Saturday, 26 April 2008

Shoeless Sarah looking Wii-ly fit

SARAH HARDING was forced to ditch a pair of expensive high heels - after turning up for an EXERCISE session in her posh stilettos.
The GIRLS ALOUD beauty obviously felt fashion was far more important than comfort when she arrived to launch Nintendo's exercise computer game Wii Fit on London's South Bank.
Players have to stand on a balance board, which works with the movement-sensing gaming console to give a proper workout by copying poses and moves on the screen.
A source said: "Sarah turned up in a pair of high heels and tottered along through the rain to the giant Wii board that was set up.
“But she soon had to ditch them and go barefoot as she didn't have trainers with her. It didn't stop her trying to pull off all the different exercises and playing up to the photographers.
"Sarah seemed pretty supple. She was a dab hand at the yoga warrior and yoga tree poses."

And the stunner says she'll be taking a copy of Wii Fit on tour with the band in a bid to see who is the fittest.
Sarah added: "It's just like having a personal trainer at home. Me and the girls will have no excuse now to keep in shape while we're on tour."

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