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Untouchable top 10

Check out all the info on here and look at the videos :)

Help Untouchable

Girls Aloud to The TopBecause Top 10 records are UntouchableOn 3 May 2009, Girls Aloud last single before the break, an epic dance track called Untouchable from their album Out Of Control failed to enter the top 10 and reached number 11 on the Official UK charts. Till then, the band had managed to get all their singles into the top 10, holding the record of most consecutive top 10 in the story of girlbands. This single, however, broke the path.
The single the label had originally planed to release as the single was Rolling Back The Rivers in Time, but thanks to popular demand from fans, Untouchable was choosen instead. Some think that the single didn't get enough promotion and some think it was not the right track to release. However it may have been, fans played a part on it by choosing it as the single, and now fans want to recover that top 10 record by getting the song to the place it should have been: the top of the charts. But for that, we need your help.

The Plan
The objective is to get Untouchable back on the top 10. To do this, we are going to choose a specific week when we will proceed to download the song and/or its remixes from any download site that count towards the chart.

Guide to Download
The sites that you can use to download the song/remixes that WILL count towards the official charts are:

If you want to buy the song more than once, don't buy it from the same shop. Ie. You want to buy 5 copies, buy one from iTunes, one from 7Digital, one from Play, one from HMV and one from Amazon. If you get the song 5 times into your shopping cart in the same shop, it will only count as ONE SALE and you will have wasted your money.

DON'T start downloading the song until we choose the week. If you download it now it won't have any effect, we all need to download the song at once on the same week.

TESCO DOWNLOADS DON'T COUNT. If you buy the song from there, it won't help the campaign.

If you don't live in the UK, even if you order the physical copy of the single, it WON'T count towards the chart.

Download Links:
Untouchable - Girls Aloud from Out Of Control
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Untouchable EP
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Untouchable EP
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Just Dance album
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Dance Workout Album
Untouchable edit - Girls Aloud form Untouchable EP
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Floorfillers 2010
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Now! 73
Untouchable - Girls Aloud from Cool: Pop album

Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Album Version
Radio Mix
Radio Mix from Now 73 compilation

Album Version
Radio Mix
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Bimbo Jones Club Mix

Untouchable - 2 track single
Floorfillers 2010 - scroll down and pick Untouchable
Cool Pop recopilatory- scroll down and pick Untouchable
From Just Dance compilation - scroll down and pick Untouchable

Untouchable single - Contains Radio Mix and Bimbo Jones. Must download separately in order for it to count as two sales.
Album version

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Get Untouchable top 10

This is a page to try and get Untouchable by Girls Aloud into the top10 so they can retain their consecutive record! at the moment were trying to get peoples interest and were going to hold off until the new year for people to buy it so were going to pick a certain week and EVERYONE can buy it on that week! so please just invite everyone u know and get as many people u can to join!



Come on guys join both groups. Us GA are very dedicated to our gorgeous girls and if we can get the timing and promo for this right we can do it.

New pics added 30th Dec 2009

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from everyone at Sarah Harding Addicts

St Trinians No2 in movie charts

The groundbreaking sci-fi movie has scored the third biggest opening in Britain and Ireland of 2009 after The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
The weekend's (19-20Dec09) second spot was claimed by St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold with $2.5 million (£1.6 million), followed by Jim Carrey's animated tale A Christmas Carol in third place with £1.6 million (£1 million).
Nativity! and Planet 51 round out the top five, pulling in revenues of $924,000 (£578,000) and $721,000 (£451,000) respectively.

How Much Longer Do Girls Aloud Have?

As their last single 'Untouchable' charts disappointingly concerns grow that perhaps the girls hang up their lycra and make way for fresh new artist.
Once the UK's biggest girl group, Girls Aloud's last single failed to reach the top 10, entering the charts at number 54 and peaking at number 11, a first for the girls and their worst chart position to date. With new, younger, fresher girl bands coming out of the woodwork has Girls Aloud finally had their 8 year reign of the charts come to an end?
The five beauties first shot to fame in Popstarts: The Rivals back in 2002 and since then they have continued to produce hit after hit, that is until now of course. Not that charting outside of the top 10 is a disappointing chart position, but when you are use to maintaining a certain level of success it must come as a bit of a shock when those sales figures start slipping.
The Saturdays, dubbed the new Girls Aloud have enjoyed chart success in the short time they have been together, deflecting away from Girls Aloud somewhat. Perhaps the public are getting tired of the same old sounds of which all Girls Aloud records seem to have and are beginning to look elsewhere for their pop fix such as Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift.
Hits such as 'Sound Of The Underground' and 'The Promise' have been a favourite of pop fans for years but it's the fresh new sounds coming from Cheryl Cole that us beginning to make us wonder that maybe they would better off pusuing their solo careers. Sarah Harding has taken to acting and Nicola Roberts seems to have a passion for fashion so maybe its high time to make way for new talent and for the girls to concentrate on their own solo projects.


GIRLS ALOUD even wake up to a stocking full of tacky presents with a satsuma at the end. 28-year-old Sarah Harding, above, told Goss: “I wrote my Christmas list this year really late. I bet I end up with a stack of smellies. At least I’ll smell good!”

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sarah Harding wants to be the next Bond girl

After the girl-band decided to take a break from music, Sarah plunged into acting.
She recently starred as a schoolgirl alongside Rupert Everett and David Tennant St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold but is now aiming higher.
The leggy blond says she needs to work on her skills but would love to do some 'action stuff', Star Magazine reported.
"I'd be good as the kind of character that Grace Jones played in 'A View to a Kill' – a bad Bond girl!
"I don't see myself doing the glamour stuff. I'm kind of edgier", she said.
Despite her bandmate Cheryl gaining chart success as a solo artist and winning over the nation as an X Factor judge, Harding says she proud, not jealous.
"We all took this break and you don't do that without having an action plan. And that's what Cheryl's plan was."


Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding - who currently stars in new film 'St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold' - has revealed her next acting ambition is to star in a James Bond film.
Sarah Harding wants to be in a James Bond movie.
The Girls Aloud singer - who recently starred as a schoolgirl alongside Rupert Everett and David Tennant in the movie 'St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold' - dreams of playing a villain in the next movie about the iconic British spy, currently played by Daniel Craig.
She said: "I need to work on my skills, that's the priority. I'd love to do some action stuff. I'd be good as the kind of character that Grace Jones played in 'A View to a Kill' - a bad Bond girl! I don't see myself doing the glamour stuff. I'm kind of edgier."
The 28-year-old singer-turned-actress - who has been able to pursue an acting career because Girls Aloud are currently on hiatus - also revealed she is very proud of her bandmate Cheryl Cole's solo pop success.
She added: "We're all really supportive of each other. I'm proud of her. "We all took this break and you don't do that without having an action plan. And that's what Cheryl's plan was."

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sarah Harding Wants Action Movie Roles

Sarah Harding has caught the acting bug after starring in the 'St Trinian's' sequel - but what she really wants in the future is action roles.
Discussing her current film 'St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold', the Girls Aloud star said of her character: "I play Roxy and she's like a more laid-back version of me.
"She's like an indie rock chick, but maybe a bit cooler and calmer than I am." Harding told The Times.
"I need to work on my skills, that's the priority," she added. "I'd love to do some action stuff.
"I'd be a good Brigitte Nielsen kind of baddie. Or maybe the kind of character that Grace Jones played in A View to a Kill. A bad Bond girl." Sarah continued to the newspaper.
"I don't see myself doing the glamour stuff. I'm kind of edgier."

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sarah Harding on Girls Aloud, St Trinian's and Cheryl Cole's fame

Curled up on a battered old sofa in a white-walled office at Ealing Studios, Sarah Harding is waiting to be summoned to resume work on her new career as an actress.
It is her new passion, although, as she would be the first to admit, her role in St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold hasn’t exactly meant that much of a transformation.
“I play Roxy and she’s like a more laid-back version of me,” she says in an accent that’s a hybrid of Manchester and Home Counties. “She’s like an indie rock chick, but maybe a bit cooler and calmer than I am.”
A movie aimed squarely at the schoolgirls who buy her records is an astute or cynical piece of casting, perhaps both, depending on your point of view, and it helps when it comes to marketing a movie. But it says much for Harding that her role has been expanded from a cameo in the 2007 St Trinian’s – the film that reinvented a British comedy franchise which dates back more than half a century – and that she’s sharing the screen with the likes of David Tennant and Rupert Everett. It’s a laugh, says Harding, but she’s taking it seriously.

“I need to work on my skills, that’s the priority,” she says. “I’d love to do some action stuff. I’d be a good Brigitte Nielsen kind of baddie. Or maybe the kind of character that Grace Jones played in A View to a Kill. A bad Bond girl. I don’t see myself doing the glamour stuff. I’m kind of edgier.”

Kind of doesn’t come into it. Her striking looks and cropped blonde hair are in sharp contrast to the more girlie femininity of Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole. Sarah’s the one with attitude, the southern girl who moved up north with her mum when her dad started an affair with a woman not much older than his daughter. Sarah is the caner, the one who’s papped strutting out of nightclubs in cross-
me-if-you-dare outfits that have young men walking into lamp posts. No wonder that apart from the movie career and her part in one of the most successful girl bands of all time, she’s entered into a partnership with Piers Adam, owner of Mahiki bar in Mayfair, to open a nightclub in Fleet Street.
For all the front, though, the back story is showbiz, but not nearly as brazen as the outfits suggest. There’s the steady boyfriend of three years in the form of DJ Tom Crane, a new house in Buckinghamshire and the steely commitment to a career forged in a teenage life of part-time jobs and gigs in back-street bars.
Though today Harding, 28, is wearing an understated grey ensemble of baggy hooded sweatshirt and skirt, with her tanned legs curled beneath her, you sense that, were she
to whip off what she calls her “comfy outfit”, there’d be a sequined frock underneath. She points out that she has been in a constant state of readiness for the spotlight almost since she was born. “I grafted, I really did,” she says. She spent years driving her old Ford Escort from one gig to the next, mostly playing clubs or caravan parks for little more than forty quid a night, belting out standards like I Need a Hero. “It was demeaning at times, but it was my apprenticeship,” she says. Her income was supplemented with a series of dead-end jobs.
“I was a barmaid, a hairdresser, I was a pizza delivery girl. I even worked in a car park once. But I was always singing at night and I’d have my head in the karaoke songbook, learning the words. And I always had it in my heart that I would be in London one day if I was going to make it on a serious level.”

Then out of the blue came ITV’s Popstars: the Rivals in 2002. Presented by Davina McCall, the programme created two groups – one boy band, one girl band – out of 40 wannabes who had never met before. Each week they would perform and then be ejected or voted to stay on, leaving five boys and five girls to be moulded into two rival outfits who would compete for the Christmas No 1 spot. It was a bear-pit talent contest that set the template for The X Factor.
Harding, along with Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, became Girls Aloud and they beat One True Voice to the prize with their first single, Sound of the Underground, going straight to the top of the charts. For Harding, it was fate taking a decisive hand. She was in the right place at the right time.
Seven years on, Girls Aloud have five albums to their name, a string of hit singles, sell-out arena tours, Brit Awards and, crucially, they have gained the kind of street credibility that acts emerging from a talent show can only dream of. Arctic Monkeys covered Love Machine, the Pet Shop Boys gave them a song (The Loving Kind) and Coldplay asked them to open their two Wembley shows in September.
The Coldplay gigs were the first time that the girls had been together for months and rumours had been circulating that a split was imminent. After all, Cheryl Cole has become a national treasure as a judge on X Factor and just enjoyed a number-one solo hit; the others too are pursuing their independent careers.

Maybe there’s a tinge of jealousy when she looks on as Cheryl Cole becomes something close to a national obsession? “No way. We’re all really supportive of each other,” says Harding, who’s recorded three songs for the St Trinian’s soundtrack. “I was on the phone telling her well done when she went to number one. I’m proud of her, man. We all took this break and you don’t do that without having an action plan. And that’s what Cheryl’s plan was. Nadine’s got her solo stuff taking off soon and Nicola is doing her make-up range and Kimberley is doing her acting and presenting.

“I know they keep saying that we’re going to split, but we’re not. We’ve been on the treadmill for so long and we just need time to do other things in our lives. We aren’t getting any younger, and it gets tedious doing the same things year in and year out. We want to see what else is out there. We have a bond, but there are times when you are like, ‘Oh no, I just can’t sit in a room with everyone gabbing on.’ Sometimes you just want to pull yourself away and have a bit of peace. But at the end of the day, we stand as a unit and we know where our bread is buttered.”
The dark side of fame
The flip side of that is seven years as a fixture in the gossip pages – and on the net, where alongside footage of Harding singing there are video clips of her looking the worse for wear as she is stalked by a crew of paparazzi. She’s discovered that life in the public eye can hurt you and those around you.
“I didn’t really know what fame was before I got into it and I didn’t expect everything to be so intense. I don’t like fame, I like performing.
“For St Trinian’s we were doing a scene at Liverpool Street station and that was hard for me because there was nowhere to escape from the public glare. There were camera phones in my face every two minutes, people coming up between takes, sometimes during takes, trying to get an autograph. The place was full of paparazzi too, trying to get pictures of me in these hotpants I was wearing for the scene.
“I went to get a sandwich from M&S and I looked round and the window was covered with big lenses. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I was freaking out, going, ‘Oh my God, I can’t handle this.’ There are some days you take it in your stride and others where you don’t.
“I can totally see why people like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey lost the plot because you can’t live a normal life. Like yesterday, we were filming in a public place again and I was walking with these two big bodyguards either side of me and I feel like a bloody prima donna. And the public are all around and I feel like they look at me and go, ‘You ain’t all that, love. Why have you got security?’

But I didn’t ask for that. All I wanted was to go and get my lunch like everybody else.”
Fame has also brought her estranged father, the musician John Hardman (she decided on the stage name Harding instead, and says that’s who she now feels she is), back into the picture.
Hardman separated from her mother, Marie, when Sarah was a teenager. Mother and daughter moved back from Staines, Surrey, where she grew up, to Stockport in her mother’s native North West. She hadn’t spoken to him for eight years when he gave an interview detailing his side of the story in 2002.
Her father claimed that he tried to keep in touch with his daughter but that she sided with her mother and brushed aside any contact. He hadn’t seen her for two years when he switched on the television and saw her auditioning on Popstars and then tried to contact her again.

He was only interested in building a relationship with his daughter, but his attempts at reconciliation had been rebuked, he claimed, saying: “Some people seem to think that the only reason I have tried to make contact is because she is famous. I don’t want her money. I want nothing but a connection with my daughter.”

Harding is having none of it. “After he and my mother divorced, he just wasn’t a nice person. I know there are always two sides to a story, but what’s done is done and things happened that I can’t forgive. A lot of things have come out and I’ll never forgive him for that. And now he’s selling stories on me and saying, ‘I’m not in it for the money, I just want my daughter back.’ As far as I’m concerned he’s dead to me.
“I know it’s harsh, but I have no place in my life for someone like that. I came close to being in contact with him again, but after the recent few things that he’s done, talking to the press and trying to sell pictures of me as a child, things like that, I just thought, ‘You don’t want me, you just want the glory, the money and whatever comes with it.’ He’s a very selfish person. As far as I’m concerned he’s not a part of my life and my mum is. As well as my mum, I have my friends and I have Tommy. Those are the people that I trust.”
Securing the future
She and Tom Crane divide their time between a house she bought in Buckinghamshire a year ago and her apartment in Camden, while Crane is on the look-out for a new “crash pad” somewhere near the City of London, where their latest venture as part of a consortium with Piers Adam and Nick House, a nightclub called Kanaloa, opened a few weeks ago. She helped design the interior, had input into the menu and will be a frequent visitor, especially as Crane will be playing there. Perfect for a party girl who likes a drink or two.
“It doesn’t mean I’m there to party,” she insists. “It’s a business venture.
“I’m very much into investing, putting money into bricks and mortar. You have to think about the future, and I’m not ready to settle down properly until I’m financially secure and have paid off my mortgage and everything else. Hopefully we’re going to have more clubs opening over the next three years.”
Harding is a curious mix of vulnerability and toughness. One minute she’s talking of a picture-book domestic life (babies and a barn conversion) and the next detailing plans for a string of nightclubs. She mentions that she already feels old in the pop business, and the same ambition that set her on her route to stardom is apparent as she talks of investing her money to secure her future.
“I’m pretty thick-skinned, because you have to be in this business,” she says. “But actually, underneath, I’m quite vulnerable. I can be hyper and loud, but there are times when I want to be left alone, when I just want to be at home with the dog and the cats.”
Today is her last on set for St Trinian’s and she’s sad that it’s coming to an end after six weeks of bonding with the other “girls” and the likes of Rupert Everett, who plays headmistress Miss Fritton, and David Tennant as the villainous Lord Pomfrey on the set of what the crew have called Hogwarts for pikeys. No longer will she have to dress up as the lads’ mag dream of a schoolgirl in hotpants and biker boots with a low-cut blouse and stripy tie.
“I am sad it’s over,” she says. “The girls have been lovely and we’ve bonded. I love them to bits. And Rupert has kept us all entertained.”
Next year, at some point, she’ll reunite with the rest of Girls Aloud and maybe there’ll be a solo album too. In the meantime, she hopes to find time to just “hang out” with Crane and her pets and go for long walks. She’ll put the shades on and meander across the fields and nobody will bother her. “And then I’m not Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud or whoever. I’m just me.”
St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold opened yesterday

Friday, 18 December 2009


She has been the ultimate pop princess for more than seven years, and as a member of Girls Aloud has played Wembley Stadium, released five platinum-certified studio albums and had 20 consecutive UK Top 10 singles.

Yet, Sarah Harding admits she yearns for a new challenge and this week celebrates her acting role in the feature film St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

"We have all got other stuff," says the 28-year-old blonde of her bandmates' activities. "We get bored. We have been doing it for seven years and we need something else to mix things up a bit. We have all gone out and done other things.

"It means we'll all be able to go back to the band again and enjoy it. Otherwise it does become like a job - albeit one I enjoy doing. But then it becomes a routine and I am not a routine girl."

Sarah has the reputation for working hard and partying even harder. But it is clear that getting the chance to act has given her a fresh energy. Indeed, Sarah admits that her relationship with DJ Tom Crane comes second to her career.

In the new St Trinian's film, she plays rock chick Roxy, who arrives at the bawdy school stepping out of Kaiser Chief Ricky Wilson's tour bus. In costume, she proudly sports an engagement ring. So is it hers?

"No, no, no," she laughs. "It's not my own ring. I am not engaged - not yet anyway. I've still got a few more years in me. I think career first, then love life.

"It's all going quite well for me but I think I want to concentrate on acting now. I am going down a different route and I like to throw myself fully into what I am doing.

"One of the girls on the set said it is hard to juggle a good work life, a good social life and a good love life. You can't have more than two at once, and it's true. If I am working long hours I don't see much of my boyfriend. He is always out so it is tough. But work is my focus for the next two years."
It is clear that acting is Sarah's new passion and there are no immediate plans for Girls Aloud to get back together.

"Cheryl's got The X Factor," she adds, "Nadine's in LA and got stuff over there, Nicola has got her make-up range and Kimberley has got her things too."

So can she see a time when Girls Aloud will split up? "I really don't know," says Sarah. "I think if we can take little breaks, it will keep it all healthy. I also think we have saturated the market slightly. We might wait until next summer before we do another album."

One thing Sarah is determined to avoid is touring with Girls Aloud in 2010. She admits that the demands on the band members were far greater this year than ever before.

"I don't think there will be another tour," she says. "I am toured out at the moment. I am absolutely knackered just thinking about it and not getting any younger. Also, the production gets much bigger every time. I am not the sort of person who likes learning dance routines. It's not my forte."

Working on St Trinian's seems to have agreed with Sarah better than touring.

"They were all really nice girls," she enthuses of her fellow cast members. "We had a lot of fun. It was a bit of a shock - I wasn't quite expecting how much work there was. But once you get into the swing of things you know what is happening."

St Trinian's II: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold is out today.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Back to school with St Trinian's

St Trinian's returns to the cinema screens on 18 December with its distinctive mix of short skirts, hockey sticks and schoolgirls behaving badly.

The Legend of Fritton's Gold will be hoping to follow the success of the 2007 film, which took £15m at the UK box office.

Stars include Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, David Tennant and Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud.

Sarah Behind the scenes cosmo

Sarahs Solo tracks on itunes

the songs are currently in the Itunes Top 1000

#355 - Too Bad (Sarah) she's higher than the original soundtrack of St. Trinians 2
#688 - Make it easy (Sarah)
#808 - Boys keep swining (Sarah)
#1000 - I predict a riot (Girls Aloud)

So come on people lets download Sarahs singles and try and get them a little higher :)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Albums of the week - St Trinians

SARAH Harding does a few daft throwaway songs to go along with her role in the film and hardly does much to challenge Cheryl Cole's status as Girls Aloud's biggest solo star.
Noisettes, The Saturdays and new band Girls Can't Catch pop up too. Sadly, Girls Aloud's cover of I Predict A Riot sounds like a fight outside a kebab shop.

Sarah on the St Trinians Soundtrack

To see bigger check out

From ladette to lady: With her glamorous red carpet look, is Sarah Harding ready to outshine Cheryl Cole?

It’s the premiere of the new St Trinian’s film and slinking her way down the red carpet is a stunning blonde in a jaw-dropping floor-length dress with sheer panels and a train that puddles around her ankles, like the world’s most glamorous oil slick.
There’s an aura of one of the old studio actresses there, some Betty Grable, or a bit of Jean Harlow.
From some angles, she looks a little like contemporary Hollywood royalty on Oscar night: there’s a definite hint of Gwen Stefani, even Scarlett Johansson.
But this is no stateside starlet, this is Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud — and, forget Cheryl finding her mojo, Sarah seems to have discovered her inner goddess with a glam look that is a million miles away from her previous incarnations.
Because, and we’ll be honest, we were a little bit worried about Ms Harding.
For a while, it seemed it was all about clubbing and Ibiza and falling out of bars, looking, ahem, tired and emotional.
While the rest of the ‘Girls’ were doing chic and soignée, she appeared to be trying the retro ladette thing.
Now, though, well, who’d have thought it? One red carpet appearance does not a screen goddess make, but it does seem she’s been taking some serious lessons in style.

Caner Sarah takes a break

SARAH HARDING has been ordered to do the unthinkable - stay home and live the quiet life.
The GIRLS ALOUD star has broken her foot in a mystery accident and will have to wear a cast over Christmas.
Docs have told her she can't go out partying and has to rest up and heal (or should that be heel?).
Amusingly, there is a dispute over what actually happened.
Her spokesman insists the injury occurred last Thursday, when someone slammed a car door on Sarah's foot.
But a source at The Mayfair Hotel, where she's staying in London, told me she bust it stumbling out of bed.
The hotel mole said: "She slipped on a rug after a heavy night out. Her ankle was really swollen and it went black because of the bruising."
However it happened, it's not good news for the former Bizarre Caner Of The Year who loves getting stuck in over the festive season.
She'll have to let the party come to her rather than the other way round. And there'll be no dancing, that's for sure.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sarah on T4

Sarah is on T4 today at 11.25am dont forget to tune in


SARAH Harding gave the male species an early Crimbo gift when she flashed her dumplings as she went out for a family meal.

There was a whiff of Cruella de Vil to Saz’s glamorous get-up but we forgive our favourite party girl such a minor fashion crime.The St Trinian’s sex kitten, 28, was spoiling her mum and brother with a slap-up dinner at Nobu Berkeley in London’s Mayfair.Just like a regular family, the Harding clan partied until 1am before heading back to The May Fair Hotel for a game of Monopoly.

My mum's Aloud

SARAH HARDING has a new party partner in crime - her mum.
The GIRLS ALOUD singer treated mother MARIE to some posh nosh at Nobu in London on Thursday.
The night before, Sarah, took her mummy along to the premiere of her new film, St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.
No wonder she hasn't been steaming. All very well, but it would be nice to see her return to her hell-raising ways for once.
Come on Sarah, don't be as dull as the rest of your bandmates.

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Indie Chick - Roxy


WHO: Sarah Harding, 28, singer with Girls Aloud.
ATTITUDE: Too cool for school. Role model is Kate Moss.
CLOTHES: Art school meets groupie - effortless style with tiny shorts or skirts.
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Bed-head chic.
BUZZ PHRASE: 'Don't copy me.'
HANGOUT: Gigs and parties to bag a musician boyfriend or to get into a band.
ACCESSORY: Leather hotpants.
RIVALS: Posh Totty.
CLAIM TO FAME: Centre stage of the dance routine in London's Liverpool Street Station.

Hard to take eyes off

WITH temperatures plummeting, SARAH HARDING risked catching a chesty cold in London last night.
The GIRLS ALOUD beauty hit town in an eye-popping busty number - for a family meal.

Sarah treated her mum and brother to a posh dinner party at Nobu Berkeley, eventually emerging from the restaurant at 1am.
It marked caner Sarah's second night on the town running, having larged it at the premiere and after-party of St Trinian's 2.
Not the kind of behaviour one expects from a schoolgirl...

Sarah Harding misses out on St Trinians 2 premiere afterparty due to sore feet

She was wearing pink, but Sarah Harding felt anything but perky.
She hobbled to Wednesday's St Trinians 2 premiere afterparty at Quaglinos in London nursing a sore foot.
We hear the singer turned actress bashed her tootsies the night before and was taking painkillers to ease the discomfort. So instead of continuing the party at her Kanaloa bar, it was straight back to her hotel for some water.

A pal tells us: "She was really disappointed - JLS and The Saturdays had gone back to her bar to help her celebrate, but she had to stand them up because she was in so much pain. She just wasn't up to it."
Hmm, those stilettos won't have helped matters then...
10.30pm Wednesday Sarah arrives at her hotel

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sarah's started acting ..& stopped acting up

Sarah Harding is pulling a Billie Piper to make that full conversion from pop star to TV and film star. First thing she's doing is ditching that Camden Caner reputation.
I spotted the blonde star at Nick Ede's charity event for The Stroke Association and she wouldn't have a picture taken with fans until she'd got rid of her alco-tipple from the frame. Then she said: "I'm behaving from now on."
Meanwhile, in her new show Sarah Harding In 24 Hours - on MTV on December 13 at 7pm - Sarah talks about the year-long break that Girls Aloud are taking.
She reveals: "It's time to do our own thing for a while. I'm no spring chicken any more. In girlband years (like dog years) I'm about 40!" Fortunately she still looks like a spring chicken - when she's rested!


GIRLS Aloud babe Sarah Harding can always be seen flashing her legs in a sexy frock while she’s out in public – but at home she wears the trousers.
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Her bloke Tommy Crane told us he’s well and truly under the thumb and she calls all the shots in their roost. The pussy-whipped DJ joked: “Sarah’s definitely the boss. I just keep quiet and go along with whatever she says for an easy life. “Some nights I don’t finish Djing until 5am but she still won’t let me sleep in past midday. She wakes me up by throwing the dog on me. “I used to take him for a long walk so I could snooze in the park but I can’t even do that now it’s winter.” We partied with the pair at Nick Ede’s Stroke Association bash where bossyboots Harding laughed: “Is that what Tommy told you? “Well to be honest it’s true. Women should be the boss in the relationship.” At least now Sarah owns her own nightclub Kanaloa the couple might both need extended lie-ins. The pretty party lover added: “Tom’ll be DJing at the club – it’s great to do something together.” We wonder if Tom gets more of a say at work than he does at home?

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sarah's got film nerves

Sarah Harding is so nervous about the new St Trinians movie, she feels she is sitting an exam.
Not only has she appeared in the movie, she is singing the theme tune too.
Talking to us at a Stroke Association charity bash at Swarkovski, she said: "The first time I will see it will be with the girls, Tommy, my mum and my auntie. It's so nerve-racking. Then she was off, telling us "I'd love to have a big night out but I've got to work in the morning." What a light weight.


AFTER being invited to one of the hottest, most intimate private parties with a select handful of VIPs, we couldn’t wait to whip on our sequined hotpants.

However, we weren’t expecting to dance the night away with our favourite party gremlin Sarah Harding.
Talking to the Girls Aloud sizzler at A Sparkling Night With Nick, in aid of the The Stroke Association, she revealed that she has high hopes for 2010 and is looking forward to getting involved in a string of new challenges.
Sarah, 27, exclusively told us: “I absolutely love acting. I’m in secret talks about a massive film role abroad, although I really can’t say anything more.”
Despite constant probing from us about whether it would be a rom-com, a thriller or even a comedy, the sexpot kept schtum.

But she did reveal “big changes are on the way”.
There have been rumours she’s set to ditch to her vodka-guzzling ways, and we definitely saw a more sober side to her, as she rarely had a drink in her hand.
The party connoisseur is also going to lose her shiny pop image to turn rock chick, telling us: “I’m not really into pop music. It’s not what I listen to.”
And during her time away from the girl band she’s already had talks with alternative rockers the Kaiser Chiefs.
She said: “We’re both so busy we haven’t had chance to sit down properly yet. I’d definitely be up for doing something.”
The bash was held at the Swarovski Crystallized shop in London, where fellow singer Liz McClarnon, 28, took to the stage with a crystal-encrusted mic.
Sarah confided: “I’m really proud of the music I’ve done but it’d blow people away if they knew the kind of stuff I dance round my house to.”
We can just imagine Sarah inviting Cheryl round to rock out to death metal.

Sarah Harding turns all demure... the day after underwear malfunction during night on tiles

Sarah Harding was a picture of elegance today as she attended a ceremony honouring women in film and television.
The Girls Aloud singer came over all lady-like as she turned out to the Women In Film And Television Awards in smart black dress.
Her display was a far cry from that of the night before, however, when she was pictured up to her usual partying antics during a night out in London's Soho.

The blonde singer, 28, had joined a group of friends for dinner and drinks at the Sanctum Soho Hotel.
But she managed to show off her lacy knickers in a transparent clingy black and white patterned shift dress.
Today was a different story, however, and Sarah made sure there was no risk of any blushes by wearing a rather more dignified outfit.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Who wants some solo Sarah Harding?

Cheryl's already reached No.1 with her 3 Words disc, Nadine's working on her own album across the pond, and now Sarah Harding's dishing up solo material. As well as starring as Roxy in the upcoming St Trinian's sequel, La Harding has recorded three exclusive tracks for the soundtrack. They've all been produced by longtime GA collaborators Xenomania and the first, 'Too Bad', is a chunky slab of electropop which boasts punchy lyrics and a booming singalong hook. Then there's 'Make It Easy', which, with its spooky verses and dazzling pop chorus, is as close to The Aloud as anything we're likely to hear in '09.The final track, a rollicking romp through Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging', brings it all back to the film's theme as the perfect school-yard anthem. The full soundtrack, which also includes tracks by Florence and the Machine, The Saturdays and Noisettes, is out on December 14. However, thanks to the good folk at Fascination Records, we've got a one-minute clip of 'Make It Easy' right here to wet your appetite: