Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sarah Harding 'May Record Solo Song For St Trinians'

Sarah Harding has revealed that besides starring in the film, she may also be working on the soundtrack to the new St. Trinian's film - but not as part of Girls Aloud.
The singer, who will play the role of student Roxy in the movie sequel, has admitted that although she is putting her acting career first for the next year, she is "still going to do music."
Harding tells Heat: "It's my first love. I want to concentrate on acting, but it's not going to stop me from doing some writing."
"I may be doing some work on the St. Trinian's soundtrack, as well as appearing in it, which is exciting."
But Sarah insists that her new solo projects doesn't mean that Girls Aloud may call it a day. "We're not splitting up," she reassures, "we're just taking time out."
"It's been six years and we all wanted to explore different ideas. We'll probably start doing another album next year. We've been on a treadmill for six years, so we needed a break."
Harding stars as Sam in new BBC drama 'Freefall', which starts tonight (July 14th). Check out this video interview with Sarah on Alan Carr Chatty Man, where she discusses her acting.

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