Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Toms pressie is pure gold

EVERY day must feel like Tom Crane’s birthday, waking up beside the azure-topped bundle of sexygood that is Sarah Harding, 26.

So we don’t blame the furry DJ for celebrating his 29th earth year each day over the past week.
He has pickled his liver at the mum, dad and dodgy uncle of all bunfights at London’s Mahiki and knocked back the devil’s nectar whenever his mouth was open.
And here he is doing an erotic Velcro impression with his beloved at yet another birthday bash, this time at London’s Mayfair Hotel.
We applaud him for burning his birthday candle at both ends.
That’s twice the wishes... not that he may need them, judging by Sarah’s sexy frock.
She looks like an erotic Quality Sweet in this shimmering gold and white number.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Girls Aloud - Sarah Harding interview

Everyone (us included) presumed the TV show would spawn one hit single and a group that quickly disappeared from view.

It’s testament to Nadine, Nicola, Sarah, Cheryl and Kimberly (and their producers, managers and label) that they’ve since made some of the best pop music of the decade.

Singles like Love Machine, Sound Of The Underground, Biology, Can’t Speak French, Call The Shots, No Good Advice and Life Got Cold literally set the standard for smart, sassy, sexy well produced pop.

In fact those songs are so good we’ll forgive commercial cash-ins Theme from St. Trinians and Jump!

Now ‘The Girls’- as their entourage refer to them- are back with a so far untitled fifth studio album again produced by Brian Higgins’ futuristic beatmakers Xenomania.

MTV grabbed an exclusive chat with Sarah Harding just before she listened to the new Girls Aloud disc for the first time…

MTV: Hi Sarah, how long have you been working on the new album?

Sarah: We’ve been working on it all summer. But we’ve only just got a copy- Cheryl is listening it right now! We’ve got 5 days to approve everything.

Was recording it fun?

It was alright- I had a good time this time round. It’s usually quite stressful for me but I felt more relaxed this time. We’ll have to wait and see but I think the songs fitted my voice well this time around.

Do you get time to mess around and relax while you’re in the studio?

When I was laying tracks down with Toby (an engineer at the Xenomania studios) we had lots of tea breaks and messing around. It depends who your technician is as to how much fun the recording is. We got the work done but we did it at our own pace.

Was it nice to get out of London to Xenomania’s Kent studios?

It takes me a while to get motivated because of my ADD and I actually focused a lot more because I didn’t want to stay in London so I booked myself into a hotel in Surrey and relaxed and got away from it all. It was nice to have that. I was the only one that decided to stay out of London.

There was a drum and bass track on Tangled Up (What You Crying For?) Are there any surprises on the new album?

When Brian puts a DnB spin on things I love it. I was a big Drum and Bass junkie when I grew up (Sarah lists around 20 different DnB DJs she loves). There is one track that’s a bit like that but I don’t know if it will make the record.

What about the new single The Promise?

I like the 60s vibe and the retro thing is coming back! We wanted to stay upbeat but try something a bit different and advanced.

I don’t think anything we’ve ever done has ever sounded the same. But we have that same vibe whatever we do because of our vocals.

Was the video fun to film?

It was hard work. When filming videos you spend hours getting ready and hours waiting around.

Have you been watching Cheryl on X Factor? Does it remind you of being on Popstars: The Rival?

I’ve seen bits of it but we’ve been working over the summer- I thought it was quite funny. I don’t like that reminder though- It makes me feel for the contestants and I wouldn’t like to be judging someone’s potential.

I wouldn’t want to crush peoples’ hopes and dreams but Cheryl is good at the job cos she is shrewd and sensitive.

Does your ‘party girl’ image get on your nerves?

When was the last time you saw a photo of me in the papers? You might do tomorrow actually because I’m going out- There are lots of birthdays coming up too!

I’m not as bad as people think. I’m not single anymore so I’ve toned it down.

How much longer can Girls Aloud carry on?

There are still one or two more albums in us. We’ve signed a new contract and it’s all looking rosy.

The Promise is released October 27


Even vertical stripes fail to give stick-thin Sarah Harding curves

Here's another scientific theory that's been debunked.
Boffins recently revealed that it's vertical stripes rather than horizontal - going across the body - that make people look bigger, but clearly this isn't the case with stick-thin Sarah Harding.
The Girls Aloud star was pictured outside Nobu Berkeley in London's Mayfair in a skimpy, sequinned, stripy body-con dress that looked like an elongated vest.But it certainly didn't add any of the curves the singer is lacking, as she still looked rail thin and ready for the catwalk.
Sarah stepped out into the warm September evening in the barely there minidress, which revealed a distinct lack of bust as the singer looked thinner than ever.She left the restaurant hand in hand with boyfriend DJ Tom Crane, who certainly looked please to be in the company of his glamorous girlfriend.Last week Harding revealed that she was hurt and offended by comments that she was the 'slapper of the band'.Especially, she claimed, because she had never even had a one-night stand.She said she was now looking to settle down with Crane and hoped to marry him and have his children.


Girls Aloud go Out of Control

Girls Aloud say their bosses want to call the group's new album Out Of Control - because the pop stars can't be told what to do.
The group release their new single, The Promise, on 27 October. The album is expected to follow two weeks later.
"It basically came from the record company," singer Kimberley Walsh told the BBC.
"They said: 'We don't know what to say, you lot are out of control. We can't tell you anything.'"
"So that's where that came from. 'Out of control' means you can't tell us what to do."
The group were very much "involved in the direction" of the record, Walsh adds, which follows on from the soul influences of the single.
"The whole album's a lot older sounding," she confirms. "It wasn't intentional - it was just kind of how it went, you know?"
'Out of the ordinary'
The Promise sees the group take inspiration from the 1960s, adding their trademark sassy lyrics and cut 'n' paste song structures to the mix.
"The '60s thing is quite prominent," Bradford-born Walsh says.
"But it's out of the ordinary. Not really what you'd expect."
The Promise is the five-piece's 19th single - an astonishing feat in the flash-in-the-pan world of pop music.
"It's mad, isn't it?" says an incredulous Walsh. "We still have to pinch ourselves."
Indeed, it's a wonder they have had time to record a new album at all, as their side-projects multiply.
Youngest member Nicola Roberts, 22, has launched a range of make-up for women with pale skin.
Irish star Nadine Coyle, 23, now lives permanently in Los Angeles, where she runs - of all things - a candle shop.
The group's most recognisable face, however, is Cheryl Cole - who can currently be seen every weekend on The X Factor.
The singer has had a rocky time since the last Girls Aloud album came out in 2007.
In January, it was alleged that her footballer husband, Ashley Cole, had cheated on her, triggering months of tabloid speculation about her marriage and her health.
Fans, many of whom were hostile to the Chelsea defender in the wake of the alleged affair, initially believed the lyrics of The Promise would be a barely-veiled reference to his wedding vows.
"Oh no, it's nothing to do with that at all," says Walsh with more than a hint of surprise.
"I think people sometimes read a little too far into things."
Tabloid revelations
The 26-year-old, who is often referred to as the "mother" of the group, is understandably protective of her friend and colleague.
Along with Roberts, she flew out to Thailand to provide support to Cole in the weeks following the tabloid revelations.
"I like to be there for them if they need me," she says of her bandmates.
"I just have that kind of instinct. I'm a little bit more sensible and I guess I'm a little bit older as well."
The family mentality is one of the keys to Girls Aloud's longevity.
Unusually for the music industry, they are surrounded by a stable team - from their writers and managers right down to the wardrobe and choreography teams.
"Everyone who works with us now has been there for a while and they don't hold anything back, which I like," says Walsh.
"You don't need people blowing smoke up your arse, do you?"
The group's harshest critics, she notes, are the girls themselves.
"But I think that's a good thing," Walsh adds. "That's how you push yourself further." After contributing several tracks to 2005's Chemistry, they only had two writing credits on last year's Tangled Up - including the hit single Sexy! No No No.
"It's a time issue, which I know is bad - but we've always got so much going on," Walsh said.
"But this year I think a few of us have written bits and pieces and we've been quite involved in the direction of how it's going. So we're really pleased."
Many groups at this stage in their career would be thinking about taking a year off, or branching out into solo projects.
But Girls Aloud are pushing forward with a new album - their fifth - not to mention an autobiography, a TV special and a tour.
But, despite all their success, Walsh confesses that the group are worried about how the new sound will go down.
"We do still get nervous," she says. "When you don't get nervous you have to worry, haven't you?"
"It means that you don't care about it."
The Promise is out on 27 October.

Something Kinda Brrrr: Sarah Harding steps out in just a vest

Someone might want to tell Sarah Harding that summer is well and truly over after she was seen stepping out into the fresh September evening in a minidress.She was pictured outside Nobu Berkeley in London's Mayfair in a skimpy, sparkling frock that looked like an elongated vest.Smiling for the cameras, the Girls Aloud singer left the restaurant hand in hand with boyfriend DJ Tom Crane.

Last week Harding revealed that she was hurt and offended by comments that she was the 'slapper of the band' especially, she claimed, because she had never had a one-night stand.She said she was now looking to settle down with Crane and hoped to marry him and have his children. If she wants people to know how respectable she is, she might want to cover up a bit more. It would keep her warmer too.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Just supreme: Girls Aloud swing back to the 60s for their latest video

Girls Aloud step back in time in their latest video which sees them don a series of sexy sixties-style looks.
Sarah Harding resembles a young Twiggy with her scraped-back hair and a leopard print top while Nicola Roberts opts for a huge bouffant do.
The clip for single The Promise features the girls attending an old-fashioned drive-thru cinema to watch a film which also stars them.

The song - which is reminiscent of sixties group The Supremes - is a follow-up to their summer single Can't Speak French and looks set to be another huge seller for the popular girl group.

Last week Sarah Harding told how she was devastated to be labelled the ‘slapper’ of the band.

In an extract from Girls Aloud's upcoming autobiography Dream That Glitter, serialised in OK! magazine, she says:
'One paper called me the "slapper" of the band. I don't think so. I've never even had a one-night stand.
'I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.

'I think going out with the wrong men has taught me what not to accept and as I've got older I've become stronger.
'I won't tolerate certain behaviour, men thinking they can walk all over me, and I think some of them are threatened by that.'

Did Sarah Harding say more than she's Aloud?

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding says she's terrified about the release of the band's autobiography next month.

Over cocktails at the Select Aquitania property launch in West London's swanky Hempel Hotel, she confessed: "I'm really frightened I gave too much away."

She said she was so worried, she didn't dare read any of the the book's serialisation in magazines last week.

Sarah added: "When it comes out, I'll be hiding from bookshops."

Sounds intriguing - but whatever she said, it's a good way of stoking up interest...


Friday, 26 September 2008

Girls Aloud take a step back in time.

JUST when you thought GIRLS ALOUD couldn't get any hotter, they dazzle your eyeballs with glitzy 60s get-ups reminiscent of DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES. SARAH, NICOLA, CHERYL, KIMBERLEY and NADINE take a step back in time for the video of their upcoming single The Promise. To see the girls in action, watch below:The fivesome rock cutsie outfits and bouffant hair as they munch hotdogs and sit in their car watching a drive-in movie. But the film showing is also of the ladies, this time donning slinky showgirl dresses. While they all look fab, Sarah in particular looks modelicious as a TWIGGY copycat.Their new tune, which follows No. 9 hit Can't Speak French, is the first single from the band's as yet untitled fifth studio album. The Promise is released on October 27

Sexy Sarah scoffs a Scotch egg

[b][size=15pt]Sexy Sarah scoffs a Scotch egg[/size][/b]

SCOTCH eggs are the new sushi.
SARAH HARDING has now made the savoury snack cool, tucking into one as she left a rehearsal studio yesterday.
GIRLS ALOUD were there polishing up their act ahead of their album promotion push, although NADINE COYLE was still on her sickbed after a bout of shingles.
[b]Source: The Sun[/b]

Sarah Harding and boyfriend Tommy have Chemistry

QUEEN caner SARAH HARDING stepped out again last night to paint the town red. The GIRLS ALOUD beauty was boogying at trendy London nightspot Mahiki for DJ boyfriend TOM CRANE'S birthday party. Waif-like Sarah looked immaculate in a sexy black dress, teamed with matching ankle boots, a sleek pixie hairdo and plenty of blush. But despite getting all dolled up, the singer couldn't seem to crack a smile at her fella's 29th bash. Maybe she's worried about him turning the big 3-0 next year. Or perhaps we should cut her some slack for the fatigued expression, having spent all day in rehearsals with her bandmates. Club promoter HENRY CONWAY won the accolade for attention-seeker of the night, by arriving in a baby costume and fuelling speculation Sarah may have a bun in the oven.


Sarah Harding turns up the glamour

Sarah Harding turns up the glamour in a shiny wet-look mini-dress at boyfriend's birthday partyShe looks pretty sexy most of the time, but Sarah Harding made particular effort last night in honour of her boyfriend's birthday.In a slinky black minidress and rock-chic ankle boots, the Girls Aloud member turned more heads than usual as she arrived at London hangout Mahiki for her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane's 29th birthday. Party girl: Sarah Harding looked particularly sexy as she arrived at Mahiki last night for her boyfriend's birthday bashLost in the moment: Sarah and Tom share a kiss in their taxiDespite spending the day in rehearsals with her bandmates, there was no sign of fatigue from the group's wild child. On leaving the venue earlier in the day, all the girls appeared to be in high spiritsGoing for a more natural make up look, with her pixie haircut neat and glossy, Sarah looked the picture of decorum last night - a far cry from the couple's usual wild nights out.Perhaps she was attempting to play down her reputation. In Girls Aloud's upcoming autobiography 'Dreams that Glitter', Harding was quoted as saying: 'One paper called me the "slapper" of the band. I don't think so. I've never even had a one-night stand.'I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.'Sexy Sarah: The Girls Aloud singer looked glamorous in a slinky black dressBig baby: Club promoter Henry Conway arrived at the party dressed as a baby fuelling speculation that Sarah may be pregnantSarah's efforts certainly didn't go unappreciated. The couple looked more loved-up than ever, sharing a kiss in the back of their taxi, regardless of the waiting photographers outside.Tom, in turn didn't let his striking girlfriend show him up, looking too-cool-for-school in a bowler hat and plaid shirt.Club promoter Henry Conway was also courting attention outside the club - for all the wrong reasons. Dressed as a giant baby, he fuelled speculation that the singer could be pregnant.Following a short split earlier this year, Crane broke his silence on his relationship with Harding, admitting the couple want to start a 'large family'.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Promise Video Premier

The video is premiered tomorrow 26th Sept

Live Lounge

Girls Aloud were on Jo whileys live lounge today sadly nadine wasnt with them as shes ill in LA with Shingles, GET WELL SOON NADINE

They did The Promise and One Republic Apologise.

Pics can be found on the forum and website

It was business as usual for Girls Aloud last night as they jumped into a waiting car outside their west London rehearsal studio.
Sarah Harding was all smiles as she showed off her long legs in a pair of chic black tights.
Despite a hard day's work, her bandmates Cheryl Cole and Kimberly Walsh were also in high spirits as they beamed at paparazzi before heading home.
A tired-looking Cole was wearing her wedding ring, which she only recently took to sporting again since reports her footballer husband Ashley Cole had an affair first cropped up in January. In the group's upcoming autobiography Dreams That Glitter, Cole pledges to always work at her marriage and admits she has been left emotionally scarred.
She said: 'I can't hurt any more than I've been hurt, I can't cry any more than I've cried. I've been to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, so one day I'm going to find my middle ground and be happy.'
Harding, meanwhile, hits out at her reputation for being promiscuous in the new book.
She said: 'One paper called me the "slapper" of the band. I don't think so. I've never even had a one-night stand.
'I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Nintendo Advert

Girls Aloud have filmed a new advert for Nintendo

Sarah Harding: My pain at being labelled the Girls Aloud 'slapper'

She is one of the most lusted-after singers in pop, but Sarah Harding is fed up with her promiscuous reputation.
The Girls Aloud singer is offended by the suggestion she sleeps around, claiming she's only had three long-term relationships.
What's more, Harding has her future on the mind and is already planning marriage and a family with boyfriend DJ Tom Crane.In an extract from Girls Aloud's upcoming autobiography Dream That Glitter, serialised in OK! magazine, she says: 'One paper called me the "slapper" of the band. I don't think so. I've never even had a one-night stand.
'I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.
'I think going out with the wrong men has taught me what not to accept and as I've got older I've become stronger. I won't tolerate certain behaviour, men thinking they can walk all over me, and I think some of them are threatened by that...
'Tommy's really only my third long-term relationship and it did feel different when we got together. I'm hoping to settle down with Tommy and have marriage and kids and all that.'

Monday, 22 September 2008

Win signed Girls Aloud kit

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Style icons Girls Aloud have created five exclusive t-shirt designs for KIT KAT® SENSES™, in support of Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK.
The lucky winner will also bag a copy of the girls' Tangled Up album.

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Each of the exclusive t-shirt designs highlight the girl’s personalities and give a real insight into what matters to them as individuals, making them an Autumn must-have for fashionistas across the country.
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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sarah legs it to posh Nobu

IT was a case of legs allowed this weekend, as SARAH HARDING stepped out for a posh slap up meal with her boyfriend DJ TOM CRANE.
The couple were pictured leaving celeb's fave Nobu Berkeley in Mayfair and Sarah looked stunning in an ultra short dress that showed off her perfcetly formed pins.
Earlier in the week the GIRLS ALOUD stunner and her fella hit Mahiki and had a whale of a time, leaving the venue looking rather worse for wear.
This time however, they were cool, calm and collected, smiling for paps as they made their way home.
Tom Crane's one hell of a lucky guy.
Not only does he get to play music for a living, but he's got his hands on one of the UK's hottest women.
No wonder he always looks pleased with himself


Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Promise

The Promise is the 19th single to be released by Girls Aloud

Check on the first play of the song this Sunday on Radio 1 from 7pm

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Leggy Sarah's out of Harding

IT'S been a while since we saw SARAH HARDING out on the town.
The GIRLS ALOUD hottie is well-known for being something of a party girl, but she's managed to stay off the radar for quite some time now.
But, she finally made an appearance this weekend, on a romantic night out with DJ boyfriend TOM CRANE at celeb hotspot Nobu.
Sarah dazzled onlookers in a short black dress that showed off her gorgeous pins, with bright red lipstick and matching shoes, she looked every bit the girlband pin-up.
The couple laughed and joked in the back of their taxi, with Tom giving Sarah a red rose - they certainly seem loved up, putting paid to rumours earlier this year that the couple were due to split up.
Meanwhile, all the girls have posed for some of their sexiest pics yet in their 2009 calendar.
6 years in the business and these girls just get hotter - who says it's just men who improve with age?


A rose and a snuggle for Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding looked stunning in a little black dress after dinner with boyfriend DJ Tom Crane. The 26-year-old singer wore some very loud shoes - matching her bright lipstick and a single red rose from Tom - as she showed off an enviable pair of pins. The pair were snapped in the back of a black cab as they left Nobu restaurant in Mayfair on Saturday night. After a turbulent few months in the on/off relationship of this notoriously feisty couple, Tom and Sarah looked nothing else but loved up. It was reported at the end of last month, the 28-year-old DJ dumped the Girls Aloud star because of her closeness to her backing dancers. Her friendship with one dancer in particular, Jackson Williams, appeared to have been the final straw.Earlier this summer, Tom blamed Sarah's work schedule on a brief split complaining in Closer magazine:'We have a very good sex life – but I haven’t seen her for a month'.By the start of August he was re-united with the blonde bombshell saying they planned marriage and a large family. At the end of last month, he was reported as ending their year-long relationship again and Sarah was vowing to give up men and leave London.Sarah had insisted she was single despite the couple being seen leaving nightclub Mahiki together and enjoying a lunch date in North London. But Tom looked delighted to be out with Sarah last night and his romantic gestures must surely mean the couple are back on track.Meanwhile, Sarah's fellow bandmate Nadine Coyle has been showing off her new beau - who looks amazing like Ashley Cole. The 23-year-old took her new man out in London this week to meet Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding, say tabloid newspapers. They all headed to the Shoreditch House club for drinks - with a sober-looking Nadine and her fella leaving in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, and Sarah and Nicola ending the night looking worse for wear.