Friday, 31 July 2009

It’s Been A While – Harding Hits The Town!

We were starting to worry that Girls Aloud singer Sarah had hung up her party shoes for good and in all honesty the thought depressed us. No more pictures of hardcore Harding stumbling out of nightclubs looking worse for wear, how would we cope?!So when these pictures of her hitting the town with her St. Trinian’s co-stars, a gaggle of gal pals and her boyfriend Tom Crane landed on our desks this morning we breathed a sigh of relief.The singer-turned-actress appeared to be in high spirits when she left Mahiki late last night. Good work Sarah, good work!

[b]Sarah Harding seen arriving back at her London home 30/07/09

In their latest film they play schoolgirls but their after-school activities are decidedly grown up.
Dressed in black leather and lurex, Sarah Harding and her St Trinian's co-stars traipsed along to Mahiki for a raucous celebration last night.
The Girls Aloud singer showed off her long legs in a mini-dress as she led the pack of partying actresses.

Arm-in-arm, and plastered in make-up, they fended off the paparazzi as they marched into the London club.
Despite being 27, Sarah plays a teenage rebel in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

The scantily-clad pupils hunt for buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton is related to pirates.

Sarah also had a cameo part in the 2007 movie, which grossed £15million, with her Girls Aloud bandmates.
'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there,' she said. recently.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting.'

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding makes her mark on Rupert Everett

I hung out with Hollywood star Rupert Everett this week in London. His new two part documentary The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron premiere at the weekend and tells the story of the great Victorian sex explorer. But who’s the only sex symbol for Rupert? He quipped: “Oh me of course. I’m the only sex symbol I need.”Rupert went on to say he is loving every minute of working with Sarah Harding on the St. Trinian’s 2 set. “I love Girls Aloud and I love her,” he told me. “Sarah is really nice – but of course I love Cheryl too. She’s very professional and taking acting seriously so it’s great to have her back this time around.” Miss Harding certainly is making it work with all this acting malarkey. Good on her!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Girls Aloud: Future Rivals?

They're seen as the (somewhat trendier, sexier) natural successors to The Spice Girls, so it's no surprise that rumours of Girls Aloud splitting to pursue solo careers constantly circulate in the press. The latest whispers bubbling up through the media suggest that it's Nadine Coyle - and not fellow star Cheryl Cole, as is usually the case - who's whipping up the most excitement, The Daily Star Sunday reporting that three major labels are already bidding for her signature.It's probably too early to start contemplating life without Girls Aloud, who recently said they plan to release three more albums together, but that hasn't stopped them contemplating pop life alone, away from the gang that's enjoyed so much success since forming during Pop Stars: The Rivals back in 2002. Since then Girls Aloud have notched up four number one singles, two number one albums and various UK chart records, not to mention an estimated £25m fortune. The most important number here, though, might be seven - as in the ‘Seven Year Itch', with the girls reportedly getting restless that many years into their career together.Of course no one really knows what the future holds for Girls Aloud - but that hasn't stopped us guessing. Who'll emerge as the most successful of the girls if and when they all go solo - Kimberley, Nicola, Sarah, Nadine or Cheryl? Let us know if you agree with our verdict.

5. Kimberley Walsh Age: 27 Born: BradfordPeople remember Cheryl because her face is everywhere, they remember Nadine because she's the Northern Irish one, they know Sarah because she's the tall blonde and Nicola because she's ginger. What do they know Kimberley for? She may or may not have smoked a spliff once in 2006. Sorry, Walsh - you're just too dark a horse.

4. Nicola Roberts Age: 23 Born: StamfordOne of the quieter voices in the group, you nevertheless get the impression that Nicola's stock can only rise. For a start, she's the youngest girl in Girls Aloud and the time that affords her, coupled with the tidal wave of joy that swept the nation when she told Radio 1's Chris Moyles to "shut the f**k up", should stand her in good stead. She's also become something of a role model for girls with pale skin, launching her own fashion range for the pallid and being taken under the wing of revered designer Vivienne Westwood.

3. Cheryl Cole Age: 26 Born: Newcastle upon TyneWith her role as a judge on X Factor and her marriage to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, Cheryl's currently the highest-profile member of the group, but if today's reports are true then Nadine may already be on the way to usurping her. And besides, what if X Factor goes the same way as Big Brother, and becomes just another reality show waiting to be put out of its misery? What if Cheryl's stature counts against her and the public starts rooting for the underdog? What if Ms Cole's ultimate destiny as the future Ms Rumour leads her away from the limelight? These are all things to consider, folks.

2. Nadine Coyle Age: 24 Born: Derry (Northern Ireland)Nadine has obvious aces up her metaphorical sleeve (when was the last time you saw her wearing anything with sleeves?). She's already co-written a few songs with Girls Aloud and she has Louis Walsh's promise that, if she does go solo, he will "make her a star". He may not be needed, to be honest - especially if reports linking her to a major label bidding war are to be believed.

1. Sarah Harding Age: 27 Born: AscotWe know you may not agree with us here, but there's something about Sarah that we just find appealing. She has an everyman (everywoman?) charm to her - she doesn't seem in constant fear of breaking a nail or saying the wrong thing, instead throwing herself into partying and Girls Aloud live shows with equal, relentless gusto. She's another with writing credits to her name and has already branched into other areas, collaborating with electropop trio Filthy Dukes.So, your turn: which member of Girls Aloud do you think will make the most successful solo artiste?

Harding day's night

Just get a load of these before and after pics of SARAH HARDING at the Cartier International Polo on Sunday.
The GIRLS ALOUD star started off the day looking prim and proper in her strapless blue gown.
But one pink champagne too many later and the hellraiser emerged in full force.
Pouting and posing with finger in mouth for the camera, the annual Caner Of The Year frontrunner lived up to her reputation by partying at the posh event in Surrey until 2am.
But like any tear-up merchant worth their salt, the singer-turned-actress returned to her day job yesterday morning - playing Roxy in the second of the St Trinian's films, which is shooting in central London.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sarah Harding squeezes into skimpy schoolgirl outfit on the set of St Trinian's 2

She's a platinum-haired party girl who's not far off 30 - but that hasn't stopped Sarah Harding from squeezing into a provocative schoolgirl uniform for her role in the new St Trinian's film.
The singer-turned-actress was spotted on the London set of St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold today, wearing skimpy black leather hot pants, a revealing gray vest, striped waistcoat, and scruffy biker boots.
With plenty of makeup and her blond locks teased into a quiff, the Girls Aloud star looked slightly weathered to be playing a school-girl.

Still, the 27-year-old's partying credentials stand her in perfect stead to play a minxy new pupil at the famously ungovernable school.
And it's not exactly unchartered territory for her either.
Sarah also had a cameo part in the original 2007 movie, which grossed £15m, with her Girls Aloud bandmates.
'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting,' she said recently

In the latest St Trinian's, the scantily-clad pupils hunt for buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton is related to pirates.
Also joining the cast are Bond girl Gemma Arterton, Russell Brand, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth - as well as glamorous rising stars Talulah Riley and Tamsin Egerton.
They joined Sarah on set in equally naughty get-ups - statuesque Tamsin in a thigh-high pinafore and fishnet tights, and brunette Talulah in a micro-mini pleated skirt.

Guildford Cathedral Choir performs in new St. Trinian's film

Boys from Guildford Cathedral Choir had the time of their lives last week when they performed in the new St. Trinian's film: "The Legend of Fritton's Gold". Filming took place on 22 and 23 July at Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, with the boys recording a different scene on each day.

When we arrived at Charterhouse, we had to check in with the organiser. Scattered around us were props, cameras, equipment, trailers, make-up artists, actors, actresses, cars and most importantly, the food trailer. This was where we went for our breakfast of bacon, toast, eggs etc which we all ate eagerly.After this, we had to visit the make-up artists who were obviously trying to make us look posh, some more embarrassingly than others. Then, on this first day, we had to dress in our costumes (simply our normal cassocks and surplices) before filming a scene where we were the background action to a group of St Trinian’s girls who were talking disappointedly about there being no ‘fit’ boys around.On the second day, we filmed our main scene, where we would be the focus of the action and because of this we had to be on set by 7.30am. We were all slightly apprehensive because of what we had to do: singing Franck’s Panis Angelicus ‘straight’ and then, after much rehearsing, the same piece but at double speed with beatbox accompaniment, egged on by the St Trinian’s girls. After many rehearsals and takes, we finished this exhausting session after a fabulous lunch.

Regrettably, we didn’t meet Colin Firth, Rupert Everett or David Tennant, all of whom are starring in the film, but we were in a scene with Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud (by the way, she plays Roxy in the film) and we did get paid! To see quite how outrageous the beatbox is, how much fun we had, and who were the craziest of us, go and see the film at your local cinema from 18th December 2009.

Sarah Harding goes back to school for St Trinian's

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding donned a skimpy school uniform as she filmed a scene from the St Trinian's sequel.
Sarah, 27, wore hot pants, black leather boots, and tight top with a school tie on the set of St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

The singer had a cameo part in the 2007 film with her Girls Aloud bandmates, but now she has her own role as a cool new schoolgirl.
She is joined in the film by Dr Who star David Tennant who is playing the villain.


The foxy fivesome have ann­ounced a year­long break.But Sarah has vowed she will be back topping the charts with her bandmates at the end of 2010.The hot blonde is concentrating on film and telly work and is being flooded with high-­profile acting offers.A pal says: “Sarah loves singing and performing in Girls Aloud.“But they’ve been together six years now and she wants to spread her wings and try new things.“It’s been a constant gruelling schedule of recording, touring and promoting.“But the band plan to make at least three more albums, so it’s definitely not the last you’ll see of Sarah.”Sarah, 27, admits: “We’ve been on a treadmill for six years and need a break. It’s not fun when it feels likegroundhog year.”Now the party­loving beauty is throwing herself into acting with a role in the new St Trin­ian’s film and her recentappearance in BBC telly drama Freefall.She laughs: “Acting is good for me because I’ve always been called a drama queen. Singing was always mymain ambition, but acting was something else I wanted to achieve.“Now I hope my acting career will go from strength to strength.“I’m working my way into acting gradually – I don’t want people to think I’m just swanning in there."I’m taking baby steps.“It’s a bit nerve­wracking too, not having all my girls with me.“They’re really supportive though, and can’t wait to see the end results.”Sarah had a cameo role in the successful St Trinian’s flick and is now filming the sequel, which also stars former Doctor Who David Tennant, 38.And the only thing she is having trouble mastering is a posh accent.Sarah, who is dating DJ Tom Crane, 29, says: “I can do any kind of accent from Liverpudlian to Scottish and Geordie, but I can’t do a neutral, posh voice at all.”The other Girls Aloud beauties are also pursuing separate projects while they take a break.Cheryl Cole, 26, is releasing new music and starring as a judge on X Factor.Nadine Coyle, 24, plans a solo career, Nicola Roberts, 23, is con­centrating on her make­up range and Kimberley Walsh, 27, also plans acting work.On their official website they told fans: “We want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world.“Over the next 12 months, we are going to be involved in a lot of different things – music, TV, fashion and more.“Sometimes it may be a solo project, sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together.”Sarah adds: “We’ll have a bit of a breather to do our own thing and keep it in­teresting for ourselves.Otherwise you get com­placent.“And you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

Wikipedia info so probably not true

As with the previous film, the soundtrack will be released on Fascination Records and include music from Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Sarah Harding and Sugababes. Confirmed songs:
Girls Aloud - Fools Gold
Girls Aloud - St. Trinians Theme (Remix)
Sugababes - Girls
The Saturdays - Work
The Saturdays - Give Me
Sarah Harding - Golddigger
Noisettes - Go, Baby, Go! (Don't Upset The Rhythm)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pictures: Sarah Harding gets axe

WHEN I heard SARAH HARDING was getting the axe, I fretted those silly Girls Aloud split rumours were true . . . Then I realised she'd simply been given an axe to shoot scenes for the new St Trinian's film The Legend of Fritton's Gold.She wielded it in a cemetery in London. Perhaps she should join Ghouls Aloud.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sarah gets leathered again

THIS looks like Hard work. GIRLS ALOUD caner SARAH HARDING takes a break from filming the new St Trinian's movie today but couldn't resist giving us a peak of her school uniform. She's using her well earned time off from the band to resume her blossoming acting career. Her TV debut Freefall is earning plenty of plaudits, building up some lofty expectations for her first proper foray onto the big screen. Sarah appeared alongside the rest of her bandmates in the first instalment of the movie, but this time she's landed one of the lead roles as Roxy in St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. It looks like a great movie - judging by the costumes...

Sunday, 19 July 2009

SARAH HARDING: Why Girls Aloud wanted a break

Sarah Harding has broken the Girls Aloud silence over why they decided on a six-month break, revealing that they were growing tired of their repetitive schedule.
Sarah, 27, said: "It felt like groundhog year, we've been on a treadmill for six years. It's very difficult when there are five trying to make decisions."
Sarah is carving a niche as an actress but I'm assured there will be some brilliant tunes from the girls next year.


Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has admitted it ''felt wrong'' to kiss her 'Freefall' co-star Dominic Cooper.
Sarah Harding says kissing Dominic Cooper was "weird".
The Girls Aloud beauty - who is dating DJ Tom Crane - found it strange locking lips with the 'Mamma Mia!' heartthrob for her acting debut in UK TV show 'Freefall'.
She said: "It was very weird, not in a bad way, mind. It's just that when you're kissing someone other than your boyfriend, you just feel a bit wrong.
"But it didn't feel like a real kiss. The room was full of people getting us to do it again. I just ended up laughing during the takes. It was very awkward.
"Dominic is a very good-looking, though, and as it was my first on-screen snog, I could have done a lot worse."
Sarah admits she's nervous about Tom watching the kiss as she knows he's uncomfortable about her locking lips with another man.
The blonde beauty added: "He hasn't seen it and I'm scared! I don't think he could watch me doing that, he's a man's man. He doesn't like the idea, even though he knows it's only acting, but he's proud of what I've done. He's met Dominic and they get on really well."

Friday, 17 July 2009

Sarah Harding puts plants before parties

Sarah Harding. She said: "I'm a real homebody now. I love to potter around and chill in the garden. I'm becoming quite house-proud - it's really sad. I don't think I was ever completely wild, though." © Solarpix / PR PhotosRead more:

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Girls Aloud: “We’re Going Nowhere!”

Girls Aloud have reassured fans that they are definitely not splitting up.
In a posting on the girl-band’s official website, the fivesome insist that although they are taking an extended break after completing their recent Out Of Control tour, and although Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding solo plans have been rumoured in the press this week; GA will DEFINITELY return with a new album next year, followed by more.

"We've decided to write this note together, because we want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world," they wrote.

"Over the next 12 months we are going to be involved in a lot of different things - music, TV, fashion and more. Sometimes it may be a solo project - sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together."

The message continues, with a dramatic use of caps lock: "We are definitely NOT splitting up. In fact we have all signed a new contract with Fascination/Polydor Records guaranteeing that we will release at least three Girls Aloud albums - minimum.

"We will definitely all be going into the studio next year to record - and there will definitely be a new GA album in 2010."

Freefall: so 2008

Little to add to Alex Bilmes' preview of Freefall, which screened last night on BBC2, except to echo his thought that allowing the excellent Dominic Cooper to go AWOL for the final third of this visceral credit crunch drama was a mistake. It broke down what was already a teetering daisy chain of human stories relating to the implosion of the financial markets late last year - and left the "who-will-jump-first?" finale a closer run but less exciting two-horse race. It also seemed already a period piece, from the cars to the hiring of Sarah Harding (altogether too shrill as bad lad Cooper's girlfriend; you silently cheered when she volunteered to become his ex) to yesterday's news that Goldman Sachs employees stand to make half a million pound bonuses after a £2 billion profit made in the last couple of months. Good times are back - for some - even as Freefall swept up the detritus left from the last party.

Eye spy the perfect summer shades

WHAT goes around comes around in fashion and this summer the classic aviator shades are once again the hot trend.They were first introduced in 1936 by Ray-Ban for U.S. military aviators but were adopted by hippies in the 1960s. They continued to gain popularity throughout the 70s and 80s. And now they're back - bigger and better than ever. Lindsay Lohan, Anjelina Jolie and Kanye West are among the many celebrities seen sporting a pair.The aviator is not the only retro Ray-Ban style revival. Wayfarers made a fierce comeback in 2008, redesigned in bold colours. Stockport's own Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding was one of the first celebs snapped wearing an oversized red pair.However, just because Miss Hepburn looks demure peering over black wayfarers in Breakfast At Tiffanys, it doesn't mean you will too. Luckily Sarah Henry, style adviser at Specsavers in the Arndale Centre, helped me find the perfect pair."Not many people get the right style when buying glasses," says Sarah. "We help customers pick the right look for them by taking into consideration their skin tone, hair colour, face shape and lifestyle."With my fair hair and heart-shaped face, Sarah recommends I steer clear of small frames as they make my face appear rounder. I should go for warm colours such as browns and oranges to complement my skin tone. And after trying on a range of styles, it was clear aviators were the pair for me.Stylist Gok Wan suggests:

OVAL"An oval face is well balanced, softly rounded and looks great in most styles. Be adventurous and try some modern geometric styles."We liked the oversized square Balenciagas from House of Fraser, £210 or the tortoiseshell M&S pair, £19.50.HEART"A broad forehead tapers to a small, neat mouth and chin and can wear slender, rounded or square styles. Avoid styles which are wider at the top, these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it."The Ray-Ban classic aviators look great for £107.66 but if you're a bit strapped for cash try a pair for £12 from Aldo.ROUND"Angular or geometric styles are best for a round face, which is fairly short with a wide forehead, full cheeks and a round chin. They draw attention to the top half of your face. Avoid small, round styles and large frames, which can make your face look rounder."ASOS offer wayfarers for £12, which are similar to the original Ray-Bans but retail at a fraction of the price.SQUARE"Oval frames are best for a square face with a broad, deep forehead, wide jaw and square chin as they soften the jawline. Avoid thin angular styles and those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim."Try a classic pair of sunglasses such as the metal frames from Matalan, £6But remember the sun's harmful effects before you buy, says optometrist Paul Carroll: "Wearing inadequate sunglasses can have a serious effect on your sight. Before buying you must always check that they carry a UV400 label. And it's not just your corneas in danger. On a cosmetic level, over exposure to sunlight causes us to screw up our eyes, straining the surrounding facial muscles and leading to crow's feet." You have been warned!

Was Sarah Harding any good in Freefall?

Freefall was a big success last night, even if one of our readers did complain that it was nowhere near as good as it had been trumpeted (most things aren't). As Our Mim said, it was the kind of drama that continues the fine traditions of British drama, and it was pretty much universally praised by critics. It will go down in recent TV history as the first ever credit crunch drama, but it also heralded Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding's acting debut. Was she any good, or should she just stick to the day job?

As I mentioned earlier, Our Mim already reviewed the film, but as I watched it on iPlayer this morning, apart from enjoying Domonic Savage's very natural dialogue and emotional story, I did try to have a look at how Sarah was doing.
To be fair she was in it only for a couple of scenes, so it was hard to get a handle on ultimately how good or bad she is as an actress. She played the girlfriend of professional scumbag mortgage seller Dave, who was living the pre-credit crunch lifestyle of mock Tudor mansions and expensive jewellery.
Her key scene was when she had to confront Dave about his philandering (he had just enjoyed a threesome after a night out). She shouted and she swore and she cried a bit. In fact, she cried with distinction.
So Sarah did ok, that's the short analysis, but I'd much prefer to talk about the likes of Joseph Mawle, Anna Maxwell Martin, Rosamund Pike, Alfie Allen and, especially, Aiden Gillen. He's got this incredible, enigmatic, almost androgynous look about him. I mean, he's a very good looking man, but his intense stare and glazed, fixed eyes seem to lift him above mere gender.
Joseph Mawle also deserves a bit of a mention, for his portrayal of a man whose life was falling apart.
Decent stuff, with some high-grade acting and writing. If Sarah Harding is serious about acting, then this was a pretty good training ground.

TV Review: Freefall

If only the recession had been as easy to spot as panto villain mortgage broker Dave, we'd have all been a lot better off. In recession drama Freefall (BBC 2, 9pm) we're back in 2007 and he's a crash course in hard sell, dripping honeyed patter to his greedy audience, writes Sian Brewis.
"What I love about you is you have got the dream," he tells one couple, waving a pen over their dodgy mortgage agreement for them to sign. To another, he guarantees: "You buy now, £300,000 – in two months' time it's worth £400,000."
Deal done, he climbs into his sports car and zooms off, singing as he goes – and leaving them in a financial mess which they won't find out about until it's too late.
As Dave, Dominic Cooper is fantastic, the archetypal wide boy. Blimey, is that her off Girls Aloud? It is, too.
Sarah Harding is surprisingly good as Dave's blonde bombshell girlfriend, cooing while he shops in stores called Blings and Things and shows her round his swanky £800,000 pile.

TV ratings: Freefall draws nearly 2 million viewers

Freefall, BBC2's feature-length drama about the effects of the recession, pulled in nearly 2 million viewers last night, 14 July.
The 90-minute film, which starred Dominic Cooper, Aidan Gillen and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, drew 1.9 million viewers and a 9% share between 9pm and 10.30pm, according to unofficial overnight figures.
BBC1 won the 9pm slot with documentary What's Really in Our Food? picking up 4.1 million viewers and a 19% share over an hour.
ITV1's repeat of drama Trial and Retribution claimed 2.6 million viewers and a 12% share in the 9pm hour with a further 1.7 million and 14% for its concluding part after the News at Ten between 10.35pm and 11.35pm.
Channel Five's US drama CSI: Miami drew 2.4 million viewers and an 11% share in the 9pm hour, with Channel 4's Big Brother, which marked its 10th anniversary with a special show, attracting 2.3 million and 10% in the same slot. A further 289,000 watched on digital catchup service Channel 4 +1 an hour later.
A new series of BBC2's hit show Coast launched with 3.5 million viewers and a 17% share in the 8pm hour, while BBC1's Holby City won the slot with 5.2 million and 25%.

Sarah Harding pet in the doghouse after bad behaviour

Party girl Sarah Harding is in the doghouse after her pet pooch caused a right old stink at a posh hotel.
The Girls Aloud star – no stranger to messy behaviour in public – watched in horror as her tiny French bulldog Claude left a trail of poo and wee across the sumptuous interiors of the Lowry Hotel in Manchester.
And then, just as Sarah was apologising to furious hotel bosses, protective Claude sank his fangs into Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan’s leg.
A mortified Sarah told us: “I love Claude, he’s my baby. But he can be a nightmare sometimes. We were staying in the Lowry and the thought of leaving him in the room all day and night broke my heart. So I took him for a walk and we nipped into the hotel bar.

“But while I was getting ready he pooed over the carpet in my room, and then again down the hallway as we were going to the lift. I tried to clean it up as best I could.”
Naughty Claude had a few more surprises in store when they turned up at the bar, which was heaving.
Sarah says: “We went to the bar and everyone was there having a drink and then he peed underneath the table. It must have been nerves – he isn’t used to so many people being around. He’s usually not that bad. Kasabian were there and Tom
Meighan thought it was hilarious, and came over to see Claude. But as he went to stroke him, Claude bit him. He only looks little but he is very protective over me, especially with blokes. Thankfully Tom saw the funny side.”
Let’s hope the Lowry do too...

Sarah Harding 'May Record Solo Song For St Trinians'

Sarah Harding has revealed that besides starring in the film, she may also be working on the soundtrack to the new St. Trinian's film - but not as part of Girls Aloud.
The singer, who will play the role of student Roxy in the movie sequel, has admitted that although she is putting her acting career first for the next year, she is "still going to do music."
Harding tells Heat: "It's my first love. I want to concentrate on acting, but it's not going to stop me from doing some writing."
"I may be doing some work on the St. Trinian's soundtrack, as well as appearing in it, which is exciting."
But Sarah insists that her new solo projects doesn't mean that Girls Aloud may call it a day. "We're not splitting up," she reassures, "we're just taking time out."
"It's been six years and we all wanted to explore different ideas. We'll probably start doing another album next year. We've been on a treadmill for six years, so we needed a break."
Harding stars as Sam in new BBC drama 'Freefall', which starts tonight (July 14th). Check out this video interview with Sarah on Alan Carr Chatty Man, where she discusses her acting.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


SARAH Harding has revealed she is taking time out from Girls Aloud to work on her acting.The singer shocked fans by revealing she now considers herself an actress who is “in a girlband on the side”.Sarah said the girls sometimes feel like they are experiencing “groundhog day” and simply “need a break” from singing and dancing.The 27-year-old, who recently moved in with her boyfriend Tom Crane, says the rest of the group will be working on their own careers for a while.She added: "We're not splitting, we're just taking time out, we want to explore different avenues."Cheryl Cole flew to LA yesterday to begin recording her solo album and promoting herself in the US, while Nadine Coyle has invested in property.Kimberley Walsh is also said to be interested in acting as well as settling down and Nicola Roberts could be set to relaunch as a solo artist.

This is utter crap and OK just twisting things as always

Own a top like Sarah

This top was designed especially for Sarah and you can order one from

This top is very very adorable and done because of Sarahs puppy Claude.

Link to the article

A message from the girls

From Official Site:

A message from the Girls!

Hi everyone,Hope you’re all good and getting ready for summer.We’ve decided to write this note together, because we want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world.Over the next twelve months we are all going to be involved in lots of different things – music, TV, fashion and more. Sometimes it may be a solo project – sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together.We are definitely NOT splitting up. In fact we have all signed a new contract with Fascination/Polydor Records guaranteeing that we will release at least another three Girls Aloud albums – minimum. We will definitely all be going into the studio next year to record – and there will definitely be a new GA album in 2010.For the rest of this year – you’ll have to wait and see, but it will be full of surprises – we promise!For all the true stories and facts – please stay tune to for reading this and thanks for your on going support.Love,Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud 'side job' for Sarah

Sarah Harding has said she is now an actress who is "in a girlband on the side."
The 27-year-old - who found fame with Girls Aloud after auditioning for reality show Pop Stars: The Rivals - is now branching out into an acting career, starring in BBC Two drama Freefall opposite Mamma Mia's Dominic Cooper.
Sarah told Heat: "There's a stigma about going from singing to acting, so I have to really prove myself to people - I'm still going to do music, it's my first love; I want to concentrate on acting, but it's not going to stop me from doing some writing."
Asked if she would strip for a role she said: "Not in a sleazy way but you never know. It's not something I want to do right now, expecially as I'm in a girlband on the side."
Speaking about Girls Aloud she said: "It's not fun when it feels like groundhog year. We've been on a treadmill for six years, so we needed a break. It's very difficult when there are five of you trying to make decisions. Three of you might vote to do something that two of you don't want to do, so you have to do it anyway. That can be frustrating.
"We're not splitting, we're just taking time out, we want to explore different avenues."


GIRLS ALOUD singer SARAH HARDING has stunned fans by announcing she's set to leave the group for a year.The pop star, one fifth of Britain's most commercially successful girl band, will hang up her microphone to concentrate on pursuing an acting career. The news has fuelled persistent reports the pop band is set to part ways, as each of the singers is busy with different ventures. Harding tells Britain's Heat magazine, "It's not fun when it feels like groundhog year. We've been on a treadmill for six years and need a break. "It's very difficult when there are five of you trying to make decisions. Three might vote to do something that you don't want to do - that can be frustrating." The blonde beauty, who has landed a role in the upcoming movie St Trinians 2, insists she doesn't plan to leave the group but admits, "Acting is good for me because I've always been a drama queen."

Sarah Harding 'to work on solo material'

Sarah Harding has confirmed that she is in talks to record solo material for the upcoming St. Trinian's movie soundtrack.The Girls Aloud singer, who landed a part in St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's earlier this year, insisted that she has not turned her back on her music career."I'm still going to do music. It's my first love. I want to concentrate on acting, but it's not going to stop me from doing some writing," she told Heat."I may be doing some work on the St. Trinian's soundtrack, as well as appearing in it, which is exciting."Harding stressed that she is still committed to Girls Aloud, despite the group taking an extended break."We're not splitting up, we're just taking time out. It's been six years and we all wanted to explore different ideas," she said."We'll probably start doing another album next year. We've been on a treadmill for six years, so we needed a break."The group recorded the theme tune and made a brief cameo appearance in 2008's St. Trinian's.

Sarah Harding to take year off from Girls Aloud to focus on acting

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding has revealed she's taking up to a year out from the band to concentrate on her acting.
Her shock announcement further fuels rumours the band are about to split up.
Sarah, 27, who is busy forging a TV and film career, moaned: "It's not fun when it feels like groundhog year. We've been on a treadmill for six years and need a break."
Bandmate Nadine Coyle is desperate to spend more time in LA, while Cheryl Cole is now a judge on X Factor.
Sarah plays a schoolgirl in upcoming movie St Trinians 2 and has already appeared in BBC2 drama Freefall.
She told Heat magazine, out this week: "It's very difficult when there are five of you trying to make decisions. Three might vote to do something that you don't want to do, that can be frustrating."
Sarah insisted she will not quit music completely, but added: "Acting is good for me because I've always been called a drama queen."

Pick Of The Day: Freefall, 9pm, BBC2, BBC HD

In many ways Dominic Savage’s engrossing drama does a better job of explaining the roots of the global financial crisis than half a dozen documentaries.
Opening in the lush days of 2007, his story slices through the credit pyramid at three levels. Perched on top of this delicately teetering money mountain is successful, blinkered City banker Gus (Aidan Gillen) who sells on packages of debt for vast profits. If you can’t understand a single word of how this is supposed to work, you won’t be the only one.
At the bottom are the unprepared families who’ve signed up for discounted deals and are suddenly faced with a mortgage they can no longer pay.
And in the middle of it all is Dave, a super mortgage salesman played with deceptively winning charm by Mamma Mia! heart-throb Dominic Cooper. When he bumps into an old school-friend Jim (Joseph Mawle) who’s still renting a council flat in the street where he grew up, Dave practically sees it as his duty to persuade Jim to take advantage of all the easy credit sloshing about to better himself.
You could say that all three men are driven by greed and it’s just the scale of it that varies.
A seriously heavy-weight cast includes Anna Maxwell Martin, Rosamund Pike and Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding as Dave’s beautician girlfriend.
A largely improvised script results in superbly natural performances all round but some of the best performances aren’t from actors – but from “real” people dotted into the action. So if the estate agents, mortgage company staff and even the potential customers Dave is working his oily magic on seem terribly convincing, that’s because they’re not actually acting at all.

Alfie Allen praises Sarah Harding's acting

Alfie Allen has praised Sarah Harding for her role in BBC film Freefall.
Speaking exclusively to DS, the 22-year-old actor said that the Girls Aloud star had done a "great job" in the Dominic Savage drama.
"I wasn't in her scenes but when we were shooting, we had the same location so I saw her and she's brilliant in it," he admitted.
"I'm not one to say whether she has or she hasn't [done well], but to me it looks like she's done a great job. She trained as an actress anyway, so she's not completely new to it. She knows what she's doing, in a way. She definitely got it, from what I could see."

Sunday, 12 July 2009

From schoolgirl to 4am party animal: Sarah Harding swaps St Trinian's uniform for LBD to enjoy night on the town

From schoolgirl to 4am party animal: Sarah Harding swaps St Trinian's uniform for LBD to enjoy night on the town

Sarah Harding started the day dressed as a schoolgirl, only to finish the night in typical party animal fashion as she stepped out of a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.
The Girls Aloud singer was seen on the set of the St Trinian's sequel in a skimpy school uniform - hot pants, black leather boots, and tight top with cheeky school tie.
Later that evening, she swapped the shrunken uniform for a little black dress to hit the nightlife of Soho.
Sarah was seen leaving the 24 Nightclub at 4am with boyfriend Tom Crane.
The giggling 27-year-old appeared tipsy as she lent over a straight-faced Crane in the back of a taxi.
Perhaps after a busy day of filming, the pop star felt the need to let hair down.
Sarah is joined in the sequel, St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold, by Dr Who star David Tennant who is playing the villain.
She had a cameo part in the 2007 reworking of the film with her Girls Aloud bandmates, but this time she has her own role as a cool new schoolgirl.

The Belles of St Trinian's, which kicked off the series, hails from the black and white days of 1954 and featured the classic comic acting skills of the likes of George Cole, Beryl Reid and Irene Handl.
Later films starred old favourites of English comedy Terry Thomas, Frankie Howerd, Terry Scott and a succession of hard-to-handle young female actresses.
In the latest St Trinian's, the scantily-clad pupils hunt for buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton is related to pirates.
Also joining the cast are Bond girl Gemma Arterton, rising star Tallulah Riley, Russell Brand, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.

Sarah, who is making her TV debut in hard-hitting drama Freefall next month, is determined not to be another pop star who fails at acting.
'I don't want to try too much too soon, I'm taking baby steps,' she said.
'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting.'
Girls Aloud will pursue solo projects next year with Sarah and Kimberley Walsh going into acting, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle trying out their own plans, and Nicola Roberts working on her make-up range.


She is currently on the set of the long-awaited St Trinian’s ­sequel in which she plays a cool new schoolgirl. Sarah, 27, sent temperatures soaring as she strolled about in a variety of skimpy schoolgirl outfits, hot pants, chunky biker boots or sandals, according to shot changes.

She is joined in the sequel, St Trinian’s 2: The Legend Of Fritton’s Gold, by Dr Who star David ­Tennant, who plays the film villain Pomfrey, part of a secret woman-hating society known as AD1.
The revival two years ago of the Fifties classic film comedies that ­featured Joan Sims and Barbara Windsor was a surprise hit, ­grossing £15 million at the UK box office, making it the third most successful independent British film ever after Four Weddings and a Funeral and Trainspotting.
The 2007 reworking, starring Russel Brand and a pre-Bond Gemma Arterton as head girl ­Kelly, was panned by the critics but film fans loved its slapstick fun.

Sarah had a cameo part in that film with her Girls Aloud bandmates. These latest pictures of her show Sarah looking super but she had to work hard to recover her health after ending up in hospital with crippling stomach pains just a couple of years ago.
A hectic lifestyle of clubbing ­every night had taken its toll and she was ordered to follow a strict diet of healthy food and to stop drinking alcohol.
A friend said: “There was nothing wrong, except overdoing it. Eventually you just have to give it a rest and she’s on top form now. This film is very hard work so it is just as well she’s on top of things and the new healthy regime is ­certainly paying off.”

The plot of the latest St Trinian’s sees the scantily-clad pupils on the hunt for buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton, reprised by Rupert ­Everett, is related to pirates.
Also returning for another term are Colin Firth, Gemma Arterton, Talulah Riley, Jodie Whittaker, Juno Temple, Tamsin Egerton, ­Celia Imrie and Fenella Woolgar.
Co-director Barnaby Thompson said: “It’s a girls’ heist movie and how many times have you seen that? But it just clicks with girls, who ­enjoy the naughtiness and fun.”
It is being made in eight weeks at Ealing Studios, famed for classic comedies of the ’40s and ’50s.

St Trinians

I've Nad enough

The rumour mill churns week in week out with talk about when chart-topping band Girls Aloud are going to disperse. As SARAH HARDING appears in the new St Trinian's movie, I hear a split could happen sooner than we think - because Irish singer NADINE COYLE has had enough with the band that made her famous.
My sources say Nadine, who spends much of her time in Los Angeles, is embarking on a solo career. My stateside mole reveals: "Nadine's been unhappy in the band for a long time. It's no secret she wants to be a solo artist and she knows she has the talent to pull it off. Ever since she moved to LA things have been different. The girls have been really upset recently about Nadine's lack of input in the band."
Hmmm. With an album to record next year it would be a shame if Nadine left now - and after all... she is the voice of the band!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Sarah on Alan Carr 12th July 09

Sarah Harding will be appearing and be interviewed on the show. make sure you don't miss it! (Channel 4, Sunday 12th July).

Girls Aloud Sarah Harding to star with Doctor Who David Tennant in St Trinian's 2

Doctor Who star David Tennant is to line up with a glamorous new foe - Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.
The pair are to star in film comedy St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold.
Filming for the sequel to St Trinian's, which made £12million at the UK box office, started yesterday with earlier stars Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.
An insider said: "It is quite a coup to land Sarah and David. Sarah had a little part in the last film along with the rest of the band as they sang the final song.
"She enjoyed it so much it has been expanded and now she's a major part of the cast.
"And to get David for his first film after Doctor Who is just fantastic."
Harding, 29, joins the girls of St Trinian's as cool new pupil Roxy hunting for headmistress Miss Fritton's legendary family fortune.
Tennant stars as villain Pomfrey who heads secret women-hating society AD1.


David Tennant, the star of hit UK TV show Dr Who, and British popstar Sarah Harding have joined the cast of StTrinian’s II: The Legend Of Fritton’s Gold, which began principal photography in London today (July 6).The second St Trinian’s feature will be the debut film from producing and directing team, Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson.The cast also includes Rupert Everett, who will reprise his role as unconventional headmistress Camilla Fritton, Colin Firth, Gemma Arterton, Talulah Riley, Jodie Whittaker, Juno Temple, Tamsin Egerton, Celia Imrie and Fenella Wollgar, alongside newcomers Ella Smith, Zawe Aston and Montserrat Lombard. Harding, a member of girl brand Girls Aloud, appeared in the first St Trinian’s film in 2007.The film see the girls embark on a rollercoaster-style treasure hunt for the legendary Fritton’s Gold, which sees them face the villainous Pomfrey, played by Tennant, and his sidekicks from the women-hating secret society known as AD1.It is being produced by Everett Nigel Green, James Spring, Paul Brett, Tim Smith and Chris Smith. It has been written by Nick Moorcroft and Piers Ashworth. Entertainment Film Distributors will handle the UK distribution rights. It is being made in association with the Aegis Film Fund and Prescience.The first instalment of St Trinian’s grossed $25m at the UK box office.

Sarah the Aga Lout

I NEVER thought I’d see the day that SARAH HARDING retired from the party circuit
But it seems her days as my favourite Bizarre Caner Of The Year are numbered. ]I Cane't do it anymore ... Sarah Harding
The GIRLS ALOUD star had earned a reputation for being the last one to leave a party, often looking bongoed.
But her recent move to the country seems to have done funny things to her.
I saw her in the Mahiki tent at the Henley Royal Regatta and she’s gone all domestic.
She’s even got herself a traditional AGA oven and couldn’t stop raving about its benefits.
Sarah said: “I love it. I leave it on all the time and it heats the whole kitchen as well as being a cooker.
“I’m not the best cook but I’m getting better.”
Sarah sounds more like my nan than the full-on raver we know.
Granny Smart loves a natter about kitchens as well...
Gilgamesh in London's Camden welcomed pop royalty on Friday.Both Spice Girl EMMA BUNTON and Girls Aloud caner SARAH HARDING managed to enjoy a night out together.And from the wobbly exits from the club later, a fun time was had by both ladies.But those of you thinking Em is more of a lightweight should not be fooled! I've spent many a night with Miss Bunton - who's currently a DJ on Heart FM - and she can hold her grog - big time!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


We're away for the next week so there wont be any new pics added to the gallery or news posted check out the forum because the news will be posted there and hopefully the pics if we get any news ones that is

Sarah Harding enjoyed 'gritty' role

Sarah Harding has revealed she loved shooting her "gritty" role in BBC Two drama Freefall.
The Girls Aloud star said she wanted to play hairdresser Sam because it was something different.
"I really enjoyed doing it, one of the main reasons I wanted to do Freefall was that it's a complete contrast to what people see of me from being in the band - it's a gritty role and a gritty film," she said.

And Sarah is keen to flex her acting muscles again.
"Freefall showcases what I can do, and for (director) Dominic Savage to have faith in me must mean something!" she gushed.
"Singing was always my main ambition, but acting was something else I wanted to achieve. I hope my acting career will go from strength to strength and I'd love to work with Dominic again."
Freefall airs on July 14 on BBC Two.

Freefall Date

Check out Sarah in her latest project Freefall due to air on the 14th July 2009 on BBC2. Sarah has been given rave reviews for this and they are tipping her to be a huge star in the future. Theres 3 promotional stills on the gallery so be sure to check them out guys.

Win tickets to see Julian Peretta

Anyone entering the competition is to send their full name + age to: – Make the subject of their email ‘sarahhardingaddicts’ - so we know they’ve come from you! This is for 2 tickets to a secret gig Julian is doing next week in London.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Box set

The Girls Aloud Singles box set includes a 64 page booklet with the story behind the music. The sleevenotes were written by Peter Robinson (Popjustice creator, journalist, etc.), who interviewed Brian Higgins for the occasion. The booklet encapsulates the moment of each Girls Aloud single, with relevant and interesting contextual information and trivia. Here's a few Xenomania-related bits:"Sound of the Underground" was one of 60 songs that Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper wrote with the aim of launching their own girl-group. Polydor said they didn't have the right band to perform the song - until, a few weeks later, the idea of Popstars: The Rivals came along."No Good Advice" was written by Higgins and Cooper when they were known as Moonbaby and were signed to London Records in the late 1990s. The song chorus began rather differently, with the phrase "I don't like fried rice" (!).Higgins says that despite his confidence in the song "Life Got Cold" he wasn't prepared to take the idea of a Girls Aloud version seriously until the band had sung their own version, because a track working "has always got to be based on an artist's performance, not the music itself. But they sang it, and they really nailed the melancholic aspect of it, and it sounded beautiful".Love Actually director Richard Curtis phoned Xenomania when they were in a taxi in Berlin, and explained that he thought "Jump" would be a good Girls Aloud single. The aggressive synth sound in the chorus comes from a Jupiter-6 - the idea was that "JUMP!" had to be followed by a sound demanding you to jump.The synth rhythm for "The Show" was composed by a Xenomania musician called Jon Shave. The lyrics were intended as a sort of anti-promiscuity message.Some of the "Love Machine" lyrics came about through a process Xenomania employ, which is to sing "nonsense lyrics" over a backing track - eventually the nonsense lyrics evolve into more meaningful songwords. The baking track, semi-inspired by The Smiths, is the work of Xenomania musicians Nick Coler and Tim Powell.The first version of "I'll Stand By You" was a weird, modernist breakbeat version which sounded like '90s dance act Future Sound of London."Long Hot Summer" was written by Xenomania when the team were in LA. Xenomania visited the Disney offices and were asked to write a song that would feature in the Lindsay Lohan Herbie movie. For various reasons, the track never made the movie.The mention of "wicked games" in the introduction of "Biology" is a reference to Girls Aloud almost releasing a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" as a single.To cheer themselves up, Xenomania went off for a songwriting session in Paris and, while they were there, they sketched out the song that would become "Call The Shots". It was almost put forward as one of the singles to promote the greatest hits album, but was held back as it was considered too downbeat.Peter Robinson describes "Call The Shots" as "the greatest pop song of the 21st Century".Brian Higgins says that "Can't Speak French" is perhaps the easiest Girls Aloud single they made. The b-side, "Hoxton Heroes", came about when members of Girls Aloud were talking about music with Xenomania - before you know it, a song was being crafted.One day, two young Australian musicians at Xenomania, Jason Resch and Kieran Jones, played a '60s-sounding backing track to Brian Higgins and "The Promise" was born. Higgins and Cooper didn't write anything to the backing track for a few weeks - they waited until the right time so they didn't ruin the moment. They eventually wrote the song in seven minutes.The emotional twangy guitar noise in "Untouchable" was the result of Xenomania musician Jason Resch responding to a request for something "special". Brian Higgins says he could happily listen to the guitar part for an hour on a loop.