Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Harding day's night

Just get a load of these before and after pics of SARAH HARDING at the Cartier International Polo on Sunday.
The GIRLS ALOUD star started off the day looking prim and proper in her strapless blue gown.
But one pink champagne too many later and the hellraiser emerged in full force.
Pouting and posing with finger in mouth for the camera, the annual Caner Of The Year frontrunner lived up to her reputation by partying at the posh event in Surrey until 2am.
But like any tear-up merchant worth their salt, the singer-turned-actress returned to her day job yesterday morning - playing Roxy in the second of the St Trinian's films, which is shooting in central London.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah looks stunning in the blue dress & just as sexy at 2am.