Monday, 31 August 2009

Sarahs Dress on Net A Porter

Buy a dress like Sarah is wearing in the pic above from

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St Trinian's rebel Sarah Harding scores top marks as the class golden girl

Sarah Harding was transformed from scruffy schoolgirl to glamorous grown-up as she stepped out for a night out in central London.

The Girls Aoud singer, who plays rebel Roxy in the new St Trinian's film, ditched the leather hotpants and biker boots for a stylish silk dress.

The 27-year-old spent the evening at the Movida nightclub in London with her friends and DJ boyfriend, Tom Crane.

And Harding, who plays a lead role in St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, showed none of her character Roxy's tearaway tendencies as she emerged from the club.

With perfectly-applied make-up and not a hair out of place, the singer arrived back at the Mayfair Hotel looking as polished as when she left.

Harding has been part of the Girls Aloud band since 2002, when she was successful as a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals, but has been trying to break into acting in recent years.

She appeared in the original St Trinian's film with her Girls Aloud bandmates, and played the girlfriend of an insurance salesman in the British drama 'Freefall' earlier this year.

Friday, 28 August 2009

SEE Sarah Harding filming St Trinians

Sarah Harding sets pulses racing in London as she films new St Trinians movie
Sarah Harding yesterday caused a stir on London’s Southbank as she raced along in a revealing school uniform while filming shots for her role in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.Joined by a host of co-stars, tourists took photographs of the group as they ran past attractions such as the BFI, National Theatre and Hayward Gallery.The Girls Aloud star now has a starring role in the new movie playing teenage rebel Roxy, after starring in the first film with her bandmates.But while have been focusing on TV and modelling, Sarah has been quietly trying to carve out an acting career.The new film will also star David Tennant as the villainous Pomfrey, who runs a woman-hating secret society called the AD1. The new film sees him racing the St Trinians pupils to find the “legendary Fritton's gold”.">

Sarah Harding goes back to school

Ah to be a celebrity. With the world at your feet, you can try your hand at anything you fancy. Take Kate Middleton, she made a passing comment about becoming a photographer, and next thing you know she was being flown over to New York to do work experience with Annie Leibovitz's muse Count Nikolai von Bismarck.
Sarah Harding is another case in point. She's a pop star with no acting experience at all, but once she'd mentioned in a couple of interviews that she'd like to be an actress, hey presto, a part in a one-off ITV drama and a film role were hers.
Faced with what will probably be a lifelong struggle to get people to take her seriously as an actress, Sarah's kicked off with a part in the new St Trinian's film, The Legend of Fritton's Gold.
She certainly seems to be enjoying her latest gig. Uniform's changed a bit since I was at school though - leather hotpants, pirate boots and full length puffa coats are more reminiscent of Girls Aloud: The Early Years than a trip to the playground.

Lookalikes not Aloud!

One minute Sarah Harding's in her naughty schoolgirl uniform - and the next she's all Dolled up.Or is she? Look closer and you'll realise that the lady in the blinging frock (left) is actually Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt.Still, it's an easy mistake.Kim tells us: "I looked in the paper the other day and thought, 'There I am'. Then I realised it was Sarah from Girls Aloud. She looks a hell of a lot like me."Blimey, she'd really freak out if she saw Sarah's stunt double, below, for the St Trinians film!

Hard at work

The GIRLS ALOUD star hardly broke sweat as she raced around the set of new film St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.Meanwhile KIMBERLEY WALSH has joined the rest of the band in pursuing a solo project.On the same day CHERYL COLE signed for cosmetics giant L'Oreal, Kimberley became the new face for high street chain New Look.What with NADINE COYLE tracking a solo career and NICOLA ROBERTS going back to school for make-up tips, it's definitely going to be a while until we see another album from the girls.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Watch out day trippers! Speedy Sarah Harding joins the tourists on South Bank

For entertainment value she beats a living statue and a man in a box.
Visitors to London's South Bank got a shock today when Sarah Harding joined the hordes beside the Thames.
And she certainly gave the tourists something to photograph, racing along in her revealing version of a school uniform.

The Girls Aloud singer was filming part of her role in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.
She and a flock of her co-stars descended on the South Bank, one of London's top tourist destinations.
They leapt over concrete benches filled with tourists, who clicked away with their mobile phones as the stars passed attractions such as the BFI, National Theatre and Hayward Gallery.

Last week Sarah led a flash mob of dancing school girls at Liverpool Street station, as they filmed scenes from the film.
The energetic singer, who despite being 27 plays teenage rebel Roxy, has slowly been attempting to break into the acting industry.
She appeared in the original St Trinian's film with her Girls Aloud bandmates, but now has a starring role in the sequel.
The new film will also star David Tennant as the villainous Pomfrey, who has a woman hating secret society, the AD1. He races the St Trinians pupils to find the 'legendary Fritton's gold'.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


GIRLS Aloud diva Sarah Harding tells me starring as a schoolgirl in the upcoming St Trinian's movie has left her feeling her age.She said: "I'm 27 for goodness sake! I mean, I hope they have good lighting to make me look good.
"Source: Daily Star have just listed the DVD.
Here are the details:
2 DVDs£22.99 Free DeliveryRRP: £30.99 You save: £8.00 (25%)Pre-order. Due for release on 28/09/2009
Tracklist:1. The Promise
2. Love Is The Key
3. Biology
4. Miss You Bow Wow
5. The Loving Kind
6. Waiting
7. Love Machine
8. Rolling Back The Rivers In Time
9. Untouchable
10. Sexy! No No No...
11. Broken Strings
12. Love Is Pain
13. Call The Shots
14. Revolution In The Head
15. Sound Of The Underground
16. Fix Me Up
17. Womanizer
18. Something Kinda Ooooh
19. Girls Aloud Out Of Control
Medley20. Credits (Untouchable)
21. The Promise (Reprise)

Special Features:
1.The Promise (Video)
2. The Loving Kind
3. Untouchable (New Ending)
4. Revolution In The Head Cheryl Girl Cam - Stereo
5. Love Machine Nicola Girl Cam - Stereo
6. Miss You Bow Wow Sarah Girl Cam - Stereo
7. Sound Of The Underground Nadine Girl Cam - Stereo
8. Love Is The Key Kimberley Girl Cam - Stereo
9. Womanizer (Visuals)
10. Love Machine (Visuals)
11. Love Is The Key (Visuals)
12. Revolution In The Head (Visuals)
13. Biology (Visuals)
14. Out Of Control (Tour Interview)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sarah Harding's not a happy V Festival camper

Sarah Harding had the hump last night.The Girls Aloud star and party animal, 27, was forced to cancel her festival trip at the last minute because she had to shoot scenes for the new St Trinian's movie.A pal said: "She's gutted. She'd reserved a booth so she could sing karaoke with the SUGABABES."

Saturday, 22 August 2009


YOU’D have to have spent the past seven years under a rock to not notice Sarah Harding has the hottest figure in celebland.
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And we’ve found the secret behind her super hot bod.
Our favourite pop beauty is obsessed with playing on her Nintendo Wii.
A pal told GOSS: “Sarah is driving her boyfriend mad endlessly playing Wii Fit.
“She stays up for hours after he’s gone to bed and plays on the super-fit video games.
“Her toned stomach and six pack is from practising the Super Hula Hoop game, which is really funny to watch as you have an invisible hoop to swing around your hips.”

The Girls Aloud siren, 27, is also a dab hand on the skiing games and has perfected the tricky jumps.
Her pal added: “Sarah loves the skiing games where you have to throw yourself around the room trying to ski between all the poles. And she’s really good at the jumps, which are a great way to keep your legs toned.
“Most people play the Wii Fit for 45 minutes at a time, but Sarah goes crazy playing for hours. Her fella Tom gets really frustrated.”
We now understand why the party queen is so comfortable flashing her flesh in skimpy outfits.
Earlier this week she was pictured out on the lash in London wearing skin-tight PVC leggings and a see-through lace top.
The blonde-topped sex bomb is known for making a statement with her clothes and wowed fans in leather hotpants and biker boots for her role in the new St Trinian’s film.
Sarah is also making waves in the movie world after impressing film bigwigs with her style, charisma and acting skills.
Insiders believe a stint in Hollywood could definitely be on the cards after film directors noticed her natural talent and offered to invite her over for screen tests later this year.
Well she’s got the LA body nailed already.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Is Sarah up for a Brazilian

SARAH HARDING could be heading to Hollywood with a little help from pal JASON STATHAM.The movie hardman has told pals he'd be happy to recommend the GIRLS ALOUD caner for a role in his new film The Brazilian Job, a follow-up to 2003 remake The Italian Job.Sarah is currently filming the St Trinian's sequel in London and Crank star Jason is a fan of her talents.A spy said: "Jason has been impressed by what he's seen of Sarah's acting. He liked her in BBC drama Freefall."He's keen to get more Brit stars out to Hollywood and would be happy to put her forward for a role if that's what she wanted."Shooting of The Brazilian Job begins later this year.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sarah Harding running in schoolgirl outfit for St Trinian's II

SOME days this can be a tough job.
Accidentally stumbling across Girls Aloud stunner Sarah Harding running around in a schoolgirl outfit certainly brightened my day.
Despite losing her crown as the hottest member of GA - in Lads' Lounge's humble opinion the the top GA fox is Kimberley Walsh these days - Sarah is still rather easy on the eye.
She's appearing with the likes of Colin Firth, Talulah Riley, Rupert Everett and Tamsin Egerton in the latest installment of the St Trinians series, The Legend of Fritton's Gold.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sarahs new Role

After her star turn in TV drama Freefall last month, Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding, 27, is rumoured to have landed a role in the new series of Doctor Who.
The singer turned actress is currently filming St Trinian’s: The Legend Of Fritton’s Gold with Rupert Everett and told my mole on set last week that she has been “asked along for a chat about Doctor Who”.With the appointment of the hunky Matt Smith, it looks like the new series of the show has had a bit of a makeover and, according to my insider, producers are keen to get the best guest stars possible.They are obviously looking to the music world for inspiration, as Mike Skinner of The Streets fame is also said to be appearing.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Girls Aloud Support Julian Perretta

Julian Perretta has revealed Girls Aloud would don wigs to hide in the crowd and watch him perform while he was supporting them on tour.The Ride My Star singer - who is heading to the US next month to join the Perez Hilton Presents tour - said he had a lot of fun on the road with the girlband earlier this year.Julian said: "They were lovely, really sweet and Nadine and Nicola would come and watch my set near enough every other night - they'd put wigs on and hats on and come and sit in the crowd which was quite funny."The 20-year-old Londoner also revealed he is trying to get Sarah Harding to join Twitter.He said: "She said 'what is this Twitter thing?' and I said 'all you have to do is a five second update' and she said 'No! I'm not telling people what I'm doing, I don't want people knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going'."I said 'it's not like that you don't have to tell people what you're doing exactly, just update your fans' - and she's gettiong her head round it slightly. "We've made her an account, so I will let the world of Twitter know as soon as she's on, don't worry."To be honest she's not very up on technology like that, so I don't know if she really gets it still."But she's coming top see my show at Bush Hill on Tuesday so I'm going to pinpoint her and say 'everyone, let's get Sarah on Twitter' and see if it happens."

Off the rails: Sarah Harding leads St Trinian's cast as hundreds of schoolgirls descend on train station for dancing session

It's not a sight day trippers would expect to see as they arrive for a Sunday out in London.
Hundreds of uniform-clad schoolgirls danced and sang their way across Liverpool Street station yesterday, led on by a mischievous-looking Sarah Harding.
The Girls Aloud star, joined by co-stars Tamsin Egerton and Talulah Riley, caused quite a stir when she led a flash mob during filming for St Trinian's2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold - descending onto the main floor for a dancing extravaganza
Squeezing into an unusual school uniform - leather hotpants and biker boots - the blonde showed off her slim legs as she appeared to be enjoying herself running amok with a group of extras at the London train station.
The energetic singer, who despite being 27 plays teenage rebel Roxy, has slowly been attempting to break into the acting industry.
The routine was reminiscent of a recent TV advert for T-Mobile, which saw hundreds of people break into an impromptu dance routine at the station.
Tamsin, who plays Chelsea in the hit British film, sported a faschinator and knee-length socks, and joined in the fun with Talulah, starring as Annabelle Fritton - who opted for a gothic look in fishnet tights and leather gloves.
Nowhere in sight thought were co-stars Gemma Arterton, Colin Firth, who plays Geoffrey Thwaites, the Education Minister, and Rupert Everett as headmistress of the wayward schoolgirls, Camilla Fritton.
The new film will also stars David Tennatn as the villainous Pomfrey, who has a 'woman hating secret society, the AD1. He races pupils to find the 'legendary Fritton's gold'.

In the latest installment, the scantily-clad pupils hunt for the buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton is related to pirates.
Sarah had a cameo part in the 2007 movie, which grossed £15million, with her Girls Aloud bandmates.
'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there,' she said recently.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sarah Harding's a trainstopper

YOU don't see this every time you go to Liverpool Street train station.
SARAH HARDING was among the cast of school uniform-clad beauties shooting a dance scene for the St Trinian's sequel inside the London terminal.
Throwing her limbs around, Sarah - who co-stars with RUSSELL BRAND and TAMSIN EGERTON in the movie - flashed a bit of cleavage and leg to add some spice to the eye-catching routine.
It's a sight that certainly beats staring at departure boards.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding shows off her boobs out in see-through top - see pic

Girls Aloud party queen Sarah Harding was out and about last night in a lace top that left nothing to the imagination.

Sarah brazenly showed off her bra to all and sundry in the black top that despite being on trend, was the wrong side of borderline tacky.
Still, anything was better than the other outfit she was spotted in yesterday.
The silver leggins made her look like an over-ready turkey - albeit one with not much meat on it's legs.

See-through Sarah Harding keeps caning to minimum

Is Sarah Harding calming down her party lifestyle?Surely not.
But it was odd to see her having a very early night after going to Mahiki nightclub with boyfriend Tom Crane.

Lacy number: Sarah Harding looks smashing rather than smashed
They began their evening with dinner at Nobu last night before heading to the Mayfair nightspot to celebrate the birthday of one of Tom's pals.

Instead of falling out of the doors at 4am, as we're used to seeing, the singer and Tom left just after midnight. While Sarah had not spilled a single drink down her see-through top, Tom looked like he might need a headache tablet or two this morning.

She had to be up bright and early today to make a hairdresser's appointment in Mayfair at Daniel Hersheson in Conduit Street. We're told: “Sarah wasn't drinking last night as she's knackered from working flat out at the moment filming the new St Trinian's movie. She had to be up at 7am today to make her hair appointment before heading straight to the film set.” Presumably normal service should resume shortly.

Hard-ly the shy type

ALL eyes must have left the specials board at posh eatery Nobu when SARAH HARDING walked in last night.
The GIRLS ALOUD babe wowed onlookers on a romantic night out with boyfriend TOM CRANE, thanks chiefly to her see-through lacy top and impeccable hairdo.
Luckily for Sarah, she didn't fall foul of the restaurant's strict dress code - despite the clear sight of her black bra.
The couple kicked off their evening with an intimate dinner, then burned off the calories at Mahiki nightclub.
Well, Sarah's not the type of lass to head home straight after pudding.

Sarah Harding apes Chicago's showgirl Roxie Hart in see-through lace top

Sarah Harding went all theatrical last night as she turned 1920s showgirl in a risque lace top.
The peroxide blonde wore the revealing see-through number over a black bra in a statement look seemingly inspired by foxy Roxie Hart from Chicago.
Complete with tuxedo jacket, her ensemble looked remarkably like the one actress Bonnie Langford wore when she played the murderess in the West End production.

But the Girls Aloud star added her own twist, teaming her top half with sleek black trousers rather than a skirt.
She completed her look with a Chanel handbag, a pair of killer studded heels and lashings of purple lipstick

However, while Roxy Hart may have been operating in underground speakeasies, Sarah showed no signs of prohibition as she hit London for a night on the town.
The 27-year-old singer began the evening at Nobu restaurant with DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, before ending up at Mahiki nightclub.
And despite reports earlier this year that she was having some tattoos removed to promote a more mature image, Sarah was seen sporting a new etching behind her ear last night.
Earlier this month Sarah was spotted filming for the movie St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold in London.

Despite being 27, she plays teenage rebel Roxy in the movie. Sarah also had a cameo part in the 2007 movie, which grossed £15million, with her Girls Aloud bandmates.
The band are on a break this year as each of the girls pursue projects alone.
Sarah is keen to boost her acting career, while Cheryl Cole will be tied up with X Factor until Christmas as well as working on solo material.
Speaking about breaking into the film industry, Sarah said recently: 'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ricky Wilson 'dating' Harding

Ricky Wilson 'dating' Harding Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has landed a part in forthcoming movie 'St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold' and will play the rock star boyfriend of Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding.Ricky Wilson is to play Sarah Harding's boyfriend in a new movie.
The Kaiser Chiefs frontman's debut big screen role will see him lock lips and "frolic" with the Girls Aloud singer when he plays her rock star lover in upcoming film 'St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold', which is about a group of badly-behaved school girls.
A source said: "He and Sarah have known each other for ages so there is definitely going to be some rock 'n' roll frolics on set when he shoots his part."
The 27-year-old blonde - who plays the sexy lead character Roxy - has been photographed wearing a tiny school-skirt, knee-high socks and high heels during the first stages of filming.
Movie bosses apparently chose Ricky because of the chemistry between the long-time friends and because they knew the 'I Predict a Riot' singer had a great sense of humour.
The source explained: "The casting agents were looking for someone to play Sarah's boyfriend and they wanted a rocker. Ricky was perfect. He's really sending himself up as an obsessed bloke. He's a good sport to take it on, but then Ricky's always been game for a laugh."
'St Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold' is due for release on December 18.

Monday, 10 August 2009

There's nothing saintly about Sarah Harding's leather hotpants as she films St Trinian's

It's certainly no standard school uniform.
Sarah Harding pulled on revealing leather hotpants as she returned to the classroom in the new St Trinian's film today.
The micro shorts revealed her long lean legs and svelte figure as she walked around the London set.

With her tousled blonde hair pulled back, and her feet clad in old biker boots, she looked the image of a rebellious rock chick.
Despite being 27, Sarah plays teenage rebel Roxy in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

Sarah also had a cameo part in the 2007 movie, which grossed £15million, with her Girls Aloud bandmates.

'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there,' she said recently.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting.'
Last week Sarah enjoyed a raucous night out with Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts. The two were seen dancing on tables as they helped London club Gilgamesh celebrate its third birthday.

Also on set were Colin Firth, who plays Geoffrey Thwaites, the Education Minister, and Rupert Everett as headmistress of the wayward schoolgirls, Camilla Fritton.
The new film will also star David Tennant as the villainous Pomfrey, who has a 'woman hating secret society, the AD1. He races the St Trinians pupils to find the 'legendary Fritton's gold'.

Sarah Hard at work

SARAH HARDING is spending the school holidays in the classroom.
The GIRLS ALOUD singer was on the South Bank in London today shooting scenes for the new St Trinians flick.
She plays teenage rebel Roxy in the movie sequel, her first real foray into big screen acting.
Sarah was pictured, below, sharing a joke with her co-star TALULAH RILEY on a break from filming.

COLIN FIRTH and DAVID TENNENT also star in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.
Thankfully, their outfits aren't quite so revealing...

Friday, 7 August 2009

The two faces of fame: Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts reveal two different ways to end a night out

Girls Aloud bandmates Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts demonstrated perfectly last night that there are two very different ways to end your evening.
Sarah - looking a little worse for wear - had to be helped to her car, but not before losing her cool and shouting at waiting photographers.
Nicola, similarly bleary-eyed, appeared more composed, but ended up helping her friend up off the pavement after HE collapsed!

The two singers were celebrating the third birthday of trendy restaurant-bar Gilgamesh in Camden, London.
Other celebs who turned up to the bash included ex-Sugababes singer Mutya Buena and boxer Frank Bruno.

Actress Brooke Kinsella also put in an appearance. Brooke's brother Ben was fatally stabbed in London last year and she has since been campaigning to end knife crime.
Sarah, 27, and Nicola, 23, arrived at the bar in North London in the pouring rain and it looked like there was plenty of fluid flowing inside the party too.

Several hours later the duo emerged looking like they had definitely let their hair down after a gruelling UK tour earlier this year.
Perhaps they were enjoying the bar's signature cocktail, a Threesome, specially designed for the birthday bash?
All party-goers were given a dice and if they rolled a three - the same age as the bar - they were given a free cocktail!
The evening was hosted by designer Christian Audigier, who is known for working on the Ed Hardy clothing range, beloved of many celebs including Katie Price.

Nicola had been out earlier in the day with fellow bandmate Kimberly Walsh, 27, for the premiere of their new tour movie, Girls Aloud: Out Of Control.
Sarah, Cherly Cole and Nadine Coyle failed to make it to the premiere, but the duo still made an effort to look their glamorous best.
Nicola lost Kimberly, but was joined by Sarah for the party later in the evening - making her the only member of the successful girlband to make it to both occassions.
No wonder she was looking tired by the end of the night!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sarah Harding leads St Trinian’s girls out on the town

The cast of the new St Trinian's movie were out on the town last night — with chief troublemaker Sarah Harding leading the way.The Girls Aloud caner blazed the trail for her naughty classmates at Mahiki nightclub in Mayfair.She was joined by actresses Juno Temple and Tamsin Egerton, with whom she stars in the upcoming film St Trinian's: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold. It's the sequel to the 2007 movie St Trinian's which was set at the school for “young ladies”, and the stars were celebrating the end of filming, which took place in Hertfordshire. The girls arrived at the club at 1am and left through the back door three hours later.By that time Sarah, 27, who was escorted by her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, looked rather the worse for wear as she headed home.Only the most disobedient pupils hit the town, with other cast members Colin Firth, Gemma Arterton, David Tennant and Rupert Everett staying.

Sarah's school night on the tiles

SARAH HARDING really led her schoolmates astray last night.The GIRLS ALOUD beauty hit Mahiki with her St Trinian's co-stars, eventually stumbling out looking worse for wear at 4am.Clearly they hadn't gone to the London hotspot to do their homework.Sarah - hotly tipped for Bizarre's Caner Of The Year prize - turned heads in a sexy rock chick combo of leather jacket and black crinkly dress.The 27-year-old singer plays teenage badgirl Roxy in St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.And it's not just on film she acts younger than her years.

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding gets down to some partying in the name of research

Amazing - Sarah Harding's new role in St Trinians 2 has proved the perfect excuse to get down to some partying in the name of 'research'.It might have been a school night, but that didn't stop the Girls Aloud star and her co-stars from hitting the town yesterday after shooting scenes for the sequel about rebellious school girls. She must be taking the role very seriously to be going down the method acting route. Along with fellow actress, Tamsin Egerton Sarah was spotted leaving Mahiki at 4am. However, considering the 27-year-old is meant to be playing a teen, we'd say some early nights might be more beneficial....