Monday, 14 December 2009

Caner Sarah takes a break

SARAH HARDING has been ordered to do the unthinkable - stay home and live the quiet life.
The GIRLS ALOUD star has broken her foot in a mystery accident and will have to wear a cast over Christmas.
Docs have told her she can't go out partying and has to rest up and heal (or should that be heel?).
Amusingly, there is a dispute over what actually happened.
Her spokesman insists the injury occurred last Thursday, when someone slammed a car door on Sarah's foot.
But a source at The Mayfair Hotel, where she's staying in London, told me she bust it stumbling out of bed.
The hotel mole said: "She slipped on a rug after a heavy night out. Her ankle was really swollen and it went black because of the bruising."
However it happened, it's not good news for the former Bizarre Caner Of The Year who loves getting stuck in over the festive season.
She'll have to let the party come to her rather than the other way round. And there'll be no dancing, that's for sure.

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