Monday, 28 April 2008

FHM Results

No.07 - Cheryl
No.36 - Sarah
No.43 - Nadine
No.66 - Kimberley
No.96 - Nicola

sarah should have been top 10 at least

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Shoeless Sarah looking Wii-ly fit

SARAH HARDING was forced to ditch a pair of expensive high heels - after turning up for an EXERCISE session in her posh stilettos.
The GIRLS ALOUD beauty obviously felt fashion was far more important than comfort when she arrived to launch Nintendo's exercise computer game Wii Fit on London's South Bank.
Players have to stand on a balance board, which works with the movement-sensing gaming console to give a proper workout by copying poses and moves on the screen.
A source said: "Sarah turned up in a pair of high heels and tottered along through the rain to the giant Wii board that was set up.
“But she soon had to ditch them and go barefoot as she didn't have trainers with her. It didn't stop her trying to pull off all the different exercises and playing up to the photographers.
"Sarah seemed pretty supple. She was a dab hand at the yoga warrior and yoga tree poses."

And the stunner says she'll be taking a copy of Wii Fit on tour with the band in a bid to see who is the fittest.
Sarah added: "It's just like having a personal trainer at home. Me and the girls will have no excuse now to keep in shape while we're on tour."

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sarah gets Wii Fit

Sarah Harding has revealed she plans to keep in shape while on tour using Wii Fit.The Girls Aloud singer joined model Nell McAndrew and TV presenters Gabby and Kenny Logan at the launch of Nintendo's new virtual personal trainer.Sarah said: "Wii Fit is not only fun and easy to use but it's just like having a personal trainer at home. Me and the girls will have no excuse now to keep in shape while we're on tour."The stars joined in a Wii Fit exercise class hosted by fitness expert Rosemary Conley and acclaimed personal trainer Matt Roberts at London's South Bank.Wii Fit acts like a personal trainer coaching you through more than 40 different aerobic, yoga, muscle and balance exercises. It aims to encourage people of all ages to exercise.Wii Fit is launching across the UK on Friday April 25.

Sarah Harding launching Nintendo's Wiifit Wii, London 23.04.08

All credit Hayley Gam, more pics on link below

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

We'll Carry On

GIRLS Aloud have reassured fans they have no plans to go solo by putting on their strongest tour yet.
The popstrels are rehearsing for the string of dates which kick off in Belfast on May 3.Lovely Sarah Harding, 26, is pushing on through a back injury to tackle the strenuous dance routines.She told me: “There’s rumours flying around saying we’re gonna split as usual, but as far as I know we’re going to carry on. “We’re gonna concentrate on doing live stuff while still fresh from the tour. This year is well full. It’s gonna be a wicked tour. Over the years it gets bigger and more elaborate.”Reports of Cheryl Cole, 24, recording solo material are wide of the mark, I’m assured.The band are united, particularly about wowing the festival audiences and are overwhelmed at being boosted to the main stage at the Virgin Mobile V Festival.Thousands couldn’t cram into their tent when Sarah and co played in 2006.Over the weekend of August 16 and 17, the Aloud will grace the top stage, which The Verve are headlining.Sarah told me: “I think the main stage is for Radiohead and that lot – more legendary-type acts on the big stage. It’s incredible for us to get on there. “We didn’t really know how we’d fit in because we are putting on more of a show and weren’t sure if the main stage was equipped for doing that sort of thing.“We didn’t expect so many people wanting to see us last time – we thought we were gonna get stoned to death. “It was really scary for me, I really didn’t want to go but the crowds were really nice and loved it.” Despite getting revellers feeling poptastic, Girls Aloud won’t be braving Glastonbury just yet.Sarah continued: “That’s a hardcore crew. I’d go there but dunno if I’d have the balls to perform it. I know for a fact we’d get killed at Reading Festival. “Glastonbury, I’d rather just be there, not play it. It would be amazing, an honour to be asked.”A fortnight after Playlist revealed the news Madonna would headline Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Kent and the station has confirmed what our readers already knew. Her Madgesty, 49, will do the top honours on May 10, with The Kooks top of the bill the day after. Also performing at Mote Park in Maidstone are Usher, 29, Duffy, 23, The Fratellis, The Hoosiers, The Enemy and Robyn, 28. Register for tickets at and The Raconteurs will headline the In New Music We Trust Stage.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Girls Aloud tour saved from Sarah shock

Girls Aloud tour saved from Sarah shock
By Rav Singh
IT'S Something Kinda Woo Hoo for GIRLS ALOUD—I can reveal the show WILL go on!
I told you exclusively how the Tangled Up tour, starting May 7, was thrown into crisis two weeks ago after SARAH HARDING did her back in.
But now the bubbly blonde has been given the all-clear from docs — and I was the first person she told the good news to.
The beauty told me: "The doctors have told me I CAN go on tour.
"I've been to hell and back with the agony. I'm so glad it's over—I was worried about what would happen if it didn't get sorted."
It's a big relief for the other girls, NADINE COYLE, CHERYL COLE, NICOLA ROBERTS and KIMBERLEY WALSH.
I can also put an end to rumours that Sarah was fired from ULTIMO lingerie. In fact, she saw out her entire one-year contract.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sarah looks like the kinda girl other girls don't like, doesn't she? She's definitely 'one for the boys' as my grandma would put it.
Why? Simply because she wears head-turning, cleavage bearing, thigh-skimming outfits and isn't afraid to venture into true tarty territory occasionally.
So naturally you'd assume the worst of her. But having met Sarah once, I was surprised to discover that she is a real sweetie. Genuine, friendly and not girl nasty at all.
With such superior insider knowledge, I reckon this outfit shows Sarah at her best. She's managing to pull off spring to summer with the knee highs and tank top combo. And she looks like a hot honey with a giant bag and sunglasses - obligatory accessories for every female celeb.
I don't want to sound like I fancy her, but if I were a boy... I'd think about it.

Girls Aloud Sarah Harding drops a dress size like Cheryl Cole
Sarah Harding (

Following Cheryl Cole's lead, Sarah Harding has become the latest member of Girls Aloud to shed the pounds and drop a dress size.
And she's done it despite being unable to exercise properly because of a bad back. Suffice to say, we'd kill to know her secret...

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sarah Harding Leaving Home 10/04/08

Sarah Harding Leaving Home 10/04/08
Credit Irish beauty and hayley
OK! magazine begins in customary fashion, screaming the names of its star turns. Those readers taking Anorak’s GCSE in OK! Studies may look for the ensuing “Compare and contrast”, “Discuss” or “Explain”.
But none is forthcoming. “SARAH HARDING and TOM CRANE” is the whole story.
And inside the magazine we get to see them being SARAH HARDING and TOM CRANE in their converted Victoria school building.
Sat on a sofa that could fill a primary school playground, we see Sarah in a silvery dress. She is lying on Crane. Her eyes are to the camera. Crane is trying to read a book.
It’s a look slightly less natural and sinister than Robert Kilroy Silk’s tan line (if you see Robert, let us know.)
The first impression is that OK! has stumped into the room and caught them unawares, Tom, perhaps spilling a drink down his shirt causing quick-thinking Sarah to lay across it lest the stain serve as a emblem of their romance.
If only OK! were less obsequious it would surely asks Tom about his book. Is it good? Who’s in it? What’s happening? Compare and contrast. Discuss. Explain.
And Tom would flick it shut and OK! would see that he’s reading Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, or Fools Rush in by Anthea Turner, or Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship.
And then we’re in the lounge. And Sarah is holding a dog, on her lap…

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sardine Argue

Nadine Coyle has really annoyed Sarah Harding.Nadine refused to take part in the reality series 'The Passions Of Girls Aloud' and 'Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud.'This has upset the other members of Girls Aloud as they all took part. Nadine also missed the Brit Awards by claiming she had lost her passport.A source told Now magazine: "Sarah and Nadine have come to "bitching blows" over how she's treated the band. She didn't appear in their recent ITV2 series, saying "she doesn't do reality shows". "That really annoyed the girls. Sarah called her "Geri f***ing Halliwell" for trying to break up the group."It is thought Nadine is preparing to leave the band so she can join her parents in Los Angeles. They moved over there last year.The source speculates that Nadine is looking at a move into acting: "She'd love to land a role in Ugly Betty."

Sarah leaving her house to go to the dance studios 9th April 2008

Credit Hayley GAM for the pics

Sarah leaving her house for the dance studios

Other pics can be found at

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Get Sarahs look

Cor blimey! Have the lovely Ms Harding’s attempts to hide her Tango drinking habit finally failed?

Because, wowzers, those are some flamboyant lips she’s showing off!

Though this is definitely a look for special occasions, it’s a simple one to copy.

For the lips to truly take centre stage, use a matt foundation and then add a carefully placed highlighter for some sparkle.

Eyes can still carry a lot of make-up so don’t be afraid of a liquid liner before you blitz lashes with mascara.

Blot lips first and then in between three layers blot with tissue and dust with powder. Ooooh!

1. Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator, £17.50

2. Chanel Aqualumière Lipshine in Palma, £16

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara, £12.50

4. YSL Matt Touch Foundation, £27

5. L’Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss, £5.99

Sarahs a Hard Worker

AFTER spending our formative years forging sick notes to get out of PE, we are amazed by Sarah Harding, 26.

But she is made of sterner (and less wobbly) stuff, so she headed to a north London gym despite her recent back injury.

We’d give her a round of applause if our hands weren’t full of cake.

Sarah on the front of OK magazine this week

For scans check link below

HERE is more proof that Ray-Ban’s classic white shades are a glaring winner in the celebrity fashion stakes.

A grumpy-looking SARAH HARDING was snapped in a pair after I pointed out they are the new must-have showbiz accessory.

Last week I printed a pic of KATE MOSS wearing some.


GIRLS ALOUD babe Sarah looks better than most in her’s.

I guess a frame is only as good as the picture it decorates.

Fresh-faced and casual, Girls Aloud leave glamour behind for a more natural look

Fresh-faced and casual, Girls Aloud seemed to be having a day off from being fashionistas as they emerged from a studio yesterday.

Wearing little more than a slick of make-up, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberly Wallace and Nicola Roberts looked less like a glamorous girl-group and more like normal young women in their twenties.

However, just in case anyone didn't recognise them they were each sporting the celebrity accessory du jour - oversized sunglasses.

Sarah Harding avoided doing her hair and make-up but her manicure was still in tact

The usually glossy Nadine Coyle left the studio with natural hair and just a slick of lipstick

The four have obviously been working hard at the South-East London rehearsal venue ahead of their 22-date tour, which kicks off in May.

Intended to showcase their current album Tangled Up, it is sure to be a glitzy affair.

But with Cheryl Cole missing from the line-up yesterday, it could be speculated that the fifth member's recent marriage troubles are making a mammoth tour less appealing.

But despite various very public heartaches and heartbreaks in the past, the show has always went on with the quintet and with or without make-up and a member, it seems it always will.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Rep denies reports that Girls Aloud star is set to marry

Sarah Harding is not engaged to Tom Crane, according to her rep.

The Daily Star claimed that the 28-year-old DJ had proposed to the Girls Aloud star by buying her a horse. She fell in love with riding after taking part in ITV2 show The Passions Of Girls Aloud.

'Anyone can buy a diamond ring, but what Sarah loves about Tom is that he's not that obvious,' a source told the tabloid.

'He decided to ask her to commit to him with another gift – her very own horse to play polo on.'

But 26-year-old Sarah's rep has set the record straight.

'I can confirm the story is not true,' Chloe Browne tells Now Online.

Sarah to wed

Sarah is according to the Daily Star getting married
Ive scanned the article and it can be found below

Sarah to wed

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Sarah Harding says her Girls Aloud bandmates call her 'Hardcore Harding'.
The blonde singer has a reputation for partying, and Sarah revealed her fellow Girls Aloud stars have given her an affectionate nickname in tribute to her wild lifestyle.
Sarah said: "My nickname is usually 'Hardcore Harding'. But I don't go out as much as everyone thinks!"
Her bandmate Kimberley Walsh also revealed the group have another moniker for the 26-year-old singer.
Kimberley explained: "Sarah is the one who is always late - 'Half-hour Harding' we call her."
Sarah is a regular on the London club scene and is often seen partying at events where her DJ lover Tom Crane is playing.
She recently insisted her social life has calmed down since she has been dating Tom.
Sarah said: "The only reason I go out these days is when I've been to one of Tom's gigs. There was that night when I was pictured with a champagne bottle in my hand, but I'm not the p**shead everyone thinks I am!"

Friday, 4 April 2008

Transworld has paid a substantial six-figure sum for the first book from girl band and tabloid favourites Girls Aloud. The news comes as HarperCollins snapped up the autobiography of Irish boy band Westlife.
Transworld senior editor Sarah Emsley saw off stiff competition to win the Girls Aloud book, currently entitled Girls Aloud—Dreams That Glitter—Our Story and due in October. Singers Cheryl (wife of footballer Ashley Cole), Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah started out as hopefuls on "Popstars: The Rivals" in 2002, and have since had 18 consecutive Top 10 singles.
Transworld said that in the past two years there has only been one day on which a story about the band has not appeared in the British national press. Girls Aloud said the book would cover the stories of their lives, both individually and as a band, their style tips, and "everything we've learnt about life, love and music".
The Westlife title, due in June, was acquired by Harper Non-fiction editorial director Natalie Jerome from agent Marianne Gunn O'Connor in a "substantial deal" that was "hotly contested". All four members—Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan—will contribute to the autobiography, which will chart how they became a band that has had more number ones that any other group except the Beatles.


ITV has produced a series following the experiences of Britain’s most successful girl band, Girls Aloud.
Each of the members of the band was given the opportunity to experience a lifelong dream activity.

Sarah Harding, the blond haired sexy lingerie modelling member of the group, chose to learn the sport of polo on horseback as her “passion”.
Sarah starts her polo lifestyle experience with a trip to the prestigious Burlington Arcade in London’s Mayfair. There, with fellow band member Kimberley Walsh, Sarah kits herself out in the latest polo fashion from genuine polo outfitter to polo players and polo watchers around the world, Polistas.
From the glamour of the West End, Sarah, with film crew in tow, went to one of Britain’s equestrian heartlands, the Warwickshire countryside, to get on her first polo pony at the Royal Leamington Spa Polo Club. The camera catches all of Sarah’s ups and downs as she learns how to swing a mallet, ride a polo pony and bump the competition in ride-offs. Rules have to be learned as well as technique as Sarah is taken under the wing of polo professional and instructor Tarquin Southwell.
Founder of Polistas, Johnny Lynn, a professional polo instructor himself, gives a helping hand during instructional chukkas as Sarah is guided through her first week introduction of the sometimes not so glamorous “Game of Kings”.
Then Sarah is whisked off to Argentina, the modern home of polo, for a different level of polo practice on a rustic Argentine estancia (polo ranch).
She returns to England for her final test a week later where she plays on the Polistas Polo Team in a genuinely competitive match with celebrity polo player Jack Kidd and Royal County of Berkshire principal Jamie Morrison.
The one hour episodes of “The Passions of Girls Aloud” air in March 2008 on ITV2 on Friday evenings from 10pm.
To catch the action of Sarah’s exiting experience tune in at 10pm on Friday 21st.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sarah Harding likes life in the fast lane so opted for a manageable yet rock ‘n’ roll hair style that lives up to her image. She ditched her preened mane with a cut which shows she means business. The dazzling blonde has experimented with different scissor styles ever since and achieves to stand apart from her Girl’s Aloud counterparts with a look not one of them dares attempt.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New Mag Scans

Ive scanned new mag find them on the link below

Girls Aloud Feud?

Gather round kids, and let us clean up the splatterings of goss off you.
We know how easily these things are spread.
But it's our job to spit on our hankies and wipe off the gossip that is of the filthy false variety.
So step forward, Girls Aloud.
There was talk that a couple of the girlies were having a bust-up.
Yet we can lay this one to rest...
Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding have piped up about this little nugget.
New! magazine asked the twosome about a feud.
And Sarah told them: "Yeah, I read about that - Cheryl asking for a shotgun to shoot me with apparently.
"It's rubbish and I want to get that straight."
Cheryl added: "I haven't had an argument with Sarah for four years and I remember that argument - it was at Pineapple dance studios and she was p***ing me off.
"And that's the last cross word I've had with her."
Ah, nowt but a whole lotta love here.

Singer's baggage goes astray en route to Buenos Aires

Sarah Harding lost her luggage on her way to Argentina and was stuck with nothing to wear. She was due to take part in a polo match for ITV2 show The Passions Of Girls Aloud and changed planes at Atlanta. The Girls Aloud star arrived safely at Buenos Aires, but her bags didn't appear on the carousel. 'When her polo kit and other stuff went missing you can imagine the panic,' a source tells the Daily Star Sunday. Sarah had to quickly shop for lingerie and toiletries but managed to make do until her suitcases turned up 3 days later. Sarah, 26, was reunited with her luggage 3 days later. SEE VIDEO Sarah Harding learning polo for TV show The Passions Of Girls Aloud... Sarah Harding lost her luggage on her way to Argentina and was stuck with nothing to wear. She was due to take part in a polo match for ITV2 show The Passions Of Girls Aloud and changed planes at Atlanta. The Girls Aloud star arrived safely at Buenos Aires, but her bags didn't appear on the carousel. 'When her polo kit and other stuff went missing you can imagine the panic,' a source tells the Daily Star Sunday. Sarah had to quickly shop for lingerie and toiletries but managed to make do until her suitcases turned up 3 days later. Sarah, 26, was reunited with her luggage 3 days later.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


GET ready for the sexiest summer ever as babes prepare to flash the flesh.
Experts reckon this summer could be the hottest on record with the mercury rising well above the 101.3F (38.5C) UK record set in Brogdale, Kent, on August 10, 2003.And it will not just be the heat that sends temperatures soaring. A survey claims babes are gearing up to flaunt their flesh in skimpy dresses and micro-bikinis – like 26-year-old Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding.The study says 77% of women plan to show their cleavage in dresses and bikinis. And 60% say they’ll give lads an eyeful in daring mini-skirts, while almost half confess they will also be going commando.One in three even reckon they will sunbathe topless.Global warming has changed recent weather patterns, sparking some of the most topsy-turvy seasons ever.Last summer large parts of the UK were under water as the nation was hit by floods. But it looks as if we will need to stock up on suntan cream instead of wellies this year. One weather expert said: “You won’t need to go abroad for your holiday.”Meanwhile, William Hill is offering 4-1 that 2008 is the hottest year on record. The bookie is also offering 8-1 that a UK temperature of more than 100F (37.7C) will be registered.Spokesman Rupert Adams said: “If someone told you that summer was starting, you would think it was an April Fools’ joke, but the odds suggest we could be in for a great summer.”

Girls Aloud pour water on eating disorder speculation

Girls Aloud have rubbished renewed press reports that members of the band are suffering from eating disorders.Kimberly Walsh said the rumours were not true and that the group followed a healthy, balanced diet."Journalists write that we starve ourselves, but it's not true," she told New! magazine.The 26-year-old singer said her bandmates Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Nadine Coyle all have "healthy appetites [and] eat really well"."We eat everything in moderation and we're not obsessive in any way," she added.Cole has dubbed the eating disorder rumours as "annoying".She claims the reports go against the band's commitment to providing role models for their fans."We have a responsibility because young girls look at us and we don't want them thinking we're depriving ourselves because we genuinely don't," she said.