Friday, 16 May 2008

The heels are alive

THE bigger the band, the wilder the stories it seems.
It's almost an unwritten rule when it comes to the tabloids and chartland's profile-rich and internationally famous.Take Sarah Harding, arguably the most glamorous of the five chart minxes and the subject of one of the daftest, most recent tabloid tales.While Cheryl Cole was dealing with hubby Ashley's unofficial away game it was claimed the blonde model and Kit-Kat ad star was proposed to via a horse.Talking exclusively to Hear & Now, the 26-year-old from Ascot – the racecourse town – denied both engagement or equine intervention."That was a load of b*****ks," she says on the phone from final rehearsals. "No way. I'm not getting married – I'm quite happy as I am, thank you."It swiftly becomes apparent Sarah takes all this kind of thing in her stride, however, not least having had a much-publicised romance with a former tabloid showbiz writer."Yes, I know how it works. They like to have a dig at anything," she says. "That gave me an insight. "I like what I do, even if it has it's down times. But the most bizarre thing has been that horse story."Among the other yarns have been suggestions that Sarah was aiming to go solo – tittle tattle that follows any thriving boy/girl band members around."That's not coming on to the agenda. I take it day by day and I just want to carry on and be successful."It's part of the reason Sarah says she doesn't Google herself, through fear of what she might read. "I have done, years ago, but sometimes you see things about yourself you don't want to see," she confirms."There are more stupid things said than nice things. People like to build you up and knock you down – it's the way of the world."

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