Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Whos the most famous member

I analysed everything from how many search results each girl attracted on Google and YouTube, the amount of mentions they have on blogs and how many threads they have dedicated to them on their official message board and the popular Digital Spy.
Measuring online popularity adds a different dimension to the commonly tracked newspaper and magazine column inches.
Online popularity measures what individuals are publishing (on blogs and forums) as well as what the major newspapers and magazines are printing.
But if Cheryl came top, who came bottom? Read on…
RESULTS: 1. Cheryl Cole Cheryl won all but one of the tests hands down. Cheryl’s marriage to Ashley Cole and feature on Will.I.Am’s Heartbreaker has pushed Cheryl’s online fame above that of her Girls Aloud bandmates.
2. Sarah Harding Photoshoots for OK! Magazine have paid off. Sarah scored particularly well on the Digital Spy Showbiz forum, proving her popularity with celebrity culture vultures is high.

3. Nadine Coyle Nadine has a high blog mention score, indicating her relationship with Jesse Metcalfe has increased her awareness on American celebrity gossip blogs.
4. Nicola Roberts Somehow Nicole scored highest on the QDOS test. QDOS uses a number of measures to analyse the digital status of individuals.
5. Kimberley Walsh Kimberley scored badly when analysing conversations on the official Girls Aloud messageboard.
Winner of each test in italics
Google Search Results Cheryl Cole - 734,000 Kimberley Walsh - 149,000 Nadine Coyle - 273,000 Nicola Roberts - 234,000 Sarah Harding - 618,000
YouTube Video Tags Cheryl Cole - 942 Kimberley Walsh - 581 Nadine Coyle - 488 Nicola Roberts - 441 Sarah Harding - 545
Blog mentions Cheryl Cole - 276,457 Kimberley Walsh - 3,154 Nadine Coyle - 8,584 Nicola Roberts - 3,430 Sarah Harding - 8,405
QDOS Rating Cheryl Cole - 6331 Kimberley Walsh - 6575 Nadine Coyle - 6684 Nicola Roberts - 6733 Sarah Harding - 6371
Digital Spy Showbiz Forum Cheryl Cole - 155 Kimberley Walsh - 27 Nadine Coyle - 53 Nicola Roberts - 26 Sarah Harding - 107
Girls Aloud Forum Cheryl Cole - 6463 Kimberley Walsh - 2845 Nadine Coyle - 4787 Nicola Roberts - 3208 Sarah Harding - 5073

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