Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sarah looks like the kinda girl other girls don't like, doesn't she? She's definitely 'one for the boys' as my grandma would put it.
Why? Simply because she wears head-turning, cleavage bearing, thigh-skimming outfits and isn't afraid to venture into true tarty territory occasionally.
So naturally you'd assume the worst of her. But having met Sarah once, I was surprised to discover that she is a real sweetie. Genuine, friendly and not girl nasty at all.
With such superior insider knowledge, I reckon this outfit shows Sarah at her best. She's managing to pull off spring to summer with the knee highs and tank top combo. And she looks like a hot honey with a giant bag and sunglasses - obligatory accessories for every female celeb.
I don't want to sound like I fancy her, but if I were a boy... I'd think about it.

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