Sunday, 30 March 2008

By Alice Walker, Emma Donnan & Katie Hind
Moist tissues all round lads - it's goodbye to these boys after GIRLS ALOUD totty SARAH HARDING was dumped by bra firm Ultimo.
Sarah, 25, has been perking up the nation in her best undies since signing a £100,000 deal.
But after just a year she's been bounced out and is rumoured to be replaced by another saucy singer - Pussycat Doll NICOLE SHERZINGER, 29.
It's not the first time Ultimo boss MICHELLE MONE has hired and fired like-for-like models. Back in 2004 she axed ROD STEWART's then girlfriend PENNY LANCASTER, 37, for his ex-wife RACHEL HUNTER, 38.
We're told: "Sarah's a bit upset but she is sure she won't be short of modelling offers - plus she's really busy with the group. She's got more than enough going on."

Sarah Refuses To Change Herself For Men

Sarah Harding has vowed that she will no longer change her behaviour to please men.The Girls Aloud singer, who is currently dating DJ Tommy Crane, said that her failed relationships have taught her to stay true to herself."I've tried to change myself for boyfriends in the past, but now I know that if a man loves me, he'll take me for who I am," Sarah told Hot TV magazine.Harding also denied claims that she is reluctant to stay single for long, despite hooking up with Tommy soon after she split from journalist Joe Mott."I was single for a long time before Joe," she said. "I'm a ladette as well, so I have male friends. If I'm seen out with a guy then I'm automatically supposed to be involved with them."

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Now Girls Aloud reveal plans to make their big screen debut

They've conquered the charts, now Girls Aloud want to turn their attention to the big screen. The band members want to star in their own film and have been turning away scripts left right and centre, just waiting for the right one to come along.
Now while everything the girls touch turns to gold, two words spring to mind: Spice World.
Let's hope they can produce a better effort than the cinematic travesty produced by the Spice Girls in 1997.
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Sugar rush: Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Kimberly Walsh and Cheryl Cole promoting the new Kit Kat Senses in London today

Girls Aloud have not decided whether it would be a biographical story of their lives or a drama, but Kimberley Walsh said: "We want it to be a Friends and Sex And The City kind of thing, all morphed into one."
This will not be the first time the Girls have appeared on our screens. Their latest TV series Passions Of Girls Aloud is currently on ITV2 - and the entire band made a cameo appearance in St Trinians last year.
Speaking at the launch of the new KitKat Senses chocolate bar, Nicola Roberts said the filming whet their acting appetite.
She said: "It was an amazing experience to be in a film that was in the cinema. It was exciting and new for us. We'd really like the chance to do some more acting.
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Chocoholic: Sarah admitted last week to overloading on the sweet treats

"We've been given a lot of dodgy scripts - they were all awful. One of them was a horror film, where we would have been running through the woods in our underwear."
Nadine Coyle said the girls would only do a film if they thought they could really do it justice.
Looking at the hype surrounding the Sex And The City movie - and that's only with four attractive girls - a Girls Aloud movie wouldn't have anything to worry about as far as publicity was concerned.
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Goodies: the group, including Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh, have landed a lifetime supply of the chocolates

Ever the thoughtful one, Nicola said: "If we did make our own film, it would be really special. It would be a great thing to show the kids."
When asked what actor they would most like to work with, Nadine and Kimberley both agreed on Denzel Washington, so it looks like the film might be more action-packed then we might have thought.
They girls are currently in the process of writing a band biography, to be published at Christmas, and they have promised that a lot of scandal will be revealed.

Cheryl Cole reveals Girls Aloud bandmates helped with heartache
By Jane Oddy 27/03/2008

Cheryl Cole has revealed for the first time how her Girls Aloud bandmates helped her through the heartbreak after footballer hubby Ashley Cole cheated on her.
She said: "I often think to myself, if I'm having a sad moment or an angry moment, if I didn't have these four in my life it would be worthless.
"Everyone's here to help each other. We stabilise each other. Whatever any of us is going through, bad or good, we have each other."
Cheryl, 24, told how the close-knit group had been the rock that saved her from despair.
She admitted: "We don't allow people into our circle very easily because we've been let down in the past. It takes a lot for us to trust people.
"Growing up I didn't have a group of girlfriends I hung out with every weekend - I had three brothers. So this was all new to me. But I could never have done anything without them."

Two of the band, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, joined Cheryl on a girlie break in Thailand last month while she agonised whether to go back to Ashley after he cheated on her with hairdresser Aimee Walton, 22.
Nicola said: "It was the best girlie holiday. We sunbathed, chatted and drank cocktails."
Even Nadine Coyle, who lives in Los Angeles, was in constant touch with Cheryl as she fought to cope with Ashley's betrayal. Nadine said: "We talk and text all the time."
Kimberley added: "We've been together so much we're like sisters - and you know what you're like about your sisters. We're very protective of each other. We can say stuff about each other, but no one else can."
Speaking at yesterday's launch of Kit Kat Senses, a new version of the snack aimed at women, Cheryl seemed to be regaining her sense of fun as she jokily confessed to having a crush on her husband's former boss, ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Click below to see the girls at the Kit Kat launch. Story continues below...
Giggling with bandmate Sarah Harding, she said: "He's cool. I fancy him because he's dead cocky and arrogant. I've only ever seen him from a distance though. It's a secret crush... maybe not any more!"
With a sell-out tour and a new album to work on, Cheryl has plenty to keep her busy. And there are signs she has already started to forgive her errant husband - as she reveals she is desperate for a baby. She admits: "I've been broody since I was about 16. I'd love to have a big family."

Interview from the KitKat launch

A clip of the girls talking at the KitKat launch

Girls Aloud relaxing before tour

Nicola Roberts has revealed Girls Aloud are planning a strict rest and relaxation regime ahead of their tour.
The Tangled Up singers embark on a UK arena tour in May and are planning to take it as easy as possible while they can.
Nicola said: "I think it's really important for us all to try and relax before a tour comes up, just because it's such a gruelling schedule and it takes a lot out of you.
"We need to make sure that we're healthy and our stamina's up to par and that we take lots of vitamin C, so any time that we can, we just chill out before a tour, and it's great to get your body re-energized for such a hard task ahead."
But despite the hard work involved, the girls can't contain their excitement about hitting the road.
Kimberley added: "We're really excited about the tour, really really excited.
"We've got loads of things planned and I can't really tell you as it might spoil some of the surprises. But, it is our biggest tour to date and it's our longest tour so we're just trying to get some rest in before rehearsals and it should be a good one this time."
The girl group, who recently explored interests other than singing in ITV2's The Passions Of Girls Aloud, recently launched the new Kit Kat Senses chocolate bar.

Sarah Harding leaving Hotel after Kit Kat Senses Launch

Looking gorgeous as always

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The appearance follows their work on a television advertisement for the product in London last week.
The company has allowed an impressive £9million budget for the Senses campaign, and while they remain tight lipped about how much of this the in-demand group will take home, it's likely to be a very generous portion.
But aside from their pay cheque, they've also landed a lifetime supply of the chocolates.
Nicola Roberts has said: "I've got boxes and boxes of the bars piled up high in my room... I'm not quite sure how I'll get through them all."

"I was thinking about maybe popping one on the side of people's saucers every time I make them a cup of tea."
But Sarah Harding admits she's already overloaded on the treats.
At the London's Capital Radio Awards last week, Sarah said: "I worked my way through a whole box the other day."
"I felt quite sick. I wouldn't recommend it."
"I loved doing the ad but I had to eat so much chocolate that, in the end, I asked for a cup to spit it out in. I was eating it from 5am to midnight."
Perhaps not the ringing endorsement Kit Kat bosses were hoping for.

Kit Kat

GIRLS Aloud proved they're definitely not taking a break from each other as they launched the new Kit Kat Senses bar today.The girls looked gorgeous as they posed for the new low-calorie treat at London's Soho Hotel.The pop stars signed up for the contract with Nestle, rumoured to be worth £10million, earlier this month.TV adverts for the campaign, which feature the girls strutting their stuff on a red carpet, will air early next month. This follows a stint of promotions the girls have faced, having previously fronted mega-deals with Sunsilk shampoo and conditioners as well as Samsung mobile phones.But the girls aren't sick of the freebies yet. Sarah Harding is enjoying it far too much, "I worked my way through a whole box the other day,” she admitted at London’s Capital Radio Awards. “I felt quite sick. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Kit Kat Launch


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Sarahs Fav Nail Polish

NOW we all know that Sarah Harding isn’t averse to setting a few fashion trends.And of late she’s been seen sporting sexy snow-capped finger tips. We hear on the celebrity grapevine that it’s thanks to some gloriously glossy white nail varnish by hot brand Barry M. Sarah is said to love the White Nail Paint, that retails at a very reasonable £2.95. Barry M is available nationwide from Superdrug. Time to hit the shops, girls

Girls Alard

Chezza ready for a slap-up pamperCaring Sarah Harding is on a mission to cheer up Cheryl Cole... and she reckons the best way to do it is via her stomach. Girls Aloud star Sarah plans to whisk bandmate Cheryl away for a weekend of girly pampering - and some good old-fashioned dinners. Concerned that her pal needs perking up after husband Ashley's infidelity, Sarah, 26, has booked Chezza, 24, into a posh country hotel. After being told about the Ockenden Manor - and its acclaimed Michelin-starred grub - the singer reckons a trip to the West Sussex retreat is precisely what the doctor ordered.It has a luxury spa and flower-filled rooms as well as peacocks roaming the surrounding area. Sarah thinks it will be the perfect preparation for the band's UK tour, which kicks off in May. The hotel website boasts: "A place for peace and serenity, this Elizabethan Manor house is a haven for those that need to get away from it all." So Ashley, make sure you steer well clear, you hear? Our source says: "Sarah has been so worried about Cheryl in recent weeks and is desperate for her to return to her usual bubbly self. "Because she's been so busy with work and filming commitments, combined with all her welldocumented problems with Ashley, she's hardly had any down time. "She's also lost a quite a bit of weight of late, what with all the stress. Sarah basically wants to get Cheryl out into the fresh air and get her totally pampered. "Another advantage is that the hotel's head chef, Stephen Crane, is famed for his hearty, no-nonsense meals. "He's from the Gordon Ramsay school of thought and doesn't take to diets or fad foods too kindly. "It's going to be a weekend of pure indulgence - the girls are already joking that Cheryl will emerge from the hotel needing some seriously reinforced Bridget Jones knickers!" Ashley will be pleased...

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Sarah Harding's sketch show

Sarah Harding wants to star in her own comedy series.
The Girls Aloud star is so addicted to British sketch shows she is thinking of approaching TV networks with ideas for her own programme.
She said: "I love sketch shows! I would love to have a sketch show. I love the grandmother in 'The Catherine Tate Show'. I'm always doing impressions of her - I really like her!"
Meanwhile, Sarah has also revealed modelling underwear for Ultimo has led to her considering a career change.
She said: "Of course, like every woman, I'm conscious of my body, but I love modelling. If I had longer legs, smaller boobs, smaller hips and was a bit taller, I'd love to have done a bit of catwalk."
The 26-year-old blonde star recently revealed she is also unhappy with her hair.
She said: "I'm in transition with my hair right now. I'm growing it out. I hate it. I was a little like, 'Oh p**s off' with the Dr. Spock thing about my hairstyle. That look is going to be big this year. Anyway, my bloke prefers me in the morning when I look like a little rat buster."

Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Big Bag Bug

The Big Bag Bug
Mar 22 2008 By Samantha Booth
Celebs Can't Resist Sporting Huge Handbags Despite The Back Damage
GIRLS Aloud star Sarah Harding has been moaning about a bad back and reckons it is all down to the fashion for oversized handbags.
However the singer, who attended the Capital Awards for Help A London Child, is not the only star to pick up on the massive handbag trend.
Stars such Eva Longoria, Coleen McLoughlin, Victoria Beckham and Alex Curran have all been spotted out dragging around handbags that look like they weigh almost as much as the fashion divas themselves.
Sarah's band mate Chreyl Cole has also been seen wrestling with a suitcase-sized handbag and Hollywood star Hilary Duff has been caught on camera carrying a bag so large, she is almost bent double in an a attempt to bear its weight.
Katie Holmes has even been seen with a handbag so big she could almost fit husband Tom Cruise inside it.
But are followers of fashion putting their health at risk for the sake of looking stylish? Chiropractor Emma Gillett is not surprised that Sarah is suffering from a bad back and she warned that continually carrying a large handbag could easily cause serious problems.
She said: "I am certain that Sarah must be getting back pains if she is regularly carrying a large bag.
"The problem is, a large heavy handbag is generally going to be carried on the one shoulder which can cause problems like repetitive strain injury.
"Having that kind of weight always on one shoulder is an ergonomic disaster for the body.
"Carrying weights on one side of the body like that places tension on all the muscles round the neck, shoulder blade, cavical and arm.
"This pain can travel into the back and can even cause problems with nerves and blood vessels.
"If women are carrying these bags about they will know they are causing problems if they have a recurring pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, elbow or wrist.
"They might also experience a tingling sensation or numbness and because of the strain in those areas, they might begin to get a loss of grip or strength in the arm.
"The muscles might also feel hard and knotted as well.
"The pain might even start to trouble you when you are sitting down and if it goes on long enough, these can become long term problems and can be difficult to treat.
"I really am a fashion-conscious chiropractor, but I do think women have to rethink these bags.
"My advice would be to get a bag you carry in your hand like a clutch bag and if you really can't resist an over-sized bag, then buy one that looks really good empty and use it carry around nothing other than your mobile, lipstick and credit card.
"The only good thing about them from a chiropractor's point of view is that they will only be in fashion for a while and the trend for mini handbags or rucksacks will eventually return."

Bad back Hard-ly stopped her

SARAH HARDING quit the Capital radio awards early to see her osteopath because her back had left her in agony.
Hopefully she’s not giving her verdict on his advice in my picture.
The good news is she managed to overcome her discomfort for a lengthy night on the tiles later that day.
The wasted star was snapped tumbling out of London’s Punk nightclub at 2.30am with pals – in the same gown she wore at the afternoon bash.
I prescribe a quiet night in . . .

Friday, 21 March 2008

Pop babes are the No1 caners

WHILE most of us look forward to a chocolate egg and some telly specials over Easter weekend - for the celebs it means serious party time.
Caner SARAH HARDING and gal pal NICOLA ROBERTS hit London after attending the Capital Awards, dancing the night away at swanky Mayfair venue Mahiki.
The GIRLS ALOUD singers then moved on to trendy club-of-the-moment Punk, with blonde Sarah looking a little worse for wear in an orange mini-dress.
For more pics check link below credit Hayley GAM

Kit Kat ad

She looked glam filming Girls Aloud's megabucks Kit Kat ad but Sarah Harding felt sick after scoffing all that chocolate.
Singer Sarah, 26, told us, at the Capital Awards Help A London Child event, how she had to chomp her way through a big box of Kit Kats for the role.
Looking stunning alongside band mates Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, she said: "I loved doing the ad but I had to eat so much chocolate that, in the end, I asked for a cup to spit it out in. I was eating it from 5am to midnight."

Leaving Capitol Awards

Sarah Harding leaving the Capital Awards held at the Riverbank Park Plaza London, England - 20.3.08

Sarahs Bad Back

Cheryl Cole calls the shotgun

CHERYL COLE is clearly still very angry.
The GIRLS ALOUD star gave staff a shock during filming for PAUL O’GRADY’S show.

Aloud outfits ... Sarah, Nicola and Kimberley
Cheryl and SARAH HARDING were at each other’s throats at The London Studios, their second shoot of the day.
The girls — who had a top ten hit with Call The Shots last year — were already on edge after filming the KitKat ad all day.
So when catering staff, who were trying to feed skinny Cheryl, asked if there was anything else she needed, she replied: “A shotgun.”
The staff thought the singer wanted it for Sarah but loverat husband ASHLEY and AIMEE WALTON, the crimper he cheated with, must also be prime targets.
A source on set revealed: “The girls were in a foul mood after filming the KitKat advert all day.
“Cheryl and Sarah were squabbling constantly.
“I’m not sure who the shotgun was intended for.
“I think it was Sarah but maybe she planned on taking it home for Ashley.”
If Ashley dodges the bullet he had better brace himself for another blow from his wife.
After he did the dirty, Cheryl flew to Los Angeles to record a single called Heartbreaker with US hip-hop star WILL.I.AM.
And she wears a necklace that says “Available” in the video — made before she agreed to take the Chelsea defender back.
Sarah revealed she was in a bad mood at Wednesday’s filming thanks to a bad back.
At yesterday’s Capital Awards for Help A London Child she told me: “I’m in loads of pain with my back. It really hurt during yesterday’s long day of filming.
“And all the oversized bags that are fashionable these days don’t help.”
Sarah, KIMBERLEY WALSH and NICOLA ROBERTS all looked incredible in bright neon outfits at London’s Park Plaza hotel.
Girls Aloud were handed The News of The World Fabulous Award at the bash.
But the biggest winner of the evening was MIKA, who picked up Favourite UK Album for Life in Cartoon Motion and Favourite UK Male Artist.
RIHANNA won Favourite International Artist, TAKE THAT Favourite UK Group, HOOSIERS were Favourite UK Breakthrough Artist, MARK RONSON scooped Favourite UK Single for Valerie and LEONA LEWIS was named Favourite UK Female Artist.
But if there was an award for fittest band, only one group could have won that...step forward Girls Aloud.

Clip of Passions


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Capital Awards

MARCH 20: Girls Aloud Sarah Harding Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh arrive at the Capital Awards 2008 at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel on March 20 2008 in London England.

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Paul O'Grady

The girls performed on Paul O Grady yesterday and looked amazing

see youtube for footage

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sarah Leaving Mayfair Hotel

Sarah Harding leaving the Mayfair hotel at 12.30am. Harding was in a very bad mood and told a bystander to " F**k Off". She had been filming an advert for Kit Kat earlier in the evening and had left her band mates to finish off filmingLondon, England - 19.03.08

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Credit Hayley GAM

Hope Sarah is OK

Filming Kit Kat ad

Girls Aloud seen while filming an advert for chocolate brand Kit Kat at UCL in Euston. London, UK 18/03/2008
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Credit Hayley GAM

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sarah's Passions

Sarahs episode of Passions is to be shown on the 21st March on itv2, its on at 10pm and is repeated on itv 2 +1 at 11pm

Check out the website and forum on Saturday for screen caps and animations from it <33

Its also repeated on the 22nd March itv2 at 6pm

Up close and personal

Up close and personal: Sarah and Nicola get cosy after a Girls Aloud night outSarah Harding and Nicola Roberts shared a cosy moment last night after a Girls Aloud night out. Along with bandmate Cheryl Cole, the pair had attended Kimberley Walsh's sister's 21st birthday party in Mayfair. However after the celebrations Sarah and Nicola were driven away laughing and holding each other in a warm embrace. Looking more glamorous than ever, the two had clearly been the life and soul of the party and enjoyed a girlie night out on the town. Kimberly and little sister Amy also looked stunning in purple silk dresses and smiled for the waiting paparazzi before going into to Mayfair's Burlington Club to get the celebrations started. Even Cheryl put in a polished appearance despite the continuing drama surrounding her marriage after it was revealed husband Ashley was allegedly unfaithful. In a black strapless dress, petite Cheryl was glowing but overwhelmed by the number of photographers waiting for her as she left the West London nightclub. The only band member who didn't attend the party was Nadine Coyle, who is currently in Los Angeles.

Sarah leaving Mahiki

Sarah Harding leaving Mahiki nightclub at 4am rather worse for wear London England - 16.03.08

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Girls Aloud 15th March 08


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Sarah returning home 7th March 08

Sarah Harding proves she is not too famous to do her own errands. The Girls Aloud singer returned home after spending the morning in London sorting out her affairs - chauffeured by her driver London, England - 07.03.08

Sarah out and about 7th March 08

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding is pictured leaving her north London home with wet hair as she heads off for an appointment.

Credit Hayley and Irish Beauty for the pics

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sarah Harding at Arrogant Cat and Selfridges, London 05/03/2008

English singer in the girl group Girls Aloud, and model Sarah Harding partakes in some retail therapy at Arrogant Cat and Selfridges in London, England. The hot blond looked sexy in skinny jeans, red boots and a black leather jacket.

Credit Hayley GAM for these pics

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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

2 new Tangled up Dates

Due to popular demand GA have added another 2 dates to the Tangled Up tour

Cardiff 3rd June 2008


Birmingham NEC 4th June 2008
Presales are on sale now General sale starts Friday 9am

Congrats Girls

Sarah - 'I'm loud and lairy on stage'

Sarah Harding has admitted that she can be a "loud, lairy gobsh**e" on stage.The Girls Aloud singer said her exhibitionist side comes out during performances because she wants to hide her sensitivity.She told the Sunday Mirror: "I can be really feisty because I don't like people to see my vulnerabilities."But when I go up on stage, it's like I'm possessed. I become the loud, lairy gobsh**e."Harding recently denied claims that she is planning a solo career.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sarahs message on Official

Hi guys, here we go again, another week and another story about us splitting up. Why are the papers obsessed with this story?? We all love being in Girls Aloud, yes some days you do have bad days but this is the best job in the world.We had such a great day on Saturday at Ant and Dec as it was the first time we were all back together and it felt like we were back,back,back. We're all getting together later this week to start coming up with ideas for the tour and we cannot wait. Run for cover people, we're coming to a town near you soon...

Sarah - Star Mag 4th march 08

I scanned this article so thought id post on here the rest can be found on the link below

Sarah Harding's boob job wish

Sarah Harding wants to have a boob job to correct her "fluctuating" breasts.The Girls Aloud beauty lost her enviable assets when she slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 8 and is thinking about going under the knife to "refill" them.She said: "My boobs aren't too bad, but they fluctuate. They go up and they go down. They've got a life of their own. I don't like them too small or too big, just in the middle. "I used to think I wanted them done when they got really small. I used to be a DD cup but when I lose a bit of weight, they get smaller. And it's not like they just suddenly shrink and stay really pert either - sometimes you need something just to refill them a little bit. So yes, I'd definitely consider it."However, Sarah - who was a bridesmaid at Jordan's wedding to Peter Andre in September 2005 - says she won't be following in the British model's footsteps by having her breasts enlarged to ridiculous proportions.She added to Britain's Star magazine: "I wouldn't want to carry around things that big. I've not seen her boobs since she had them reduced. I think her old boobs made her career, but small boobs are more trendy now and fashionable. She doesn't need the big boobs now, she was sick of them weighing her down."Jordan, real name Katie Price, recently had her breasts reduced from a massive GG to a more manageable D cup.
Credit GAM
Lets hope its crap because i love her boobs just how they are.

Sarah Hints At Ga split

Sarah Harding has signalled that a curtain call for Britain's top girl group is just around the corner. The party animal says she and her Girls Aloud bandmates are 'sick of the sight of each other' and the rest of the group have now accepted that Nadine Coyle has distanced herself with a life in LA. Harding, 26, confessed: 'I've had times where I've felt I can't do this any more. It's not an easy business to be in.'After six albums, Harding reveals the in-fighting and the *Female Dog* fights are harder to conceal. 'By the end of a campaign, we're sick of the sight of each other,' she says. 'It's like, “Oh, f***ing hell, you again!” You can't stick five girls together and expect it to be la-di-da.' The Ultimo lingerie model is already eyeing up a new life, saying: 'I want to put my fingers in all pies. I'll try anything once. I'm trisexual.' Harding's comments to Star magazine follow fresh speculation of a rift after Coyle, 22, abandoned the group at the Brits. Coyle – who has also bought a Mexican restaurant Stateside – claims she missed the show because she forgot her passport.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Curl's Aloud for Sarah Harding

TIME to stamp SARAH HARDINGs backside she has been bitten by the Ashes To Ashes bug.
The GIRLS ALOUD star was snapped on yet another night on the tiles with bandmate NICOLA ROBERTS at Mahiki in Londons West End.
The Manc singer had kept her curly blonde hairdo after appearing on ANT & DECs Saturday Night Takeaway performing the girl bands new track Can’t Speak French.
And with her sporting an Eighties-style tight perm. there is a definite touch of TV cop KEELEY HAWES in there which is no bad thing.
Sarah is like the Arsenal of the Caners League campaign she always finishes in the top three. She has put in a solid start to the year with her boozing but remember. it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Lets hope we see some new Caner talent soon after a very subdued awards season.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sarah and Nicola at Nobu and Mahiki 01/03/08

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts dine at Nobu Berkeley before going to Mahiki Club with friends. They seem in a very good mood, particularly 'curly' Sarah. London. UK 01/03/08


Other pics can be found at the links below all credit Hayley Gam for the gorgoeus pics

Sarah Leaving Mayfair Hotel

Girls Aloud babe, Sarah Harding leaves the Mayfair hotel in London wearing pink jogging bottoms, ugg boots a long black coat and sunshades. London, UK 29/02/2008

Rest of pictures can be found at link below
All credit Hayley GAM