Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Girls Aloud: Future Rivals?

They're seen as the (somewhat trendier, sexier) natural successors to The Spice Girls, so it's no surprise that rumours of Girls Aloud splitting to pursue solo careers constantly circulate in the press. The latest whispers bubbling up through the media suggest that it's Nadine Coyle - and not fellow star Cheryl Cole, as is usually the case - who's whipping up the most excitement, The Daily Star Sunday reporting that three major labels are already bidding for her signature.It's probably too early to start contemplating life without Girls Aloud, who recently said they plan to release three more albums together, but that hasn't stopped them contemplating pop life alone, away from the gang that's enjoyed so much success since forming during Pop Stars: The Rivals back in 2002. Since then Girls Aloud have notched up four number one singles, two number one albums and various UK chart records, not to mention an estimated £25m fortune. The most important number here, though, might be seven - as in the ‘Seven Year Itch', with the girls reportedly getting restless that many years into their career together.Of course no one really knows what the future holds for Girls Aloud - but that hasn't stopped us guessing. Who'll emerge as the most successful of the girls if and when they all go solo - Kimberley, Nicola, Sarah, Nadine or Cheryl? Let us know if you agree with our verdict.

5. Kimberley Walsh Age: 27 Born: BradfordPeople remember Cheryl because her face is everywhere, they remember Nadine because she's the Northern Irish one, they know Sarah because she's the tall blonde and Nicola because she's ginger. What do they know Kimberley for? She may or may not have smoked a spliff once in 2006. Sorry, Walsh - you're just too dark a horse.

4. Nicola Roberts Age: 23 Born: StamfordOne of the quieter voices in the group, you nevertheless get the impression that Nicola's stock can only rise. For a start, she's the youngest girl in Girls Aloud and the time that affords her, coupled with the tidal wave of joy that swept the nation when she told Radio 1's Chris Moyles to "shut the f**k up", should stand her in good stead. She's also become something of a role model for girls with pale skin, launching her own fashion range for the pallid and being taken under the wing of revered designer Vivienne Westwood.

3. Cheryl Cole Age: 26 Born: Newcastle upon TyneWith her role as a judge on X Factor and her marriage to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, Cheryl's currently the highest-profile member of the group, but if today's reports are true then Nadine may already be on the way to usurping her. And besides, what if X Factor goes the same way as Big Brother, and becomes just another reality show waiting to be put out of its misery? What if Cheryl's stature counts against her and the public starts rooting for the underdog? What if Ms Cole's ultimate destiny as the future Ms Rumour leads her away from the limelight? These are all things to consider, folks.

2. Nadine Coyle Age: 24 Born: Derry (Northern Ireland)Nadine has obvious aces up her metaphorical sleeve (when was the last time you saw her wearing anything with sleeves?). She's already co-written a few songs with Girls Aloud and she has Louis Walsh's promise that, if she does go solo, he will "make her a star". He may not be needed, to be honest - especially if reports linking her to a major label bidding war are to be believed.

1. Sarah Harding Age: 27 Born: AscotWe know you may not agree with us here, but there's something about Sarah that we just find appealing. She has an everyman (everywoman?) charm to her - she doesn't seem in constant fear of breaking a nail or saying the wrong thing, instead throwing herself into partying and Girls Aloud live shows with equal, relentless gusto. She's another with writing credits to her name and has already branched into other areas, collaborating with electropop trio Filthy Dukes.So, your turn: which member of Girls Aloud do you think will make the most successful solo artiste?


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