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Harding eyes Rolling Stones film role

Sarah Harding has revealed that she would be keen to play the role of Jo Wood in a movie about the Rolling Stones.The Girls Aloud star claimed that Ronnie Wood's estranged wife has led an "extraordinary life" which would translate well on to the big screen."Jo is amazing. She's my new favorite person. She's had such an extraordinary life. It's fascinating. Her stories are unbelievable. They'd make a wicked film," MusicNews quotes her as saying.Harding, 27, met Wood during London Fashion Week and the pair ended up in a top London nightclub together."I was out with my boyfriend Tommy [Crane] and we ended up partying with [her]. She's always in there with her friends - she is an amazing woman," Harding said."Then we went back to our house and played Wii bowling. How rock 'n' roll can you get?"The singer recently starred in low-budget thriller Bad Day alongside Donna Air.

Sarah Harding rocks at the NME Awards

Girls Aloud star stuns in a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania design
Sarah Harding's dramatic striped dress caused a sensation at the NME Awards on Wednesday.
Bandmate Nicola Roberts looked hot in a laced-up black mini but Sarah stole the show.
Her calf-length black and ecru jersey number from Anglomania, the casual and younger range from the brilliant Vivienne Westwood, is straight off the catwalk.
Sarah finished off the look with an anchor pendant.
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Party Hard

SHOCK WAVES NME AWARDS 2009 AFTER PARTY We deserve an award after night on the lash with Girl Aloud Sarah
Even by our standards, it's been one hell of a week.
After a whirlwind of awards ceremonies, including The Brits, The Oscars and then the NMEs, we were beginning to flag.
That was until Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding clapped eyes on us at the NME afterparty.
Pelting across the dancefloor of the Dex nightclub, South London, in her five-inch heels, the babe almost sent us flying with a huge hug.
So far, so emotional, but then she nearly ruined it when she told us: "Oh my God, you look shattered!"
Er, great. Thanks a LOT Sarah.
"Come on," she cackled. "Let's get a vodka."
Our arms didn't need twisting. If there's anyone who was going to get us back in the party mood, it's Sarah.
"I've been pacing myself all night," she admitted. "I didn't want to get too wasted and miss the afterparty. Nicola had to go home after the show though - she can't keep up."
Wearing a stunning Vivienne Westwood dress, all eyes at the Shockwaves NME bash turned on the statuesque blonde as she led us past The Arctic Monkeys, Damon Albarn in a furry hat and a tearful Florence And The Machine.

She then sat us on the stairs and dropped a massive bombshell: "To be honest I'm a bit tired too!"
Blimey, so she IS human... "Yeah, I was out last night at Mahiki with my fella Tommy and we ended up partying with Jo Wood. She's always in there with her mates - she's an amazing, amazing woman.
"Then after, we went back to our house and played Wii bowling. How rock 'n' roll can you get?"
Talking of which, it was time to head for the dancefloor and a twirl around the award that Elbow had asked us to look after (are they mad?).
Starstruck fans started pestering Sarah for photos, so we slipped off to the secret downstairs bar, where Muse were holding court.
It's a good job Sarah is getting all her partying out now, because she is going to be one busy lady over the next year.
Not only is she going on tour with Girls Aloud, but she has been asked to star in another movie.
She grinned: "When I was at The Brits last week I bumped into Dominic Savage, the director of Freefall, which I had a role in, and he said he'd like to work with me again in his next movie. It's so flattering."
Time shot by. We had been gabbing for so long we were the last ones in the club.
As we piled into a limo with Sarah, Elbow's award was nowhere to be seen. Luckily it was found safe and well, unlike us the next morning...

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Continuing the festivities at the nearby Dex club, Sarah spent so much time partying, she managed to lose an NME Award she had been given for safe-keeping.Rock band Elbow gave Sarah their one fingered salute trophy to look after, which came with their name engraved on it.A fellow reveller said: 'Sarah went into the toilets with a pal and was in there for quite a while. For some reason, security went into the ladies’ loos and saw fit to chuck her out.'She was very angry, and came bursting into the smoking area yelling, "How dare those **** throw me out! I wasn’t doing anything!"'If that wasn’t bad enough, she then realised she was no longer holding Elbow’s award.'She said, "F***, where’s that award gone?" It dawned on her she’d left it in the toilets, but it wasn’t there when she checked. Someone had nicked it. That’s when things got a bit too much for her and she decided to leave.'

Girls Aloud Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts party without boyfriends at NME Awards

Love machines Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts can't get enough of their boyfriends but the Girls Aloud beauties risked being ditched by their fellas by mingling with drooling bands at the awards..
Sarah said: "I love it here every year, but don't think our fellas will be too happy. We'll meet up later and keep em sweet."
Nicola said: "My boyfriend is lovely, but he knows there's nothing stopping me partying."

Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts do the NME Awards

After the Oscars and Grammys, the NME Awards seems about as relevant as John McCain's shoe size. Sure, the event might acknowledge some reasonable indie hit makers, but that doesn't want to look at their sweaty faces after two hours at the free bar.Thankfully then, we have a few more glamourous guests to report on; Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding may not be Brangelina, and their attendance might be inexplicable (although the aforementioned free bar might be something to do with it for Harding), but the Girls Aloud singers certainly upped the celeb-factor, making the whole bash a little more visually enticing.So who won what? We don't really care... Look at Nicola's peep-toe ankle boots! See Sarah's striped tube dress!I wonder why Cheryl didn't make it to Brixton?

Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts lead rock chicks at NME Awards

It's one of the most rock'n'roll nights of the British music calendar, and Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud were clearly influenced by that fact when making their fashion choices for the NME Awards. The pop music beauties, who are often seen working a more girly look at red carpet dos, were in rock chick mode at the London bash. Nicola opted for a thigh-skimming black dress with lacing and studs around the neckline, while Sarah - her hair teased up into a quiff - eschewed her usual clingy numbers for an edgy slouched dress with horizontal stripes. And the pair weren't the only two inspired by the spirit of the night. Bob Geldof's daughter Pixie and model Alice Dellal were brimming with attitude. Yhe former in a studded leather and black LBD, the latter in PVC and towering silver platforms.

Girls Aloud stars lash it up at NME

Catching a falling star…Sarah Harding leaps in to catch her band mate Nicola Roberts at the NME Awards after party.
The Girls Aloud themselves to booze it up royally as they went all out on indie's night of nights.
For Harding it was the second bender in a row after she hit the town with Jo Wood at Mahiki the night before.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts lead the rock chick gang at NME awards

Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud made a stab at being rock chicks at tonight's Shockwaves NME awards.
Nicola went for a typically thigh-skimming black dress, given an edgy twist with some lacing and studs around the neckline.
But Sarah's outfit was more of a departure, swapping her usually figure-hugging look for a slouchy, ankle-length dress with thick horizontal stripes.

The 27-year-old styled her cropped hair into a quiff and added bold red lipstick.
If she was tired from last night she didn't show it, despite partying until 3.30am with Jo Wood.
The rock chick theme was prominent among the other young starlets at the ceremony, and the colour black dominated on the red carpet.

Harding: I'm off to make it in the States

Following in the footsteps of her Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding has also set her sights on working in Los Angeles - to focus on song writing. Last night the singer declared: "I'm going over to LA soon to do a bit of song writing. It's going to be amazing and I have my eyes set on working with Linda Perry from the 4 Non Blondes, I just think she is amazing."

It should perhaps come as no surprise that Sarah, 27, is channelling her energy into solo projects, as both Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole are also doing the same.

Sarah also told us that she is putting her acting classes over the past year to good use and is to star in a film produced by her cousin.
Sipping glasses of champagne at Henry Holland's fashion week afterparty held at Quaglino's in Mayfair, she added: "I said that I was going to do a bit of acting last summer and finally I'm going to star in a film called Bad Day.
It's being produced by my cousin and at the moment it's in the early stages, as we still need more of a cash injection.
"It's going to be really good but it is a small-budget film. I still want to sing but I think that it's harder to balance both in the UK rather than America."
Sarah attended the party with her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane but left shortly after to continue her night at Mahiki in Mayfair. We spotted her in deep conversation with Jo Wood in the VIP area of the club. Our spy told us: "Sarah was hardly drinking much because she was chatting loads to Jo."
Jo was looking rather worse for wear and had to be guided around a lamppost outside by Sarah on their way out. Oops!'m+off+to+make+it+in+the+States/

Sarah Harding in high spirits as they enjoy a night on the tiles

3am girls Jo Wood and Sarah Harding in high spirits as they enjoy a night on the tiles

With their blonde hair and glamorous looks, they could almost be mistaken for mother and daughter.But as Jo Wood and Sarah Harding hit the tiles together last night, it was the latter who was perhaps acting a little more responsibly.After emerging from London's Mahiki nightclub at 3.30am, it was 27-year-old Girls Aloud singer Sarah who was propping up a worse for wear Jo.

The 53-year-old nearly walked into a lamppost as she made her way to her waiting car, but quick-thinking Sarah managed to steer her away from the obstacle just in time.The blonde duo hit the tiles last night after attending designer Henry Holland's show at Quaglino’s brasserie for London Fashion Week.Despite looking slightly disheveled as she left the club, Jo looked younger than her years in a black dress complete with a plunging neckline held together by plastic strips.Since her Rolling Stones husband Ronnie Wood left her for 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova, Jo appears to be getting younger by the day.Earlier this week she took on the younger models as she hit the catwalk at Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week clad in the rock chick uniform of jeans and a plaid shirt.Henry Holland's show last night attracted a plethora of stars, including his close friend Agyness Deyn who flew in from New York especially for the event.The 26-year-old model donned a series of outfits throughout the night and was later seen getting into a taxi in a fluffy purple coat complete with black and white leopard print hot pants.She said: 'I wouldn't miss this for the world. Henry's shows are the first thing in my diary. 'It's good to be able to get together with everyone who keep your feet on the ground.'Peaches Geldof, 19, was also in attendance with a mystery man, believed to be called Freddie.She had even scrawled: I 'heart' Freddie' on her hand. But rather than following the crowd to the after show party at Mahiki, Peaches and her fellow got in a taxi and headed to east London's trendy Shoreditch.Other guests at the show included Peaches's sister Pixie, actress Jaime Winston and model Erin O'Connor. As always Henry kept front-row seats for his family, who travelled down for the occasion from Bury in Manchester - including his mother Stephanie, father John, sister Fleur and auntie Cheryl - who helps sew the outfits for his showsHenry told the Manchester Evening News: 'We are keeping it in the family, I'm moving the north down to London. My old school mate has come to live with me and of course there's Agyness.' He said he wanted his new collection to be a recession-defying extravaganza, calling it Colour Me Happy - with bold dresses in hot pink, purple, green and blue, based on the colours from a Dulux paint card. 'I thought it was his most grown-up collection yet,' said his mother. 'But still fun. Henry has always loved colour, that's his thing.'

Pics pics added to the gallery

Check it out guys 4 new albums added to the 2009 candid section loads more pics of the gorgeous Miss Harding

Friday, 20 February 2009


GIRLS Aloud allowed boys to join them as they celebrated bagging their first BRIT, for Best British single.Everyone wanted to grab a piece of the UK’s best girl group but they only had eyes for their men.Sarah Harding arrived with Tom Crane while Kimberley Walsh, 27, swept into the party with her fella, ex-boybander Justin Scott, 26.Nicola Roberts, 23, danced the night away with barman Charlie Fennell, 26, while American footballer Jason Bell, 30, was spotted beaming with pride over his lady Nadine Coyle, 23.But Cheryl, 25, and Ashley Cole, 28, only enjoyed a few drinks at Claridge’s before heading home

Untouchable the 21st Single

Girls Aloud Star Plans Her Own Music Festival

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding is planning to host her own music festival 'Harding Fest', to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.
The pop star is dating DJ Tom Crane, who turns 30 later this year, and Sarah is hoping to celebrate in style by holding a big event at her home in Buckinghamshire.
"I'm planning Harding Fest, our own festival for Tom's birthday. We'll have tents, bands and everything you need at a festival. It'll be wicked." Harding told The Daily Star.
The singer also revealed an embarassing secret to the paper, saying that her sexy dress she wore for the Brit Awards has left her feeling painful in a sensitive area.
"I've got t** tape all over the place and it's pulled half my skin off."

Bleeding Hell Sarah

[size=11pt][b]We've always supported Sarah Harding so we didn’t mind lending a hand to cover her bloody Brits at the afterparty.[/b][/size]
The Girls Aloud beauty, 27, was in agony at the star-addled Universal bash at London’s Claridge’s Hotel because her boob tape had chafed her chest parts.
Pop’s famous five won the Best British Single award but Sarah’s other gongs stole the show in this raunchy dress.
She showed us the damage and said: “It’s so painful. I’ve got tit tape all over the place and it’s pulled half my skin off.”
Our favourite popstrel also revealed she is planning on taking the London party scene to her new Buckinghamshire home this November for her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane’s 30th.
Sarah, right with Charli, told us: “I’m planning Harding Fest, our own festival for Tom’s birthday. We’ll have tents, bands and everything you need at a festival. It’ll be wicked.”
The thoughtful glamazon refused to attend the glitzy soiree without her stylist and make-up artist, despite the limited ticket allocation.
But the poor girl probably regretted Sarah’s generosity after she was papped falling over after the bash.
And she wasn’t the only booze casualty. Poor Katy Perry, 24, didn’t make it to the party because she vomited at Earl’s Court after collecting her Best Inter-national Female award.
Her 30-year-old friend Perez Hilton wrote on his Twitter page: “Just got a text from Katy.
She had to leave the Brits after she won. She’s so sick that she puked backstage!”
Our comedy chum Leigh Francis, 34, is still a fan of the pukey pop tart and told us: “I like Katy Perry but I don’t know if that’s just because of aesthetics – she’s got lovely bangers.
“I used to call Holly Willoughby Holly Willoughboobies. But now she’s up the duff, her bangers are full of milk.”
Fellow rib-tickler Michael McIntyre, 32, admitted he was so obsessed with stalking Gary Barlow, 38, at the Universal shindig, he lost his wife.
He told us: “Typical, this is my first BRITs and I’ve lost my wife. But I just want to meet Gary. That’s why I came. I’ve spent the entire night following him about.”
Meanwhile, singer VV Brown, 24, was overwhelmed by the posh surroundings of Claridge’s ballroom and free grub.
The newly famous singer said: “I’m still amazed by stuff like this. I really appreciate it.
“Everything’s so beautiful, they’ve even put little trees into the party.”
Mark Owen, 37, and Jason Orange even snubbed bandmate Gary’s War Child gig at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire to attend the Universal party.
Jason, 38, pushed a host of celebs out of the way to show off his famous dance moves and won the unofficial BRIT for hardest shindig gremlin.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bono: I want to be in Girls Aloud

ROCK legend BONO last night wowed the Brit Awards — and joked that his ambition is to be the sixth member of Best British Single winners GIRLS ALOUD.Bono, 48, front man with Irish supergroup U2, told The Sun of his secret dream before rehearsals. The sexy girl band scooped the gong for their hit The Promise. They performed a raunchy version of the song live, wearing sequined burlesque costumes and surrounded by male dancers in white top hats and tails.The girls — CHERYL COLE, 25, NADINE COYLE, 23, SARAH HARDING, 27, NICOLA ROBERTS, 23, and KIMBERLEY WALSH, 27 — appeared in striking wedding dresses to receive the award from comedian ALAN CARR.When Bono said he wanted "to be in Girls Aloud", U2 bass player ADAM CLAYTON quipped: "Which one?" Bono said: "Seriously, I think Girls Aloud are at the cutting edge of pop music."They are a great band and deserve to be centre stage."They have everything a pop band should have — songs, the look, it’s all there."U2 opened the Brits with a storming performance of their latest single Get On Your Boots. The veteran band have flogged 140 million albums worldwide — but Bono was keen to point out that they still feel able to compete with younger bands.He added: "We see ourselves as contemporaries of bands like COLDPLAY, KINGS OF LEON, INTERPOL — and even Girls Aloud."We have been doing this a long time but I still get the same nerves about releasing an album as I did in the early days."The difference now is for new bands."They are under so much pressure to release their material for free."It’s different for us, we have a loyal fan base who buy our records."We can also make money from touring, thanks again to our fans, who go out and buy tickets. "The danger in giving music away free is for writers."Where would Cole Porter be now?"If you have to give away your work for free and you can’t play live, where do you earn the money?"He added: "It’s an interesting time for music."Acts from this side of the pond are doing incredibly well."Tonight is a great example."


It used to be feisty old Cheryl Cole that always got into feuds with other celebs, but now it seems that Sarah Harding is after the crown for 'gobbiest Girl Aloud'.Sarah must have been in a right old mood as she lashed out against Paris Hilton and the Sugababes in the space of a week!Upon hearing that blonde heiress Paris is setting up home in the UK, the 26-year-old said: "If she moved here I would move out as I can't stand to be in the same country as the silly cow."But that wasn't the end of it - Miss Harding also felt the need to defend bandmate Cheryl after the Sugababes claimed she was the reason why the trio couldn't appear on the X Factor!“It’s bull. If Simon Cowell had wanted them on then he could have booked them. It’s really sour grapes on their part, if you ask me.”, Sarah explained.Miaow!Source: Closer

Brit Awards Fashion: Best Dressed

The stars came out to shine at last night's Brit Awards in London with the likes of Girls Aloud, Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and Kylie Minogue all dusting off their gladrags for the event. We know it was meant to be all about the music but what we're really interested in is, of course, the outfits!Girls Aloud showed how coordinating outfits can look stylish and not tacky, we're talking to you Pussycat Dolls! The Best Single winners donned different shades of white and the effect was a stunning set of outfits.Nadine Coyle kept things simple with a strapless William Tempest mini dress in oyster, showing off her endless, but a bit too skinny, legs. Nadine complimented the look with, drop diamond earrings, Giuseppe Zanotti gold heels and a silver box clutch bag. The whole look proved that simple is not always boring.Kimberly Walsh choose a full length Grecian style dress by Roberto Cavalli. The plunging neckline and cut out sides were decorated with gold gems which complimented the singers golden tan and caramel flowing locks.Sarah Harding channeled 50s style with her finger wave hair and corseted Vivienne Westwood dress. We love the gathered detail around the bust and hem and the nude colour is so hot right now. Sarah accessorised again with killer gold Christian Louboutin heels and silver drop earrings.Nicola Roberts choose a vintage inspired J Mendel fishtail dress, again in white but with a hint of green. The dress, which was nipped in at the waist with a white belt, clung to Nicola, showing off her stunning figure. She kept the traditional look with a pearl necklace and her lightened red hair was swept into a glamorous bouffant.Cheryl Cole went for pure white with her gorgeous Georges Chakra embellished dress with sheer panels and white beaded edges. The X Factor judge accessorised with a silver envelope clutch and strappy Jimmy Choo heels. She swapped her trademark pink lipstick for classic red.Cheryl, Kimberly and Nadine did what the know works best and went for big, curly hair and all looked amazing! No wonder they're our best dressed group!

Girls Aloud are just fan-tastic

GIRLS ALOUD put on a fan-tastic performance as they performed at The Brits in Earls Court.
SARAH HARDING, NICOLA ROBERTS, NADINE COYLE, KIMBERLEY WALSH and CHERYL COLE appeared to be in the buff as they emerged covered by pink feather fans.

But as the fans were withdrawn the feisty fivesome revealed skimpy swim-suit-style costumes.
The girls promised much - and delivered - as they danced and sang their huge smash hit The Promise.
And they were rewarded later on by picking up the gong for Best Single.
They certainly proved they know how to put on a Show!

GIRLS ALOUD insisted on a closed set before rehearsing their sexy routine.
Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh kept bath robes on for most of the practice — but took them off when nagged by Sarah Harding.

Sarah Hard-ly covers up at all

STUNNING GIRLS ALOUD babe SARAH HARDING looked pin-credible as she arrived at the Brit Awards 2009.
The 27-year-old was at her leggy best as she was joined on the red carpet by bandmates NICOLA ROBERTS, NADINE COYLE, KIMBERLEY WALSH and CHERYL COLE.
And she certainly looked booby-licious too in a strapless Vivienne Westwood frock.

Bandmates Cheryl and Nadine also flashed a perfect pair of pins.
Meanwhile, Kimberley looked more than all-white in a stunning floor-length frock and silver-lady Nicola wowed the crowds too.
The girls not only looked sensational but also put on a fabulous performance - followed by the Best Single gong.

Girls Aloud say: We'll never split

Golden Girls Aloud have defied their critics after winning their first Brit Award and saying: 'we're never, ever gonna split up. This is just the beginning.'The manufactured pop act won the best British single gong at last night's glitzy ceremony for their song 'The Promise.'Afterwards singer Nadine Coyle, 23, told 'It's amazing because it caps everything for us. 'We have always planned ahead all the way throughout our careers and tonight we were finally rewarded.'There is so much more to do and I feel a buzz now more than ever before.' But it didn't take long for the long standing cracks in the band's relationships to show as Cheryl Cole left early with husband Ashley. The footballer had dutifully played second fiddle to his wife all evening by standing quietly by the beauty as she celebrated at the Universal after party inside London's Claridges hotel.Dressed in a stunning ivory dress Sarah Harding, 27, was quick to stamp on any talk of ending the group.She said: 'I love these girls so much and the fact that we were not recognized for six years just makes me love them more tonight and want to be with them.'Meanwhile, flame-headed star Nicola Roberts, 23, was living up to her reputation as the caner of the group busting out some bleary-eyed dance shapes in the girl's private lounge area.But poor old Kimberley Walsh had her mind on her sore feet and the primitive loo situation that awaits her when she and Cheryl embark on an eight day trek and climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief later this month.The 27-year-old complained: 'Seriously the toilet situation is worrying me and my feet are killing me.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Monday, 16 February 2009


EXCLUSIVE Weller punts spark fear of results leak Bookies have stopped taking bets on the Brits amid fears at least one result has been leaked. A flurry of punts on Paul Weller to win Best Male Solo Artist were placed in just a few hours yesterday at William Hill shops. Each bet was around £50 in cash and placed at different sites across London, making the wagers virtually untraceable. The firm has now been forced to slash the star's odds from 5/1 outsider to favourite at 1/5 on. A source said: "They were very clever. This kind of betting behaviour only happens when someone knows something." Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Tote were offering no odds on any category yesterday as Britain's other major bookmakers followed William Hill's lead. The Voting Academy for the Brits is made up of 1,000 people from the music industry. The votes are collected online, counted and independently verified by official scrutinisers. A Brits spokesman said: "Every precaution is taken to keep results under lock and key." He refused to say who would be privy to the information once votes were cast. But an awards source added: "It's the first time this betting suspension has hit the Brits. Somebody obviously got a piece of info they thought was true." Other nominees for Best Male Solo are Ian Brown, James Morrison, The Streets and Will Young. William Hill is still taking bets on Best Single, voted for by the public. Girls Aloud are faves at 13/8, with Duffy 7/4, Coldplay 3/1, Leona Lewis 8/1 and Scouting For Girls 14/1. The live show, hosted by Kylie Minogue and James Corden, is on ITV1 at 8pm on Wednesday.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


... on Girls Aloud "At the other end of the spectrum were Girls Aloud. I was surprised not to get a call about them when they won Pop Idol - but it came six months later, after they had had three hit singles. "I got a call from Polydor to say they weren't performing well in interviews. My training methods were positive and softy-softy but they wanted me to come in as the bad cop. "They were giving one word answers, they were evasive, they would talk to each other and over each other. "I went into the studio with them for a day with the record company management behind the glass listening in which was all a little alien. I had a stand-up row with Nadine. "There had been stuff about her not being allowed in the group because she was too young. She said she didn't want to talk about that, but I said people would still be interested. "She started to argue and I stopped the session, told them to sort themselves out for ten minutes and come back when they were ready. I got a muted round of applause from the management. "They came back and we got on with it. They are still not brilliant in interviews. "Nicola is quiet, Sarah is very pleasant. Invididually they are OK, but I am not sure they all get on well, It was a little bit bitchy. "They are a complete product though and have far outlived the shelf life I thought they would have."

Friday, 13 February 2009

Three more albums for Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud have announced they have signed a new deal with their record label Fascination, promising three more albums - including one next year.
Recent newspaper reports had suggested that the group may be on the verge of breaking up, as the five members pursued independent projects.
Following her successful stint as an X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole is expected to launch a TV career in the US.
She is also reported to be working on collaborations with and Mika.
Sarah Harding will star in BBC banking drama Freefall, which airs in April, and Kimberley Walsh, who will join Cole climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief in March, is also interested in an acting career.
They have been nominated at the Brits for best group and best British single for their chart-topping track, The Promise.
Girls Aloud were created through ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 and have become one of the most successful British pop groups of the decade.
They have notched up a string of 20 consecutive top ten singles, including four number ones, and five albums.
Fascination is part of Polydor records, an arm of Universal.

Puppy love: Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding shows off her 'first little boy'

Sarah Harding was beaming with joy today as showed off her new arrival - an adorable puppy.The Girls Aloud star opted for the rock chick look in a black leather jacket, jeans, sunglasses and messy hair as she introduced her little one to the world.The 27-year-old brought the currently unnamed puppy along with her to a meeting in London.

'We just got a new puppy today. We absolutely love it. It's our first little boy,' he told London Lite.'I'm finishing work early tonight I'm so excited about seeing him tomorrow. I'm going to get up at 8am to play with him.'Sarah and Tom, 29, recently bought a house in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, where the singer hopes to indulge her passion for horse-riding.

The couple currently live in a £1million townhouse in Camden which they bought last year after dating for several months.By moving to the country, Sarah will be following in the footsteps of bandmate Cheryl Cole, which lives in a Surrey mansion with husband Ashley.However despite settling down with Tom, Sarah has insisted that she is in no rush to start a family and is hoping to continue living the good life as long as possible.She said: 'You don't want to be thinking you've missed out when you've got kids round your ankles.'

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Girls alone

CHERYL COLE is music’s most wanted star, having charmed the pants off the Yanks.
The GIRLS ALOUD beauty has just arrived back from a hugely successful stint in Los Angeles where she was offered more jobs than an Italian power station worker.
And things are looking pretty good for her bandmates’ side projects too.
The latest name in the frame seeking the Geordie stunner’s services is MIKA.
The colourful character, who has flogged five million copies of debut album Life In Cartoon Motion, has asked the Geordie stunner into the studio so he can write some material for her.
A source said: “Mika is in the States working on his new album. He went for dinner with the chief of Universal records and Cheryl was invited along too.
“They were chatting about their plans for the future and Mika said he’d love to work on her solo material.
“Cheryl has a lot of offers on the table now and is considering her next move. Mika might be a bit too poppy for her R&B tastes, but she was flattered to be involved.”
Cheryl went to LA last week to meet WILL.I.AM to work on a song for his next album.
She also attended the Grammys where record bosses were queueing up with fat chequebooks and warm handshakes.
And she has studio time booked with hit makers Xenomania after the Girls Aloud tour finishes in the summer.
The Something Kinda Ooooh singers have had an album out every year for six years — 2009 will be the first time they don’t release one, so they have a few months to boost solo ventures in music, film and make-up.
Below I look at what SARAH HARDING, NADINE COYLE, KIMBERLEY WALSH and NICOLA ROBERTS have all got coming up. And call me controversial — but my money is on Nicola then Cheryl making the most money.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cheryl sets her sights on America - leaving her man and her band in limbo

This is an exciting time for Girls Aloud with two Brit nominations and a spot on Comic Relief showing both Cheryl and Kimberley climbing Mount Killimanjaro for the charity.But behind the scenes, tensions are brewing between the bandmates ahead of their UK spring tour, with Cheryl Cole's surging solo career to blame. In the past, the band was always interviewed as a five-piece but now each girl insists on being interviewed separately - and Cheryl's still getting all the attention. According to an insider, "Cheryl's doing so much on her own that she's got more to talka bout, plus she has a huge pull on the media. It's like she's becoming Diana Ross to their Supremes."And news that Cheryl's secured one of the band's management team for herself, a PA called Lily, has further angered the girls and their management company."The PA will be working purely for Cheryl now that she has got so much individual work," a source reveals. " Cheryl became friends with Lily and they'd chatted about doing work together if the girls take a break.'In Cheryl's mind, it was just a personal arrangement. She wants to keep using her whatever happens. Cheryl feels that she's doing what's good for her and she has every right to get the best people behind her. The band was looking at taking a break after the tour an they've all been busy lining up solo projects. Cheryl's on a roll now and wants to take advantage of her popularity. She plays her cards close to her chest and doesn't tell the others what she's planning. Cheryl doesn't feel she's done anything wrong by pursuing her music contacts and securing the recent Vogue shoot. But there has been a good deal of jealousy in the band, mainly from Sarah.'Our insider adds, 'When all the girls were filmed for the documentary, The Passions Of... Sarah found it hard that Cheryl was hooked up with the rap singer Will.I.Am while she didn't make any international contacts in her episode. But the jealousy really started to kick in after the Vogue shoot, because it was Sarah who'd always done more modelling.'Sarah's not speaking to Cheryl at the moment. She thinks she's changed too much and has only her own interests at heart. The girls accepted her rise in profile after the Ashley incident but now things have gone too far.''Sarah isn't the only band member to feel resentful. The others have noticed that Cheryl's confidence has grown so much that she's become the outspoken one.' our source adds.'The comments she made about Victoria Beckham wern't great for the band. They don't like sniping at other celebs, yet Cheryl got caught up in that by herself.'And Nadine isn't too impressed by Cheryl's behaviour either. Friends of the pair say Nadine is jealous of Cheryl and worried that her bandmate is being seen as the group's lead singer. In a recent interview, Nadine announced defiantely.'I'm definately the singer, I do most of the vocals. I can see all of us in Girls Aloud going solo.'With the spotlight on Cheryl, who's also in talks for designing her own clothing range for Topshop, it's no wonder that her fellow bandmates are uneasy.Since her judging stint on The X Factor, Cheryl is keen to focus on her TV career and has been secretly holding talks with US TV execs. Simon Cowell is determined to introduce his prodigy to America, so he's pulling out all the stops to get Cheryl a work visa. An insider says,' Simon's offered to set up as many meetings for Cheryl as he can. With Simon behind her in LA, she sees it as a great opportunity.'Cheryl's husband, Ashley, with whom she has just rebuilt her relationship, is also worried what a move to America might mean. 'Ashley would want her to stay based in the UK, especially as Cheryl said recently that she wanted to start a family. He's slightly worried that it may not happen this year. It will be very tough on them if she goes to the States and Ashley's unsure where that will leave him.'The difficulty is that Simon will try to get the final say, like he did with The X Factor. Ashley wasn't keen initially, but gave in eventually. But he knows he'll have a battle on his hands this time.'Cheryl's never been a typical WAG, though, and it's unlikely she'll toe the line - not after her recent solo success. But whatever happens, it looks like 2009 will be a big year for Mrs Cole.Girls Going Solo?Girls Aloud may have just signed a new three-album deal but they also have fierce solo ambitions.'A break is on the horizon,' says our source. 'All the girls have changed so much since they first started out.'Nadine is busy launching a singing and acting career in the States, as well as focusing on the Mexican restaurant she owns in LA. Basing herself there means she can spend more time with boyfriend Jason Bell.Nicola is proving she's a shrewd businesswoman. She's capitalising on her pale skin by launching her own cosmetics line called Dainty Doll. The range is being rolled out in stores nationwide this year. Meanwhile, she's also involved in fronting a new TV fashion show.Kimberley is carving out a career as a TV presenter, after her stint as Cheryl's right-hand girl on The X Factor last year. She's in talks with TV companies about forthcoming projects.And Sarah is set to continue her modelling career. 'She's always hoping another Ultimo type deal will surface.' adds our source. 'She's also looking at solo music stuff but with a different edge to it.' Sarah, who already has a role in the movieBad Day under her belt, will also star in the BBC2 film Freefall with Dominic Cooper and Alfie Allen

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It looks like Girls Aloud could finally be set to crack America without really trying.

The band have never enjoyed huge success in the US charts despite all their hits over here – but that is set to change thanks to the new version of classic cult TV show Beverly Hills 90210.A source at the show’s production company, Spelling Television, told me, “The girls have secured three songs on the show’s soundtrack and forthcoming album, including their No.1 smash The Promise. The buzz on the band in the US is great at the moment.” Well done, girls!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Harding movie 'ready for buyers'

A low-budget thriller starring Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has been completed and is ready to be sold to buyers.
Bad Day, which is directed by Ian David Diaz and took just two weeks to film, also stars Donna Air, Robbie Gee and Claire Goose.
The plot revolves around a vigilante cop (Goose) on the rampage for the murder of her son. Harding, who dons a dark brown wig, plays the role of Jade Jennings.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

'Bad' girls: U.K. duo jump to big screen

BERLIN -- Buyers will be intrigued to see pop star Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud fame and television and radio presenter Donna Air make their big-screen debuts at the Berlinale in the micro-budget British indie thriller "Bad Day."Harding dons a long wig to cover her trademark blonde crop for her role as a gangster's mol in the British thriller directed by Ian David Diaz whose previous credits include cult movie "The Killing Zone."Harding and Air join British television regulars Claire Goose and Robbie Gee in the movie, which is premiering here in the European Film Market and being sold to buyers for the first time by Center Media.The movie details the story of a vigilante cop who goes on a brutal campaign of vengeance in the hunt to find her daughter's killers.Harding said making a movie was really hard because of having to learn so much dialogue in such a short space of time. Diaz and producer Ashwell shot the movie in just two weeks. "I trained when I was younger, but it was hard," Harding said."Bad Day" is being touted as a movie about "girl power" and is produced by Gena Helen Ashwell with backing from Center Media.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brit Awards you can help

The Girls are up for Best Single and Best Group at the Brits, do your bit and vote for The Promise

Keisha from Sugababes on Girls Aloud

in this weeks star magazine there is an interview with keisha from the sugababesand she speaks about girls aloud..

is it hard working in an image obssessed industry?
Yeah. when we first came out, it was all about the music, but now its about who's the biggest celebrity. so its makes us unusual because we're never going to sell out, or sell our soul. music should be down to pure talent. but er get put against girlbands who've just come on the scene or who haven't been on the scene as long as we have, and dont write there own stuff. but, because they're thin, they get to number 1, whereas because we're normal eaters and curvy girls sometimes we get place. that can be irritaitting!."

Are you maybe talking about girls aloud by any chance?
Maybe, Yeah. but its not like we hate them or anything. when they went to number 1 we sent them flowers as it was well deserved. and they're all great girls. we love them all and there sexy bitches! but we find in most interviews we get asked about what they're doing and we're like "No disrespect to them, but we've been doing this for 10 year!" its like so long as you get your tits and your legs out, you could put out baa, baa, black sheep and it can get to no.1"she did say 1 nice thing tho...
Do you think your music is better than theirs?
Yeah, we're always going to feel like our music is better, but we think their live shows are better than ours because there more entertaining. we could never do what they do"

Credit Danny
Someone sounds very bitter


PARIS Hilton is desperate to become part of the Camden scenesters now that she’s bought a London house in the area.
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So much so that she has asked her people to set up a dinner date with her neighbours. It helps that her neighbours are Sarah Harding, 27, and Amy Winehouse, 25, and she’s going to host the dinner party in her £2million pad. Poor old Paris, 27, has found her new British Best Friend can’t thrust her into the epicentre of Camden cool – The Hawley – and is hurt nobody else has invited her there.