Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sarah's started acting ..& stopped acting up

Sarah Harding is pulling a Billie Piper to make that full conversion from pop star to TV and film star. First thing she's doing is ditching that Camden Caner reputation.
I spotted the blonde star at Nick Ede's charity event for The Stroke Association and she wouldn't have a picture taken with fans until she'd got rid of her alco-tipple from the frame. Then she said: "I'm behaving from now on."
Meanwhile, in her new show Sarah Harding In 24 Hours - on MTV on December 13 at 7pm - Sarah talks about the year-long break that Girls Aloud are taking.
She reveals: "It's time to do our own thing for a while. I'm no spring chicken any more. In girlband years (like dog years) I'm about 40!" Fortunately she still looks like a spring chicken - when she's rested!

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NP said...

I her saw being interviewed and she said she was so happy that Cheryl Cole has done so well on the X Factor and with her solo work. That was the best damn acting I've seen in years.