Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Freefall: so 2008

Little to add to Alex Bilmes' preview of Freefall, which screened last night on BBC2, except to echo his thought that allowing the excellent Dominic Cooper to go AWOL for the final third of this visceral credit crunch drama was a mistake. It broke down what was already a teetering daisy chain of human stories relating to the implosion of the financial markets late last year - and left the "who-will-jump-first?" finale a closer run but less exciting two-horse race. It also seemed already a period piece, from the cars to the hiring of Sarah Harding (altogether too shrill as bad lad Cooper's girlfriend; you silently cheered when she volunteered to become his ex) to yesterday's news that Goldman Sachs employees stand to make half a million pound bonuses after a £2 billion profit made in the last couple of months. Good times are back - for some - even as Freefall swept up the detritus left from the last party.

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