. It's just the thing I don't like, so if I was dressing myself, I would probably cover them up."Despite not liking her pins, Cole acknowledges that she, like most women, suffers from cellulite and isn't that bothered when the blemishes are highlighted in the tabloids.She says, "If somebody sees a bit of cellulite on my legs that's been circled in a magazine and that makes them feel more comfortable then I'm happy that I've made that one person at home go, 'Cheryl's got cellulite, it's fine'."I do it myself. I flick through magazines and see Kate Moss has got cellulite and it makes me feel happier about myself. You can't help it."They may top polls as Britain's sexiest females as often as they top the charts, but perhaps that's one of the attractions of Girls Aloud in a nutshell . . . They're just normal girls, cellulite and all.Girls Aloud, Edinburgh Castle, Castlehill, Royal Mile, 7pm, £35, 0131-225 9846

Friday, 18 July 2008

Girls Aloud on stage Sandown park racecourse

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Sarah Harding leaves Sandown Park Racecourse after the Girls Aloud concert, in her Range Rover, with what looks like a sore on her face.Esher, Surrey - 17.07.08

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sarah Harding fuels rumours that she is back with her ex as the pair are spotted kissing outside her home

Sarah Harding fuels rumours that she is back with her ex as the pair are spotted kissing outside her home

Only a fortnight ago she said she’d given up on men for good, but it seems that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has had a change of heart as she was pictured kissing her on-off boyfriend Tom Crane today.
The pair – who have been seen together several times since their split last month – looked very much an item as they visited a vet’s surgery in North London.
They then headed back to Sarah’s home together and shared a lingering kiss on the doorstep before the 28-year-old drove off.

Tom and Sarah ended their year-long relationship last month. The DJ later blamed their split on the pressures of work, complaining that Sarah’s pop star schedule meant the two spent hardly any time together.
Sarah recently denied that the pair had rekindled their romance, insisting that she was single, even joking that she was considering becoming a lesbian.
'I don't really want to talk about men at the moment. I'm really fed up with all of them. I think I might become a lesbian.'

The 26-year-old also revealed that she was moving out of her £1million Camden home because it has 'too many bad memories'.
'It's all just getting too much for me to handle over here. I have photographers outside my house every day,’ she said.
'So what I've decided is that I'm going to sell up my home and just escape abroad
'I'm thinking of seeing the world, you know travelling for a bit just to reflect and clear my head. But I'm not going to do that just yet,’ she added.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has revealed that she is to sell up and leave London to embark on a round-the-world trip.
The blonde beauty is getting over her split from DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, and reckons a spot of travelling would help her clear her head.
Speaking backstage at the first night of the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, the 26-year-old told how her £1million Camden, north London home has 'too many bad memories'.
Sarah also reckons she's fed up with men after her split, and joked that she is considering becoming a lesbian. At least that would make the band's name more relevant.
Talking candidly last night in the O2 VIP area, she said: 'It's all just getting too much for me to handle over here. I have photographers outside my house every day.
'So what I've decided is that I'm going to sell up my home and just escape abroad.'I'm thinking of seeing the world, you know travelling for a bit just to reflect and clear my head. But I'm not going to do that just yet.
'Right now I'd like to enrol in acting classes again. I did that before the band started, so I'd like to continue that.'
It's little wonder Sarah is thinking about travelling after splitting up with DJ Tom. The couple hit a rocky patch last month after it emerged that Sarah was reportedly flirting with backing dancer Jackson Williams, although she remains adamant the guy was just a good friend.
]She told us: 'I'm moving out of Camden - there's too many bad memories for me there. I'm looking at a place in Buckinghamshire tomorrow.
'I don't really want to talk about men at the moment. I'm really fed up with all of them. I think I might become a lesbian.'
And quashing the general rumour mill that Girls Aloud are going to split up, she said: 'I'm really excited about the new album. We're going to start recording it next week. We're writing songs at the moment.'
Sarah insisted she was single despite being photographed with ex Tom over the weekend.
The pair were spotted leaving nightclub Mahiki together and enjoying a lunch date in north

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sarah gets her lovely legs out

HERE is an example of why the world is a better place when the sun comes out.
SARAH HARDING did the right thing by wearing a pair of denim hotpants to make the most of the current heatwave.
She gave locals in Primrose Hill a glimpse of he perfect pins as she spent more time with fella DJ TOM CRANE.
The couple have been inseparable since making up after their recent fallout.
Looking like this, you can't blame him...

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Credit Gary Official

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane are making up for lost time after a fleeting one-week split.
The pair were spotted each other's company again yesterday during a low-key afternoon outing in London's Primrose Hill.
The singer, dressed in denim hotpants and black biker boots, shared an inmate lunch with the DJ - their second get-together in as many days.
The pair first sparked rumours of a reconciliation on Sunday night after they were seen partying together at Mahiki nightclub, later cuddling and cosing up in the back of the limo as they drove home together.

At the time of their separation, Tom put it down to the pressures of work.
He explained: 'Sarah’s been super-busy lately. When she was on tour, she worked every single day for 12 to 15 hours.
'The problem is, that I’m working every night DJing, and with her working every day, we never overlap.
'We have a very good sex life – but I haven’t seen her for a month. We both work hard and it’s a bit of a downfall as you don’t get much time together.
'The hours are frustrating – that’s the bad side of it. We don’t have that normal ‘sit down and discuss the relationship’ thing. Sarah is 26 and wants to focus on her career, so she’ll work as hard as she can, for as long as she can.'
Reports at the time suggested Tom had also grown increasingly jealous of Sarah's close friendship with male backing dancer Jackson Williams.
Tom admitted he did struggle to watch her cavort on stage with the hunky male dancers, saying: 'I have to see her with all these guys every single day of the week, so it’s just all part of it.
'I just have to swallow and accept she’s got all these dancers around her.'
Just two months ago, Sarah spoke of her love for Tom and admitted they had discussed marriage and children.
She said: 'We have talked about children. Tommy wants loads. More than I think I can pop out.'
Sarah and Tom started dating last June, just weeks after the singer split from showbiz journalist Joe Mott.