Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Sarah commenting on Stockport FC going to Wembley

Sarah Harding, who is performing with Girls Aloud in Manchester on May 31 and June 1, said: "Well done lads, keep up the good work!"

Nottingham review

BUDDING pop stars, please take note: if you're going to take on the demands of a full-scale arena tour, then last night's Girls Aloud show was an object lesson in how to do things properly.Lesson One: Don't stint on the Wow Factor. The girls started their set suspended on high wires, black capes flapping in the breeze, before slowly descending into the arms of their hunky male dancers. (Note: if you must make economies, then it's quite OK to deprive your dancers of their shirts for most of the night.)Later on, a massive illuminated catwalk dropped from the ceiling, stretching all the way to a platform at the back end of the arena. The girls sashayed across it, crooning and waving all the while, before greeting the folks in the "cheap seats" to wild acclaim, and giving them a three-song performance. Lesson Two: Don't cut corners. Many acts have a revolving stage. Girls Aloud's stage revolved in two directions at once, allowing for some clever choreography. Most acts let off a couple of fireworks towards the end of the show. Girls Aloud's crew blasted us with pyrotechnics throughout, as well as firing off enough ticker tape to keep the Arena's cleaning staff busy for days. Lesson Three: Don't play it too safe. It takes nerve to drop sure-fire favourites such as No Good Advice, Long Hot Summer and The Show, in favour of album tracks such as Girl Overboard, the pounding crowd-pleaser Close To Love, and the slinky, ska-tinged Control Of The Knife (as mashed up with Kelis's Trick Me). And it's a brave act indeed who can take on Robyn's brilliant but challenging With Every Heartbeat, and make it their own.Lesson Four: Don't forget to have fun. In stark contrast to last year's sulky showing by the Sugababes, the five girls genuinely looked as if they were enjoying themselves. Self-confessed party girl Sarah larged it from beginning to end, while even sulky old Nicola was wreathed in smiles throughout. And while the Sugababes treated each other like strangers, Girls Aloud bonded like a gang of best mates. Lesson Five: Don't mime! OK, so Nadine slipped out of key a couple of times. But who knew that Nicola had such a great, gutsy voice? Lesson Six: Don't act too cool for school. During the encore of Something Kinda Ooooh, middle-aged mums bopped in the aisles, while the gays squealed and the pre-teens waved their glow-sticks. (My ten year old niece's verdict: "fantabulous".) Lesson Seven: Don't take us for granted. There's a reason why Girls Aloud have stayed at the top of their game for over five years, with eighteen consecutive Top Ten singles to their name. It's because they deliver the goods, to the best of their ability, time after time. Long may they continue to delight us. MIKE ATKINSON Set list:Sexy! No No No...Girl OverboardSound Of The UndergroundClose To LoveCan't Speak FrenchLove MachineBlack JacksBiologyWhole Lotta HistoryWith Every HeartbeatI'll Stand By YouFlingPush ItWake Me UpWalk This WayControl Of The Knife/Trick MeCall The ShotsJumpSomething Kinda Ooooh

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

GIRLS Aloud will feature on Norwegian pop cutie Annie’s new album Don’t Stop after resolving recording confusion.
The band were unaware that their backing vocals had been kept on a track called My Love Is Better, which they sang a demo of.Now it’s been put on the 29-year-old’s LP – and it sounds exactly like a belting GA tune.Despite gaining rave reviews for their Tangled Up tour, the sexy five-piece are battling nerves.Sarah Harding, 26, admitted: “I’m sh*tting myself. It’s the biggest production we’ve done.”She added that they hope to do something “extra special” at the Virgin Mobile V Festival in August.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Shout it out loud Girls

GIRLS Aloud have confirmed what Playlist readers have known all along – they’re not splitting up.

During their sensational show at London’s O2 Arena, the delightful Cheryl Cole, 24, thrilled fans with a revelation.

She declared: “We’ve got some exclusive news for everyone in here, we are in preparations for our sixth album.
“So forget the rumours, we’re coming back.”

My favourite female five-piece put on a dazzling show to 20,000 screaming fans last Friday – they also sold out the venue on Saturday.

I joined the Girls in their dressing room at the gig. Cheryl told me: “The tour has been going really well – we’re so pleased.”

So you should be.

It blew Spice Girls out of the water in my opinion.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding was left badly shaken after being confronted in her dressing room by a fan who looked her double.
The blonde lookalike tricked security staff into letting her backstage by pretending to be the singer.
Last night one of the group's crew said: "The girls had done a great performance in Brighton on Wednesday and walked into their dressing room buzzing.
"But there was someone in there waiting, a girl in her 20s who looked exactly like Sarah. She was carrying a book with lots of photographs of Sarah and started screaming, 'I love you. I'm your biggest fan'.
"Sarah was pretty shocked and the band's security removed the woman. "
Sarah, who lives in North London with her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, has since bought burglar alarms and a panic button.

Friday, 16 May 2008

The heels are alive

THE bigger the band, the wilder the stories it seems.
It's almost an unwritten rule when it comes to the tabloids and chartland's profile-rich and internationally famous.Take Sarah Harding, arguably the most glamorous of the five chart minxes and the subject of one of the daftest, most recent tabloid tales.While Cheryl Cole was dealing with hubby Ashley's unofficial away game it was claimed the blonde model and Kit-Kat ad star was proposed to via a horse.Talking exclusively to Hear & Now, the 26-year-old from Ascot – the racecourse town – denied both engagement or equine intervention."That was a load of b*****ks," she says on the phone from final rehearsals. "No way. I'm not getting married – I'm quite happy as I am, thank you."It swiftly becomes apparent Sarah takes all this kind of thing in her stride, however, not least having had a much-publicised romance with a former tabloid showbiz writer."Yes, I know how it works. They like to have a dig at anything," she says. "That gave me an insight. "I like what I do, even if it has it's down times. But the most bizarre thing has been that horse story."Among the other yarns have been suggestions that Sarah was aiming to go solo – tittle tattle that follows any thriving boy/girl band members around."That's not coming on to the agenda. I take it day by day and I just want to carry on and be successful."It's part of the reason Sarah says she doesn't Google herself, through fear of what she might read. "I have done, years ago, but sometimes you see things about yourself you don't want to see," she confirms."There are more stupid things said than nice things. People like to build you up and knock you down – it's the way of the world."

Sarah leving her house 16th May 2008

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Weight watcher: Sarah Harding keeps an eye on her boyfriend's middle-age spread

Weight watcher: Sarah Harding keeps an eye on her boyfriend's middle-age spreadGirls Aloud star Sarah Harding had a weighty matter on her mind last night - her boyfriend's slight paunch. The 26-year-old gave her beau Tom Crane a friendly hint to keep an eye on his waistline after the pair dined at London's restaurant-of-the-moment Automat last night. Ultra-slim Sarah gave his presumably full tummy a little pat as the DJ proudly showed it off in all its glory, almost sending a button flying in the process. Paunch watch: Sarah Harding and her boyfriend Tom Crane leaving London's Automat last nightThe couple had been enjoying a romantic night together, with Sarah making the most of a night off from her Girls Aloud sell-out Tangled Up tour. The pair, who began dating a year ago after Sarah split from her journalist boyfriend Joe Mott, now live together in the singer's £1 million flat in London's Camden. They have already discussed marriage and Tom has agreed to propose to her in Venice when the time is right. The notorious party girl is even contemplating starting a family. Sarah says: "We have talked about children. Tommy wants loads. More than I think I can pop out!" She is set to take to the stage again with her band mates at the 02 arena tonight. Night off: Sarah made the most of a break in Girls Aloud's Tangled Up tour

How GORGEOUS does Sarah look <33333

Sarah interview

Interview: Sarah Harding
May 16 2008 by Gordon Barr, Evening Chronicle
Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding chats to Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR on the run-up to the group’s two Newcastle shows
WE’RE used to seeing Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding taking a break and eating a Kit Kat these days.
She’s all over the TV screens in the chocolate bar’s latest advertising campaign.
But when she takes time out to chat to myself, it’s not a Kit Kat she’s munching on – rather a Scotch egg.
“I’m a classy lady,” laughs Sarah, who will be performing with Girls Aloud at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena on May 24 and 25.
“I’m eating a Scotch egg for my breakfast on the way into rehearsals! Lovely things – they’re so tasty.”
She admits that unlike in that TV ad, there is little time to relax at the moment. “It’s full on. It’s worth it, though, once we get on the stage,” she says of what to expect when the group arrive in Newcastle.
“There will still be a few hits in there but I think it will be different in the fact that every year it gets a bit more elaborate, a bit bigger, a bit better, better costumes. Onwards and upwards.”
Onwards and upwards is probably the kind of advice Sarah and the group gave their fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole in light of her recent personal problems.
While Sarah refuses to talk about that, she does give comment on Byker lass Cheryl’s duet with the Black Eyed Peas’ Will I Am on Heartbreaker. “I love it. I think it is going to do really well. I think it is perfect timing for them both to collaborate and I think it is going to really help them both.
“It’s definitely going to boost his sales!!”
Girls Aloud have been one of Britain’s most consistently successful pop acts since being formed on Popstars – The Rivals back in 2002.
Did Sarah ever think that, five and a half years on, they would still be churning out the hits?
“I didn’t really want to think about that to be honest. We were just taking it every day as it came. You’ve just got to live for the moment and enjoy what you have for now.
“There’s no use fretting about what might not be in the future.
“Because we are all strong, feisty, opinionated and ambitious girls, I think that’s helped, and plus the fact there is room for us in the market and we have a great team around us to help us do that.
“We’ve been extremely lucky in that case, but despite being extremely lucky I don’t think if none of us had our heart in it we would still be here now.
“We have our downsides, definitely, but the upsides definitely outweigh that.”
One of those upsides is the touring.
“It will be interesting to see what feedback there is to the songs we haven’t released. We’ll definitely be doing all the big hits too, though.
“My personal favourite is Wake Me Up. I’m more of a rock chick.
“But then I like Something Kinda Ooh as well as it has a really nice dance side to it as well, uplifting.
So what next? “After the tour we have a book coming out. There’s quite a lot of honesty gone into it.
“But remember we have young fans. I think the old warts-and-all one will come later on! When our fans are all grown up!”

Sarah and Tommy Automat restaurant 16th may 08

Sarah and Tommy going out for a meal, creidti irish beauty

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Girls Aloud continue to up the raunch factor on their UK tour, as they set the stage alight at Glasgow's SECC.
And it was cuckolded wife Cheryl Tweedy who provided the spectacle as she took to the stage in a backless bondage-style bustier which left little to the imagination.
Teamed with saucy fishnet tights and cascading hair extensions Cheryl appeared to be in her element as she wowed the sell-out crowd.

The girls have long dropped their squeaky clean image since coming together after winning reality television show Pop Idols: The Rivals.
And Cheryl, whose already tiny figure appeared to get even smaller following her marriage troubles, smiled broadly as she performed a raunchy routine with bandmates Kimberly Walsh, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts.
The five girls left little to the imagination as they performed while squeezed into fringed bustiers, reminiscent of Las Vegas showgirls.
It was almost a replay of the gear they wore in Belfast, when they took to the stage in PVC corsets.

The girls have long dropped their squeaky clean image since coming together after winning reality television show Pop Idols: The Rivals.
And Cheryl, whose already tiny figure appeared to get even smaller following her marriage troubles, smiled broadly as she performed a raunchy routine with bandmates Kimberly Walsh, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts.
The five girls left little to the imagination as they performed while squeezed into fringed bustiers, reminiscent of Las Vegas showgirls.
It was almost a replay of the gear they wore in Belfast, when they took to the stage in PVC corsets.

The girls embarked on their five month long Tangled Up Tour across the UK last week.
Cheryl Cole joined the group, although there was some doubt about whether she would following her headline-grabbing marriage troubles.
And bandmate Kimberley earned brownie pints for holding it together despite falling ill with a sickness bug.
Cheryl told The Sun: "Kimberley has been vomiting all morning so we are very proud of her for getting up here tonight.
"She's definitely our little trouper."
The girls 19-song set included a cover of Swedish singer Robyn's With Every Heartbeat, Salt 'N' Pepa cover Push It and their encore track Something Kinda Ooooh.
And in a clear nod to Cheryl's troubles, the girls also sang I'll Stand By You, originally recorded by The Pretenders, which the Newcastle-born songstess dedicated to those experiencing emotional troubles.
She added: "I wanted to reach out to the people who are going through tough times in relationships."
The Tangled Up Tour ends on Calne in Wiltshire on September 14.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Girls Aloud warm up for Glasgow gigs with karaoke classics
May 7 2008
GIRLS Aloud singer Sarah Harding hid under a hoodie yesterday - before startling passers-by with some karaoke classics.
Sarah and her band arrived in Glasgow for two gigs at the SECC.
They checked in at a plush hotel in the west end before the blonde hit the city centre with bandmates Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.
The girls ate at the Grill Room in Club 29 in Royal Exchange Square.
Then they booked a private karaoke room at club One Up.
Sarah pictured in the club, then belted out renditions of Big Spender and Get The Party Started.

Whos the most famous member

I analysed everything from how many search results each girl attracted on Google and YouTube, the amount of mentions they have on blogs and how many threads they have dedicated to them on their official message board and the popular Digital Spy.
Measuring online popularity adds a different dimension to the commonly tracked newspaper and magazine column inches.
Online popularity measures what individuals are publishing (on blogs and forums) as well as what the major newspapers and magazines are printing.
But if Cheryl came top, who came bottom? Read on…
RESULTS: 1. Cheryl Cole Cheryl won all but one of the tests hands down. Cheryl’s marriage to Ashley Cole and feature on Will.I.Am’s Heartbreaker has pushed Cheryl’s online fame above that of her Girls Aloud bandmates.
2. Sarah Harding Photoshoots for OK! Magazine have paid off. Sarah scored particularly well on the Digital Spy Showbiz forum, proving her popularity with celebrity culture vultures is high.

3. Nadine Coyle Nadine has a high blog mention score, indicating her relationship with Jesse Metcalfe has increased her awareness on American celebrity gossip blogs.
4. Nicola Roberts Somehow Nicole scored highest on the QDOS test. QDOS uses a number of measures to analyse the digital status of individuals.
5. Kimberley Walsh Kimberley scored badly when analysing conversations on the official Girls Aloud messageboard.
Winner of each test in italics
Google Search Results Cheryl Cole - 734,000 Kimberley Walsh - 149,000 Nadine Coyle - 273,000 Nicola Roberts - 234,000 Sarah Harding - 618,000
YouTube Video Tags Cheryl Cole - 942 Kimberley Walsh - 581 Nadine Coyle - 488 Nicola Roberts - 441 Sarah Harding - 545
Blog mentions Cheryl Cole - 276,457 Kimberley Walsh - 3,154 Nadine Coyle - 8,584 Nicola Roberts - 3,430 Sarah Harding - 8,405
QDOS Rating Cheryl Cole - 6331 Kimberley Walsh - 6575 Nadine Coyle - 6684 Nicola Roberts - 6733 Sarah Harding - 6371
Digital Spy Showbiz Forum Cheryl Cole - 155 Kimberley Walsh - 27 Nadine Coyle - 53 Nicola Roberts - 26 Sarah Harding - 107
Girls Aloud Forum Cheryl Cole - 6463 Kimberley Walsh - 2845 Nadine Coyle - 4787 Nicola Roberts - 3208 Sarah Harding - 5073

Monday, 5 May 2008

Girls Aloud launch Tangled Up tour with raunchy performance

Move over Madonna. A new breed of erotica has landed.
Legs akimbo and straddling half-naked dancers, Girls Aloud gave the most sexually-charged performance of their career - with Sarah Harding panting: "Are all your fantasies coming true?"
Kicking off their Tangled Up tour in blazing style with a fireworks display, the fab five began the show suspended 12ft above the stage in superhero capes and clingy black Spandex bondage gear.
The saucy dance moves accompanying opening track Sexy! No No No had the 14,000-strong crowd gasping as the girls went straight into top gear at the Odyssey in Belfast on Saturday night.
And they ratcheted up the raunch throughout the lengthy 19-song set, prompting one fan to say: "The mums and dads were covering their daughters' eyes when the girls stripped off into leotards. You could see most of their bums. The blokes weren't complaining though."
Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Sarah writhed with skimpily-clad male dancers (just strips of cloth wrapped around sweaty bulging muscles), then grinned as they dug their heels into the muscle-bound hunks' pert bottoms.
For their second costume change they slipped into Dancing On Ice-style sparkly black-tasselled dresses as Cheryl teased her hands down the chest of toned and tanned backing dancer Anthony.
After a 1920s-style routine on Biology, they slipped into their third outfits - rainbow-coloured prom dresses for History. And when the girls reappeared for the first encore, they drew squeals for another glitzy change - bootylicious Destiny's Child-style gold dresses.
An emotional Cheryl shared a kiss with Sarah before the band launched into a cover of Van Halen's Jump. And they saved their sauciest outfits for last - revealing swimsuits that showed off every one of their curves. And as pink confetti poured down, the girls signed off with live fave Something Kinda Ooooh.
With 23 more sell-out shows on the way and the band working on a sizzling Pussycat Dolls number, they should come with a government health warning!
Support came from feisty female five-piece The Saturdays. Already signed to the girls' Fascination label, their debut single, If This Is Love, is out in July.
Sarah turned in a top performance despite having hurt her back moving boxes into her new Camden pad.
The 26-year-old blonde bombshell told us: "I'm more bendy than ever now. I've been having lots of physio and using this power plate called the Fit Vibe." Something kinda ow..!
As soon as she saw the leotards they had to wear on stage curvy Kim, 26, set about losing weight.
She told us: "I was gobsmacked and set myself a task. I started doing lots of exercise and had to sacrifice food I love. But it was worth it - I can show the grandkids these pictures one day."
Poor Cheryl was not best pleased to find someone had scoffed her dinner.
The 24-year-old drooled: "All I could think about after the show was my fried chicken, but someone had eaten it. How rude is that?" No KFC? WTF!
Beyonce gets the girls ready in their dressing room. Nic revealed: "We were shaking our booties to Crazy In Love to get us in the mood."
And she told us she got the giggles when one of the crew yelled, "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord" in the middle of her show pep talk.
Now a singleton again, Miss Coyle's been playing the field. She told us: "I've always got someone on the go - but I've had some nightmare dates. One guy had a nut allergy and I had to check before I could order houmous.
"He said there could be a problem if we kissed. I told him there wouldn't be any chance of that!"

Front paper of the Star newspaper

The tour

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Friday, 2 May 2008

Tour to be shown at VUE cinemas

GIRLS ALOUD fans in this area will be able to catch their Tangled Up tour, Larger than Live, on the big screen at Cheshire Oaks later this month.
The band has joined forces with Vue Entertainment to broadcast the event live to 50 of its cinemas across the country, direct from London’s O2 Arena, on saturday, may 17.
Using the latest high-definition digital technology and 5:1 Dolby Surround Sound, fans will get front row seats for the live show feeling the full excitement of the thrilling atmosphere as if they were at the arena itself.
After five years together, four albums and a greatest hits CD, Girls Aloud have entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the girl group with the most consecutive top 10 hits.
Their 2008 24-date Tangled Up tour of the UK started in Belfast on May 3.
The band’s Kimberley Walsh said: “This is our fourth tour and with Vue we are making it bigger and better than anything that’s come before.
“We love and appreciate our fans and it’s really exciting for the girls and I to be on big screens at cinemas across the country so that even more of those fans, young and old, can see our shows.”
Mark de Quervain, sales and marketing director for Vue Entertainment, said: “We are thrilled to be able to show Larger than Live on our big screens in high definition and amazing Dolby 5:1 Surround Sound.
“It promises to be an amazing show for us and is sure to be an unforgettable night for fans.”
Tickets for Girls Aloud go on sale imminently and can be purchased at, or by calling 08712 240 240, or directly from participating cinemas.