Friday, 29 May 2009

Sound of the underpounds

POP stars Girls Aloud have come top of a new reality TV show rich list with their whopping £25million fortune.The Sound of the Underground singers, who shot to fame on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, beat fellow chart talent Will Young and Leona Lewis into second and third places.Jade Goody made it to fourth on the list, with earnings of £8million.

The Big Brother legend, who died on Mother's Day aged 27 from cervical cancer, made most of her money from TV, DVDs, perfumes, books and magazine deals.The list showed 2002 Pop Idol winner Will, 30, has a £12.5million fortune, while 2006 X Factor champ Leona Lewis, 24, is worth an impressive £10million after cracking America.Opera-singing Paul Potts, 38, the original Britain's Got Talent victor, made number seven with £5million - giving a taste of what could lay ahead for tomorrow's finalists.The UK's first Big Brother winner, celebrity handyman Craig Phillips, has amassed £5million - putting him in eighth place.The 37-year-old recently warned future contestants to get a trade before going on the show to have something to fall back on when the TV offers dry up.

Singers Myleene Klass, 31, Gareth Gates, 24, Lemar, 31, and 46-year-old Loose Woman Jane McDonald also make the top ten.

It features the 25 people or acts who have prospered the most after launching their careers though reality shows. Current TV compiled it to celebrate its Desperately Seeking Fame season, which starts tonight at 10pm.

It was created following discussions with talent agents, production companies, accountants and journalists.

Most of the rich-listers appeared on talent-based shows which offered record deals or theatre roles as prizes.


They include Pop Idol, Popstars, X Factor, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do.

However, four Big Brother stars - Craig, Kate Lawler, Chantelle Houghton and Brian Dowling - also made the rundown.

The list also revealed that last year's X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has already made a fortune of £400,000.

Top 20

1 GIRLS ALOUD (£25m) Popstars

2 WILL YOUNG (£12.5m) Pop Idol

3 LEONA LEWIS (£10m) X Factor


5 MYLEENE KLASS (£7.5m) Popstars

6 GARETH GATES (£6.5m) Pop Idol



9 LEMAR (£4m) Fame Academy

10 JANE MCDONALD (£3.5m) The Cruise

11 LIBERTY X (£3m) Popstars


13 BEN FOGLE (£2m) Castaway

14 KYM MARSH (£1.8m) Popstars

15 SUZANNE SHAW (£1.4m) Popstars

16 ABIGAIL CLANCY (£1.25m) Next Top Model

17 CHARLOTTE HOBROUGH (£1.2m) Survivor


19 JONNY GIBB (£1m) Survivor

20 DARIUS DANESH (£900k) Popstars

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sarah Harding looks to hitting the big time

Sarah Harding has set her sights on the world of TV and film.The 27-year-old is ready to dominate the small, and possibly the big, screen once Girls Aloud go their separate ways.The blonde popstrel has been touting herself around several TV companies in the hope that she will be snapped up to host a show. It seems she is hoping to emanate the success of fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole who became a national treasure after judging on ITV’s X Factor.Sarah realises that Girls Aloud can't carry on forever and thinks that television and film are where her future career lies.‘Ideally she’d like to do some sort of music and chat show. She’s also keen on acting’, a source told The Sun.She has already had a taste of acting, starring alongside Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper in BBC1 drama Freefall, which airs next month.She is also reportedly up for a role as a naughty schoolgirl in the new St Trinians' movie. She auditioned for the part and is now set to sign on the dotted line.To top this all off talent bosses at William Morris Agency in New York, who represent the like of Richard Gere, Prince and Denzel Washington have shown interest in Sarah. According to reports they are keen to chat with her once the band’s current tour finishes.Cheryl better watch out – looks like a new GA star is emerging!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sarah talkin’ Aloud

CHERYL Cole better watch out — her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding could soon be fronting a TV chat show.
The blonde singer is touting herself to TV companies in a bid to ape Cheryl’s success on The X Factor.
Sarah, 27 — currently on tour with the band — is keen to get a toehold in telly to give her a career when the band take a break.
A TV insider said: “Sarah knows Girls Aloud can’t go on forever so she thinks working in telly is the way forward.
“Ideally she’d like to do some sort of music and chat show. She’s also keen on acting.”
Sarah has already branched out, starring in credit crunch drama Freefall, which airs on BBC1 next month. And she is also reportedly up for a role in the new St Trinian’s movie.
X Factor judge Cheryl, 25, has become a top TV star and recently landed a £2.1million deal to stay at ITV.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sarah Harding snogs her dog

PITY SARAH HARDING'S dentist after the Girls Aloud singer kissed her dog Claude before having a check-up.
And after the canine encounters she moved in on DJ fiance Tom Crane for a second snog.
I've got a soft spot for Sarah so I'll avoid the obvious, er gags. After all, she's usually such a breath of fresh air.

Now sexy Sarah Harding is a naughty schoolgirl at St Trinian’s

Sarah Harding could be about to eclipse Cheryl Cole as the best-known star of Girls Aloud.
The 27-year-old singer, who will be starring alongside Mamma Mia! actor Dominic Cooper in next month’s BBC2 drama Freefall, has been approached to play a pupil in the new St Trinian’s movie.
‘Sarah has auditioned for the role and is about to be signed,’ an on-set insider told me at the Soho House Grey Goose party.

She’s a bit too sexy to be a schoolgirl but when she takes off her make-up she actually looks a lot younger. She will play the new girl at St Trinian’s who gets herself into a bit of trouble.’

But there’s bad news for Mischa Barton, who has missed out on a part in the movie.
‘We’ve decided not to have Mischa,’ added the source.
‘But Tamsin Egerton will be in it. She will again play posh airhead Chelsea.’

Monday, 18 May 2009

Sarah's a Hard act to follow

SARAH HARDING looks stunning in this picture – but not long after it was taken she was putting in a mid-year bid for my Caner Of The Year crown. GIRLS ALOUD’s queen boozer seriously raised her game up in her old Manchester stomping ground on Saturday. After spending the day shopping and later performing at the city’s MEN Arena, she headed down to top cabaret club The Birdcage for a night on the tiles. A top US entertainment agency are keen to snap up Sarah and launch her into acting. If she goes for it, all those wild nights will be a thing of the past – and maybe someone else will get a look in for Caner Of The Year 2010.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Cheryl is boot-iful

CHERYL COLE is showing the same fighting spirit as fellow Geordie ALAN SHEARER in his battle to save relegation-threatened Newcastle.
Dirty dancing in high heels on GIRLS ALOUD’s Out Of Control tour has left X Factor judge Cheryl nursing a sore toe.

But she managed to wrap her leg around her chrome pole at Sheffield Arena on Wednesday after strapping on more comfy boots.
KIMBERLEY WALSH joined in the pole-dancing action. As for SARAH HARDING.
I’m sure the lads on the tools will enjoy these snaps – above left and alongside Cheryl – with a brew today.

Thursday, 14 May 2009



Denim has been sneaking back on the style radar in the last few months.And who better to demonstrate how to rock this season's coolest trend than leggy Girls Aloud lovelies Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle?While Sarah chose all-out rock chick glamour - surprise, surprise - pairing her tiny denim playsuit with red Rayban's, Nadine has gone for the preppy look and combined her hot pants with a striped shirt and simple accessories.Well, with legs like that, who can blame them? But whose' outfit do you prefer? One thing's for sure: with millions of different ways to wear jeans, whether it's stonewash skinnies or simply the trusty old denim jacket, 09's hottest fabric should definitely not be missing from your summer wardrobe!

Source: Closer

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Top US Agency Want To Sign Sarah Harding

Before Girls Aloud took to the stage at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham last night we ran into Sarah Harding as she was leaving her hotel to take her dog for a quick walk.Clutching a can of Red Bull energy drink, she was swamped by fans and ended up having to let her security guard walk her pet pooch instead while she signed autographs and posed for pictures.Meanwhile, our excellently placed source has told us that top notch US acting agency William Morris, who represent the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere and Mel Gibson to name but a few, is keen on signing up Sarah. Wait, what?Apparently they’ve seen her recent performance in BBC2 drama Freefall, which airs next month, and they “think she has something special” and “they’re keen to chat about possible theatre work, too.” Wow, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Sarah Harding: Tommy Crane and I are in no rush to marry

Sarah Harding has dismissed rumours she’s to wed boyfriend Tom Crane this summer.The Girls Aloud star and the DJ, 29, were reported to be planning a £1.5million wedding. ‘I have no idea where that came from, but someone’s telling porkies,’ says Sarah, 27. ‘You have to be engaged to plan a wedding. We’re in no rush to get married.’Sarah is also planning to take her time before she starts a family.‘Even my doctor thinks I should get cracking,' she tells Hello! 'But there’s still so much I want to do.
'And when I have children I want to be able to be at home for them.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sarah Harding jumps into a tiny denim playsuit to take her puppy for walkies

There are only a few people who would think it was anything but barking mad to get dolled up to walk the dog.
But then Sarah Harding is one of a handful who could get away with this tricky playsuit look.
The Girls Aloud singer took her puppy Corker out wearing a tiny denim playsuit with a low-cut top, studded biker boots, red sunglasses and her short blonde crop slicked over in a quiff.
The Girls Aloud singer took her puppy Corker out wearing a tiny denim playsuit with a low-cut top, studded biker boots, red sunglasses and her short blonde crop slicked over in a quiff.

On the leash: Sarah has to hold back her eager puppy as he rushes out for a walk
The mild spring weather was clearly a chance for the singer to get her tanned and toned pins out and stretch her legs during some rare time off in Nottingham.
In fact it looked as if the 27-year-old didn't have time to dry her hair and walk her beloved dog during the band's hectic schedule.
The French Bulldog has grown from a tiny puppy into a loveable brute since she bought him in February, but Sarah continues to cuddle him as if he were newborn.

Puppy love: The Girls Aloud singer cradles Corker as they leave her hotel
She was spotted out as reports surfaced that a top US acting agency is interested in representing her.
After performing in BBC2 drama Freefall, which airs next month, bosses at William Morris Agency are keen to sign her up, a source told The Sun.
Girls Aloud will pursue solo projects next year with Sarah and Kimberley Walsh going into acting, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle trying out solo projects, and Nicola Roberts working on her make-up range.
Meanwhile, Sarah's DJ boyfriend Tommy Crane, 29, has reportedly said he'd love to wed the star.
'I love her. I'd die for her,' he told the Daily Mirror. 'I love her so much I miss her when we're apart.'

Monday, 11 May 2009

Tommy Crane: I’d die for Sarah Harding

Tom Crane is so smitten with Sarah Harding that he’d give his life for her. The DJ, 29, and the Girls Aloud star have been together on/off for almost 2 years.‘I love her,’ says Tom. ‘I'd die for her. She is the most important thing in my life, I'd do anything for her. I love her so much I miss her when we're apart.’But Tom admits that he still has to work at his relationship with Sarah, 27. ‘We're both very passionate and our love for each other runs deep,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘But when we argue, we really argue.’

Lapdogs to Laptops

They used to be happy with a chihuahua on their arm... but today's stars have upgraded.
The latest celebrity accessory is the laptop computer. They're smart, powerful and, unlike Paris Hilton's dog, right, they won't make a mess all over your dress.

Sarah Harding
The Girls Aloud star's laptop helps keep her posted on any late-breaking parties. Best to put it away when she gets there though... It's nowhere near as much fun when you pour tequila into it.


First it was Cheryl on The X Factor, now Nadine and Sarah are pursuing their own projects – but the most successful all-female chart group ever insist they’re not about to go their separate ways.
This weekend, Britain’s biggest girl band was on fighting form, wowing a 10,000 strong crowd in Glasgow.
With dominatrix costumes, shirtless male backing singers and the five of them flying through the air throwing gold glitter at their screaming fans it was just another day’s work for the pop juggernaut that is Girls Aloud.
Seven years after being picked as reality TV show winners, who would have guessed that girls-next-door Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, and Nadine Coyle would still be going strong, each millionaires many times over?
With a record 20 Top 10 hit singles to their name they are the most successful UK female group of all time.
Yet it is precisely at this peak of professional achievement that the speculation about the band’s future is at its strongest.
The band’s management has admitted the girls will be taking a three-month break after their gruelling five-nights-a-week stadium tour ends next month. Could it soon become a longer break?
“They are so huge now several of the girls are becoming confident enough to branch out into solo projects,” says an insider.
“The question everyone is asking now is, who will be the first to cut and run from Girls Aloud to make it on her own?”
Perhaps the most obvious contender to go it alone is Cheryl Cole, 25, recently voted World’s Sexiest Woman by one magazine and over the past year a stand-out star in her own right as a judge on ITV1’s The X Factor.
However, insiders say it is canny businesswoman Nadine Coyle who has been putting the most energy into empire building.
Nadine, 23, from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, is – unlike the other girls – from a middle-class family who have always helped her take the long view in financial matters.
While the other girls – most notably self-confessed “party animal” Sarah Harding – have spent a lot of time enjoying their fame and wealth in London’s best nightclubs, Nadine has invested her earnings in a property and entertainment empire in the US worth £2.7million.
She recently announced the opening of her third bar in the US, an Irish-themed pub called Nadine’s Irish Mist to be run by her parents.
“I like buying houses and decorating them and selling them off,” she explains.
“With the profit I make I buy bars.
“The ultimate business plan is to open a chain of Irish bars. Americans are screaming out for them.”
She already owns several rental properties in Ireland, apartments in London and Los Angeles and she bought the Coyle family home in a gated community in Huntington Beach, Orange County (south of Los Angeles) with her parents two years ago.
Originally attracted to the US when she dated Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe, she still enjoys the Californian way of life despite their 2008 split.
“I’ve loved Los Angeles since I first went there a couple of years ago. I just fell completely in love with the place,” she explains.
“I love the weather, the lifestyle, the palm trees, the big, wide roads. It’s just a matter of me going over when we’re not working.”
She is now seeing former New York Giants American footballer Jason Bell and according to some close observers could be the first of the band to head for LA permanently.
Nadine’s also confirmed that she will be using her three-month break from Girls Aloud to work on her own music after signing a solo deal with EMI.
“I’m writing songs and it’s a slightly different style from Girls Aloud, so I’m going to do that, writing stuff after Girls Aloud,” she admitted recently on a late-night chat show in Ireland.
“I have loads of material but it’s just about the timing and getting the right songs to put out.”
Sarah Harding, meanwhile, seems to be calming down her wild ways and taking her career more seriously.
She will be appearing in a much anticipated BBC2 drama, Freefall, about the effects of the recession next month. The show was shot last November.
A BBC insider says Sarah, 29, “gave an impressive performance” as a beautician alongside rising star Dominic Cooper from Mamma Mia, and Lily Allen’s actor brother Alfie.
Latest showbiz rumours suggest she may be on the verge of signing with top US talent agency William Morris (WMA), which represents Mel Gibson, Richard Gere and Britney Spears.
A source says: “Talent spotters have seen her in Freefall and think she has something special. Dominic has also praised Sarah’s acting to friends in New York.”
Sarah is also known to be keen to appear in musical theatre.
There have been reports that she was in talks to play Roxie Hart in the West End’s hit show Chicago and she’s also been spotted in meetings with top songwriter Cathy Dennis, who wrote Kylie’s disco smash Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.
“Sarah is riding high and itching to take her career on to the next stage, with or without the rest of the girls,” adds the insider.

Cheryl, too, has already announced plans to make a solo album to be released before the next Girls Aloud album, which is due out in 2010.
Cheryl is also committed to this year’s X Factor (the audition rounds have just started) and is said to be adding to her £13million fortune (jointly owned with her husband, Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole) with a rumoured £5million book deal with Harper Collins.
This may all leave redheaded Nicola Roberts, 23, and the quiet one Kimberley Walsh, 27, feeling somewhat anxious about their prospects. Successful solo projects have, until now, eluded them.
Nicola is the one most interested in fashion and was in the front row at London Fashion Week. She has even hinted in interviews that she might be chosen by Vivienne Westwood to model a forthcoming collection. So far, however, such a collaboration has yet to materialise.
Nicola’s previous solo business venture, a cosmetics line formulated for women with fair skin, called Dainty Doll, has been a quiet success and is set to be re-launched shortly and become, say cosmetics industry insiders: “a global brand”.
Kimberley, 27, seems happy to enjoy her reported £5.6million fortune from Girls Aloud.
She’s the most laid-back of all of them and recently admitted in an interview that she’s happy to ride the Girls Aloud wave but not keen to branch out alone.
“I’d like to revisit musicals at some point as I trained in musical theatre,” she said.
“But Girls Aloud is the best thing ever. I can’t imagine a better job.”
However, sources say that her most likely priority will be to start a family. Her boyfriend of seven years is Justin Scott and he recently revealed that he is saving hard to buy an engagement ring.
It’s common knowledge that Cheryl, too, is keen to have a baby with Ashley following their much-publicised reunion last year in the wake of his alleged infidelity but timing is proving difficult because of her multiple career commitments.
The band members continue to insist that they have no plans to break up. But one thing’s for certain, individually or together we certainly haven’t heard the last from Girls Aloud.

Girls Aloud Take Retail Therapy to Whole new level

Girls Aloud take retail therapy to a whole new level.
My spies up North spotted KIMBERLEY WALSH and SARAH HARDING at a car dealership in Leeds last week. Kimberley left with a new Range Rover Sport, while Sarah test drove a new Bentley Convertible.
That's Something Kinda Zoom.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pre Order Freefall

Freefall is now available to Pre order its released on the 8th June 2009;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=975237

So come on Sarah fans get ur copy pre-ordered NOW

Gere, Prince, Stallone...and, er, her out of Girls Aloud

SARAH HARDING’s bid for solo success has had a massive boost – the talent agency of RICHARD GERE, PRINCE, SYLVESTER STALLONE, DENZEL WASHINGTON and MEL GIBSON are keen to snap her up.While GIRLS ALOUD bandmates CHERYL COLE and NADINE COYLE plan their own assaults on the charts, the hard-partying blonde is keener to indulge her acting ambitions.She has already landed a part in BBC2 drama Freefall, which will be aired next month.And now that the mighty William Morris Agency have an interest in representing her, Sarah’s chances of triumph on both sides of the Atlantic have risen dramatically. TalentI’m told: “Talent bosses at WMA New York have been keeping a close eye on Sarah recently and are interested in chatting to her once the band’s current tour finishes.“They have seen her and DOMINIC COOPER in Freefall and think she has something special. Dominic has also praised Sarah’s acting talent to friends in New York who also have close links with WMA there.“They are keen to chat about possible theatre work too.” Freefall sees Sarah opposite Mamma Mia! star Dominic in a tense drama about the social fallout from the credit crunch.Her record-breaking Brit girl group are taking a rest as soon as their Out Of Control tour finishes in Newcastle on June 6.They will regroup in September to support COLDPLAY at Wembley Stadium but intend to spend most of the rest of 2009 and 2010 apart.The William Morris Agency is one of the oldest and most powerful brands in the global entertainment business, having been founded in 1898.Not only do they represent a glittering roll call of Hollywood actors, musical heavy-hitters such as EMINEM and BRITNEY SPEARS are on their books too.Just imagine. In the not-too-distant future there could be on Oscar sitting next to Sarah’s Brit Award on her mantelpiece.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Girls Aloud to bow out?

IT has happened before. It seems that every time Girls Aloud venture out on the road, there are rumours that it'll be for the final time.
And not because of any waning popularity.
Tabloids are still hungry for news about Cheryl Cole and co and the fans – recession or not – are still happy to hand over their hard-earned to see them. Nottingham folk included.
Next week, the quintet – Britain's most successful girl group since the Spice Girls – will be appearing at the Trent FM Arena. And the two shows, on Monday and Tuesday, are both virtually sold out.
But there are clear signs that, despite their popularity, they'll be heading off in new directions once the tour is done.

Cheryl Cole has confirmed she will be recording a solo album this summer. Added to that there are rumours The X-Factor judge has been offered £2.1m to stay on with ITV for more TV shows.
As shown in the past, with Ronan Keating and Boyzone, Robbie Williams and Take That, the strongest member of any pop outfit, encouraged to pursue a solo career, is enough to split a group.
But in the case of Girls Aloud, Cole – last month voted the World's Sexiest Woman by FHM magazine readers – isn't the only one with a deal on the table.
Bleached blonde Sarah Harding reckons she's going to be the next Angelina Jolie. The 27-year-old, who has already appeared in the St Trinians movie, will soon make her TV debut in the BBC drama Freefall. She plays a nail technician who dreams of owning her own chain of beauty salons and is partnered by Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper.
"I still love my singing, so I don't want to quit that completely," she says.
"It's time to have a bit of a change and utilise some other skills,
"It keeps it interesting. We do need a break from it, otherwise it gets very tedious."
She adds: "I could definitely see myself doing something like a comedy, or a psychological thriller – I don't know. As long as it's baby steps, I'm not rushing into it. It's one step at a time."
Added to that, they're to release a retrospective singles box set – and like a greatest hits album, that's an indication they could be closing a chapter on the group.
The set features all 20 of their hits, plus b-sides and remixes, 16 videos and a 64-page booklet. It runs to 13 hours of music and can only be ordered from Girls Aloud's official website. £45 if you feel the urge – and you get it all in a metallic flight case.
Both Harding and Cole have rejected claims that they are to split.
"Split? No, No, No!," Harding told The Mirror.
"I'm hyper so I love having a few things on the go at the same time. But we're not splitting up."
Cole tackled the question in February after they turned up to collect a Brit Award for their single The Promise.
"We have just won a Brit voted for by the public, and us being here shuts that question up," she said.
If you're going along to the Trent FM Arena next week, expect leotards and hot pants – and chest-baring male dancers.
And tracks from their fifth album Out Of Control, which, says Nadine Coyle, is: "the best we have ever done.
Should this 32-date tour, that kicked off in Manchester last month, signal the end of Girls Aloud, critics agree it will be a shame, judging from the positive reviews of the shows so far.
"Let's hope there's no truth in those pesky rumours of splitting for solo careers," said The Independent.
"For together, they are quite a sight."
The opening acts are Emma Deigman and Will and The People (see panel).
For ticket availability call 08444 124624.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Girls Aloud take time off touring to enjoy a night out on the town

Girls Aloud may be in the middle of a busy touring schedule, but that doesn't mean they're too tired to party.The girls put on the glitz to enjoy a night out in Dublin, where they are performing this weekend.Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh were seen leaving at a wine bar minus band member Cheryl Cole last night.

Nicola and Nadine showed off their legs in shimmering short dresses, while Sarah and Kimberley covered up in black leggings.The girls will play a total of 30 dates on their Out of Control tour after kicking off proceedings in Manchester last week. The high-energy show is complete with plenty of revealing outfits and raunchy dance routines.

They will perform at the O2 in Dublin tonight and tomorrow.Sarah Harding was preparing for the show by topping up her golden glow today.The 27-year-old was spotted leaving a tanning salon in Dublin.

NOW you see hair, now you don’t...

This was the genius idea cooked up by GIRLS ALOUD minders as they beefed up security this week. They decided to give bleach-blonde SARAH HARDING a black wig to fool any headcase fans out there.It follows a nasty encounter for poor ol’ CHERYL COLE, who was BITTEN by an “over zealous” (that’s crazy, to you and me) fan in Belfast.My GA source said: “A girl with braces jumped on Cheryl and bit her.” Must be Something Kinda Chew-oooh!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Is that how you get your golden glow, Sarah? Miss Harding leaves a Dublin tanning salon

We are used to seeing Sarah Harding with a healthy-looking glow, but apparently it's not all down to exotic holidays.
The Girls Aloud singer was spotted leaving a tanning salon in Dublin, where the band are performing this weekend.
Wearing cut-off denim shorts, a trendy checked shirt and studded boots, the 27-year-old took advantage of the sunshine and showed off her lightly tanned limbs.

Although the Tanzone salon advertised sunbeds on its window, let's hope for the sake of her skin that she opted for a spray tan.
Golden skin is a common aspect of her band Girls Aloud's well-groomed appearance, with the notable exception of Nicola Roberts.
The redhead ditched her fake tan last year and embraced her fair complexion. She has also launched a make-up range especially for people with pale skin.
Nicola said of her decision to go for the natural look: 'I stopped faking it, and started to love being me.'

The band are playing a total of 30 dates on their Out Of Control tour after kicking off proceedings in Manchester last Friday.
The high-octane production, described by John Aizlewood in the London Evening Standard as a 'relentless jackhammer of a show', is complete with plenty of flesh-baring outfits and energetic dance routines.
Sarah showed off a tangerine-sized bruise on her arm last week and said: 'I'm not going to be able to hide that, am I?
'It's full on from the first song, we decided to really go for it. God knows what we'll look like by the end of the tour.'
They will perform at the O2 in Dublin tonight and tomorrow.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Give Girls a perfect ten

Hoping for chart success ... Tom ClarkeUntil now every one of the girls’ 20 singles has made the Top Ten, three hitting No1s But it looks like CHERYL COLE and Co’s hot streak is about to get the shivers. The 21st single, of their seven-year career, Untouchable, is sitting at No11 in the midweek charts. The band are in the middle of their UK tour so audiences have been treated to it live. The girls have also been promoting the track with a raunchy photoshoot of them wearing sexy PVC outfits. It was enough to make me want to buy it. Snap it up if you want to help the lasses keep their unbroken run.

Sarah: I'll be the next Jolie

The blonde bombshell, best known for her sultry voice and sexy dance moves with her girl group, has recently taken on several screen roles.'I like Angelina Jolie characters, where she plays like the action lady,' the 27-year-old said. 'I love cars, I'm bit of a tomboy, so I could definitely see myself doing something like that.' Harding trained in acting as a child and appeared with her bandmates in the St Trinian's film starring Colin Firth, Rupert Everett and Gemma Arterton in 2007.Next up she will star in the gritty BBC drama Freefall with Mamma Mia! heartthrob Dominic Cooper.But the feisty singer still has her feet on the ground - she won't be hanging up her microphone.'I still love my singing, so don't want to quit that completely. It's time to have a bit of a change and utilise some other skills. It keeps it interesting. We do need a break from it, otherwise it gets very tedious,' she added.'I could definitely see myself doing something like a comedy, or a psychological thriller - I don't know. As long as it's baby steps, I'm not rushing into it. It's one step at a time.'As well as a Hollywood career, Harding is also said to be planning a wedding to DJ squeeze Tom Crane later this year.But he might like to know Harding doesn't only have her sights on Jolie's career - she fancies her boyfriend, too. She told Manchester's Key 103 radio station: 'I've still got a bit of a thing for Brad Pitt.'