Sunday, 6 December 2009


GIRLS Aloud babe Sarah Harding can always be seen flashing her legs in a sexy frock while she’s out in public – but at home she wears the trousers.
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Her bloke Tommy Crane told us he’s well and truly under the thumb and she calls all the shots in their roost. The pussy-whipped DJ joked: “Sarah’s definitely the boss. I just keep quiet and go along with whatever she says for an easy life. “Some nights I don’t finish Djing until 5am but she still won’t let me sleep in past midday. She wakes me up by throwing the dog on me. “I used to take him for a long walk so I could snooze in the park but I can’t even do that now it’s winter.” We partied with the pair at Nick Ede’s Stroke Association bash where bossyboots Harding laughed: “Is that what Tommy told you? “Well to be honest it’s true. Women should be the boss in the relationship.” At least now Sarah owns her own nightclub Kanaloa the couple might both need extended lie-ins. The pretty party lover added: “Tom’ll be DJing at the club – it’s great to do something together.” We wonder if Tom gets more of a say at work than he does at home?

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