Thursday, 31 December 2009

Help Untouchable

Girls Aloud to The TopBecause Top 10 records are UntouchableOn 3 May 2009, Girls Aloud last single before the break, an epic dance track called Untouchable from their album Out Of Control failed to enter the top 10 and reached number 11 on the Official UK charts. Till then, the band had managed to get all their singles into the top 10, holding the record of most consecutive top 10 in the story of girlbands. This single, however, broke the path.
The single the label had originally planed to release as the single was Rolling Back The Rivers in Time, but thanks to popular demand from fans, Untouchable was choosen instead. Some think that the single didn't get enough promotion and some think it was not the right track to release. However it may have been, fans played a part on it by choosing it as the single, and now fans want to recover that top 10 record by getting the song to the place it should have been: the top of the charts. But for that, we need your help.

The Plan
The objective is to get Untouchable back on the top 10. To do this, we are going to choose a specific week when we will proceed to download the song and/or its remixes from any download site that count towards the chart.

Guide to Download
The sites that you can use to download the song/remixes that WILL count towards the official charts are:

If you want to buy the song more than once, don't buy it from the same shop. Ie. You want to buy 5 copies, buy one from iTunes, one from 7Digital, one from Play, one from HMV and one from Amazon. If you get the song 5 times into your shopping cart in the same shop, it will only count as ONE SALE and you will have wasted your money.

DON'T start downloading the song until we choose the week. If you download it now it won't have any effect, we all need to download the song at once on the same week.

TESCO DOWNLOADS DON'T COUNT. If you buy the song from there, it won't help the campaign.

If you don't live in the UK, even if you order the physical copy of the single, it WON'T count towards the chart.

Download Links:
Untouchable - Girls Aloud from Out Of Control
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Untouchable EP
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Untouchable EP
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Just Dance album
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Dance Workout Album
Untouchable edit - Girls Aloud form Untouchable EP
Untouchable Bimbo Jones Club Mix - Girls Aloud from Floorfillers 2010
Untouchable Radio Mix - Girls Aloud from Now! 73
Untouchable - Girls Aloud from Cool: Pop album

Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Album Version
Radio Mix
Radio Mix from Now 73 compilation

Album Version
Radio Mix
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Bimbo Jones Club Mix

Untouchable - 2 track single
Floorfillers 2010 - scroll down and pick Untouchable
Cool Pop recopilatory- scroll down and pick Untouchable
From Just Dance compilation - scroll down and pick Untouchable

Untouchable single - Contains Radio Mix and Bimbo Jones. Must download separately in order for it to count as two sales.
Album version

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