Sunday, 19 July 2009


Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has admitted it ''felt wrong'' to kiss her 'Freefall' co-star Dominic Cooper.
Sarah Harding says kissing Dominic Cooper was "weird".
The Girls Aloud beauty - who is dating DJ Tom Crane - found it strange locking lips with the 'Mamma Mia!' heartthrob for her acting debut in UK TV show 'Freefall'.
She said: "It was very weird, not in a bad way, mind. It's just that when you're kissing someone other than your boyfriend, you just feel a bit wrong.
"But it didn't feel like a real kiss. The room was full of people getting us to do it again. I just ended up laughing during the takes. It was very awkward.
"Dominic is a very good-looking, though, and as it was my first on-screen snog, I could have done a lot worse."
Sarah admits she's nervous about Tom watching the kiss as she knows he's uncomfortable about her locking lips with another man.
The blonde beauty added: "He hasn't seen it and I'm scared! I don't think he could watch me doing that, he's a man's man. He doesn't like the idea, even though he knows it's only acting, but he's proud of what I've done. He's met Dominic and they get on really well."

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