Wednesday, 29 October 2008

WHO says girls aren't allowed to play computer games - just tell that to Girls Aloud! The pop stunners have teamed up with Nintendo to push two of the DS handheld's best titles, Nintendogs and Mario Kart.
They'll be appearing in the firm's telly ads showing off their skills - and their gorgeous forms - in the run-up to Christmas.
Also appearing in the new Ninty campaign is new Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp alongside his son Jamie and Jamie's wife, ex-Eternal star Louise.
Stunner Nadine also admits she can't get enough of looking after those virtual pups.
The Irish lass said: "I love my Nintendog Miso. I can feed him, take him for walks and play with him every day.
"It's just like having a real dog in my hand."
Nintendo's Dawn Paine added: "Nintendo DS has really struck a chord with and captured the imagination of girls of all ages across the UK, so who better to showcase our latest range of software than one of the best loved and iconic girl groups of all time."
Mmm, forget the ladies, I bet there's plenty of fellas out there who wouldn't mind a one-to-one gaming session with these beauties.

Hero to zero: Is Sarah still sexy?

MY Sun users are convinced that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding is going through a bit of a lean spell as the pop star's frail figure continues to set alarm bells ringing. Party girl Harding has always been the life and soul of Girls Aloud, having been constantly snapped by the paps at a variety of London hot-spots.
The blonde beauty had a figure that made grown men weep with joy, but lately the sexy Ultimo model has gone from hero to size ZERO as she fends off questions about her fluctuating weight.
In a recent interview with GMTV the pop star declared: "It’s not like I don’t eat anything. I eat like a horse. I just burn it off.”
Now MY Sun users are bringing out the scales as they put the spotlight on Sarah and her new 'unhealthy' look.
Talkin' Aloud but saying no-thin
Lissy32 first spotted signs of trouble when Girls Aloud performed at the X Factor finals: "I watched X Factor and thought Sarah Harding looked terrible!
"I used to love her style and look for so long but she looked terribly thin and unhealthy."
Alistair from London thinks the Cheshire lass needs a new dietician: "A carrot and an apple a day might be considered a good diet for a horse but it's unhealthy for a human being."
"Stop these unjustly famous morons having a negative impact on the youth," says marleymanbob from Norfolk.
"Her skinny frame along with Cheryl Cole makes me want to chunder blunder."
Matley05 from Cheshire is still backing the sexy singer: "Sarah Harding is the sexiest one out of the lot of them and she has the best style!"
Advertisement According to enby22 all thin-gs are possible when fame comes calling: "She's painfully skinny, but so is Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud.
"There's also Posh Spice and Paris Hilton; the list goes on and on and the buck can't stop with Sarah Harding."
"Why do people pick on her?" says sam-I-am from London.
"She's just as thin as any other woman in showbiz. Who cares? I don't."
Has Sarah gone from hero to zero in the sexy stakes?

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

DJ Tommy Crane in the buff

Tommy's dad died a few years ago of cancer and to raise money for the Everyman Cancer Charity, Tommy along with severl celebs have stripped off for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Vote for Tommy here...

Come on guys let show Tommy and Sarah our support

Sarah: I eat until I pop

POP party girl SARAH HARDING denies she is underweight — declaring: “I eat like a horse.”
The GIRLS ALOUD star, 26, currently No1 with The Promise, has looked gaunt recently.
But she told GMTV she has no eating disorder and blamed eight hours of dancing a day while the band were on tour.
She said: “I’ve just had two McDonald’s breakfasts! I’m not ill at all.
“It’s not like I don’t eat anything, I eat like a horse. I just burn it off.”
Sarah also said she and boyfriend TOM CRANE are moving to the country and will get a dog.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Girls Aloud's Sarah: 'I'm not too thin... I ate two McDonald's breakfasts this morning'

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding denied she is underweight and revealed on GMTV that actually, she 'eats like a horse'!
The singer appeared on the sofa to promote new single The Promise and told GMTV’s Kate Garraway that a recent reports claiming she was ‘too thin' were nonsense.
She said: 'I’ve just had two McDonald breakfasts! I’m not ill at all!'

She added: 'I think when you’re happy though with the way you’re looking you just want to try and keep that up.

'I mean it’s not like I don’t eat anything, I eat like a horse, I’m just burning it off.'
Cheryl Cole said the group’s recent tour this summer left them all a bit lighter: 'Do you know what happened?

'Around the time of the tour, we all dropped a little bit of weight, but, you know – intense dancing for eight hours a day – I mean no normal human being is not going to drop any weight are they, really?
'And we haven’t had time to put it back on.' Cheryl added that the group are delighted to be number one in the charts, saying, 'We’ve only had 4 number one’s out of 19… it’s not that many when you put it into perspective.
'So the fact that is the first number one off the 6th album is a great feeling.'

The group looked surprisingly fresh-faced despite a raucous night out to celebrate topping the charts.
Cheryl partied the night away with her fellow band members to celebrate the success of new single, The Promise, which ended US singer Pink's reign in the top spot.
Cheryl ended the night looking a little worse for wear as she was helped into her waiting car as she left London's trendy Kitt's club.

Has Cheryl Lost the X factor

SEXY Cheryl Cole must be getting bored of dressing up to the nines on X Factor. The gorgeous judge was snapped roughing it in a baggy hoodie and grey tracksuit bottoms as she left the GMTV studios in London with the rest of her Girls Aloud bandmates - making a change from the glamorous outfits she wears on the reality show.
The group appeared on the ITV show this morning, after finding out their new single The Promise is the UK’s new number one.
Weight Problems
Talking on the programme, Sarah Harding insisted she doesn’t have any weight problems – despite recent pictures of her looking skinny.
Quizzed by presenter Kate Garraway, the leggy blonde responded: “I’ve just had two McDonald breakfasts!”

Weighty issue ... Sarah Harding explained: “I think when you’re happy though with the way you’re looking you just want to try and keep that up. I mean it’s not like I don’t eat anything, I eat like a horse - I’m just burning it off.”
Cheryl added that their tour this summer left them all a bit lighter.
She told Kate: “Around the time of the tour, we all dropped a little bit of weight, but, you know – intense dancing for eight hours a day – I mean no normal human being is not going to drop any weight are they, really? And we haven’t had time to put it back on.”
And Cheryl said the group are delighted to be number one in the charts.
She gushed: “We’ve only had 4 number ones out of 19 - it’s not that many when you put it into perspective. So the fact that is the first number one off the sixth album is a great feeling.”

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Girls Aloud crown singles chart

Girls Aloud have claimed the number one spot in the UK charts with The Promise, the group's first in four years.
The former talent show winners displaced US star Pink, who sneaked ahead of the Guru Josh Project, new at three with Infinity 2008.
In the album charts, veteran rockers AC/DC went straight in at number one, ahead of the Kaiser Chiefs and X Factor winner Leon Jackson at two and four.
Girls Aloud have had two other number ones, including their 2002 debut.
Big strides
The Sound of The Underground was the fivesome's first release after they triumphed in TV competition Popstars: The Rivals.
Their Children In Need charity song, I'll Stand By You, was their other chart-topping song in 2004. UK FOP FIVE SINGLES 1 The Promise - Girls Aloud2 So What - Pink3 Infinity 2008 - Guru Josh Project4 Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon5 Wire To Wire - RazorlightSource: Official Charts Company
All of the group's 18 singles to date have made the UK top 10.
Elsewhere in the rundown, Razorlight and Katy Perry made big strides with their latest songs to make the top 10, while Kanye West also climbed into the top flight with Love Lockdown.
In the album charts, Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins scored a new entry at five with Sacred Arias, while female trio the Sugababes made number eight with their latest record Catfights and Spotlights.
Their last two albums of new material topped the chart.
AC/DC's chart-topper Black Ice is their first number album in the UK since 1980.
German DJ Sash! made number 10 with his greatest hits collections, while his single Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) held steady at nine.

Sarah 'too skinny' fears

IT’S about time skinny Girls Aloud star SARAH HARDING realised she’s allowed the odd treat.
She’s failed to put on the pounds she lost during a gruelling tour this summer.
And apparently band bosses are starting to fret over how slim Sarah — whose hits with the girls include Something Kinda Ooh — is looking.
An insider told me: “All the girls lost weight on the tour — 35 gigs in four months will do that to you.
“As soon as it finished in August they were told to look after themselves.
“Sarah’s the only one refusing to and now we’re all worried just how skinny she’s got.”
But the girls were in full swing last night with a £50,000 champagne bash at Kitts nightclub in London as they prepared to top the charts today with new single The Promise.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Girl's aloud a night off

She's usually snapped under the cover of darkness, falling out of clubs and into cars.
But here's Girls Aloud caner Sarah Harding in the bright morning sunshine outside her London home without a cocktail in sight. Must have had a night off and about time!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sarah's a McCainer

SARAH HARDING’s shopping bags are a joy to behold.
The GIRLS ALOUD singer stocked up on McCain oven chips, chocolate biscuits, crisps and ready meals at her local Morrisons in north London.
It’s hardly the kind of grub you’d expect to find in the slim star’s kitchen cupboards. JAMIE OLIVER would be outraged.
I thought figure-conscious girlbands were meant to eat only fresh fruit, vegetables and sushi.
But it looks like party-loving Sarah isn’t a fan of healthy eating.
Mind you, I don’t know many caners who crave carrots and edamame beans after a bender.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sarah Harding's horror show

SARAH HARDING has turned to a fancy dress shop to help disguise her from fans this Halloween.
The stunning GIRLS ALOUD star will trade blonde bombshell for undead freak as she vies to send folk of a nervous disposition into shock at the celeb-packed A Plague On Both Your Houses club night.
Sarah wants to go to town on her horror makeover so she can party with pals outside the VIP room without fear of being recognised.
Costume hire firm Angels Fancy Dress have stepped in to offer the star a variety of outfits, with a fetching arrangement called Cool Ghoul her current favourite.
At the very least, her macabre makeover will leave fellow revellers green with envy, if not white with fear.

Sarah Harding's Halloween Disguise

Sarah Harding has revealed that she is dressing up as something frightful this Halloween.
The Girls Aloud beauty has turned to a fancy dress shop to keep her disguised from her adoring fans.
She plans to party the night away as an zombie at the celeb-packed 'A Plague On Both Your Houses' club night.
Sarah wants to look as ghoulish as possible, so she can party with her friends without fear of being recognised.
It's rumoured that her current favourite for the Horror night is a costume called 'Cool Ghoul.'
We're sure she'll still look as gorgeous as ever, even if she is caked in white make-up and has scary panda eyes!

Girls Aloud Add their own spice

GIRLS ALOUD - Out Of Control Rating **** 1/2
[IMG][/IMG]“NADINE,” shrieks Sarah Harding at her bandmate as she picks up a bunch of grapes from a fruit bowl.
“I’ve been watching you scoff all that fruit. Have you seen how much she’s had?” she asks the rest of Girls Aloud.
“Well it’s there for the taking, isn’t it?” Nadine Coyle, 23, replies, popping another grape into her mouth. “I haven’t stopped” she explains in her Irish lilt.
“I know, I’ve seen her eat a tangerine, a banana, an apple, and now grapes,” says Sarah, 26.
“Come on girls, sit down and concentrate. Sarah, can you put the laptop away please.” Girls Aloud’s PR is herding the girls together to sit down for our interview.
It’s not an easy task to rein in this feisty five. Nor is getting a word in edgeways with the loud, outspoken fun group, who chatter incessantly.
Girls Aloud are the UK’s most successful girlband.
Their new single The Promise is on course to be Sunday’s No1, and will be Girls Aloud’s 19th consecutive Top Ten single. They have had more Top Ten hits than any other girl group and have sold five million records.
Their last arena tour included 35 dates and proves the girls have come a long way since they were picked as the winning girl group on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.
“It annoys me when people say we want to be the new Spice Girls. Hello, we’re Girls Aloud. We’ve lasted longer,” says Cheryl Cole, 25.
Arctic Monkeys, Liam Gallagher and Franz Ferdinand are all fans.
Coldplay’s Chris Martin recently said he was obsessed by them and that he has been trying to write them a song but can’t come up with anything good enough. And when I tell them that Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke had declared his love for the band and would also like to write them a song, Cheryl cries out.
“Shut up! No way. Did he really say he loved us? Amazing. And what is it with everyone wanting to write songs for us?”
“We still remember how people treated us at the start — when people wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole,” says Nadine.
“They’d say ‘this is a band that are going to be a flash in the pan. They’re going to break up and hate one another.’ They wouldn’t put us on TV shows, they didn’t want to direct our videos. And now we see the same people around, and they can’t do enough.”
You can’t help but warm to the girls. Straight-talking and down to earth, all are gorgeous and dressed immaculately. There are no airs, graces or egos.
The girls say the reason for their phenomenal success is hard work.
Out Of Control is their fifth album and again sees the girls team up with Xenomania’s Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper.
It’s an album of infectious pop which sees the girls at their most experimental.
There is Sixties-tinged pop (The Promise), Eighties electro (Untouchable), drum ’n’ bass (Live In The Country) and Nadine even raps on Revolution In The Head. It is the girls’ most grown-up album.
Kimberley Walsh, 26 says: “I think we had such a massive profile initially on the TV programme and then (first single) The Sound Of The Underground was at No1 for four weeks, but then it was hard work. We really had to work at it.” Nicola Roberts, 23, says: “We’re the hardest working band out there. People think we turn up and just sing and dance but those moves and vocals take lots of practice.
“Before shows we do weeks and weeks of choreography, and on this album we’ve really worked our hardest.
“We’re just so comfortable with Brian and Miranda now. It’s been six years. We’ve got a lot of trust in each other, so we’ll try anything.”
Cheryl adds: “And Brian is always so enthusiastic. He would get you in every now and again and go ‘Listen to this, mate, this is smashing’.”
It has been reported that the girls refuse to record together, something that makes all five break into screams, shouts, screeches and giggles.
Sarah says: “It’s because when we’re all in together, we can’t take each other seriously. I remember one time seeing Nadine going for it with all her emotion and I was laughing my head off! Indie bands, they will record in the same room but we’re different. We’re vocalists, so it’s a bit different.
“People think we must do everything together as they only see us pictured together. Joined at the hip, eat and even sleep together in the same bed! But we have our own lives and do our own things too.”
The album title Out Of Control came when the girls’ record label told them: “We don’t know what to say, you lot are out of control.”
It also features The Loving Kind, a track written by the Pet Shop Boys.
Kimberley explains how they teamed up: “They were in the studio recording stuff for their album with Brian and they wrote that song for us.
“But it was a bit mad. When we heard it, we were like, ‘That sounds like the Pet Shop Boys’.
“And it was really difficult to sing as we just kept singing it like Neil Tennant had.”
At this moment all five girls break into The Loving Kind, doing their best Pet Shop Boys impersonation.
Nicola says: “And Neil told us to just sing it how we would sing it, instead of singing it how he had sung it.”
Cheryl adds: “It’s a bit intimidating as well, you know, having Neil Tennant teaching you a harmony.”
“I know,” laughs Sarah. “I said, ‘Could you leave the room so I can sing it because I feel really uncomfortable’.”
Another song on Out Of Control, Love Is Pain, has been rumoured to be about Cheryl’s marriage problems with husband, England footballer Ashley Cole, after claims he had cheated on her.
Cheryl is not keen to talk about Ashley and says she has learned her lesson about discussing her personal life.
Kicking her feet up on the table, Cheryl sighs: “If it had been Nadine or someone else in that situation, that song would have been about their situation.
“ Just because one song relates to my situation, a load of c**p is written about it being about me. I don’t know how people can ask me about what happened.
“And so many people do. I think, ‘How have you got the audacity to bring this up? People on the street, even. I don’t know them and they ask me about my marriage. It just makes me feel very uncomfortable.”
“And,” adds Kimberley, “Cheryl didn’t even write that song, so how can it be about her relationship?”
The girls are fiercely protective of Cheryl and their honesty is what makes you like them more.
It’s a genuine friendship between the five.
Nadine says: “I don’t think we have that many diva moments, do we? We’ve never really had a chance to be able to, really. We’ve always been criticised, always been scrutinised, always been put down. We still have those insecurities.”
Sarah disagrees, saying: “Well, I know I have had loads of diva moments!”
Nicola adds: “You don’t remember them, you disregard them after a while.”
Nadine says: “I think with me, when I am tired or jet-lagged my mouth doesn’t stop talking even when I want it to stop. Then the next day I regret it.”
Even with Cheryl’s profile being propelled by her appearance on X-Factor as a judge, the girls remains supportive.
Nicola says: None of us are jealous, bitter people. We are happy for Cheryl.”
The girls appeared as guests on the show last week, which they admit was nerve-wracking.
Cheryl says: “It was scary as Simon Cowell had been winding us up all week. But I was really proud of us when I watched it back.”
Kimberley adds: “I swear you go back in that building and you get flashbacks. Like you’re getting judged all over again, like we did when we were on Popstars. But we’re really proud of Cheryl.”
After six years at the top, the girls are always dodging rumours of a split or talk that Nadine — who now lives in LA — will be kicking off a solo career soon.
Even when Sarah was reported saying Girls Aloud had two more albums in them, people took it as a negative angle — that the girls would be calling it a day after two more albums.
But, says Sarah, it was taken the wrong way.
“In the past we’ve always said, who knows if there will be another album? So this was more than we have ever said before.
“It’s not a plan that there are only two more albums in us — there is still more for us to do.
“This isn’t the final album. Every time we release an album, we get asked if it is the last one. It’s not. We’re not going anywhere at the moment. We’re enjoying it way too much.”
Girls Aloud’s album Out Of Control is released on November 3. Their book Dreams That Glitter: Our Story is available now.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Need Aloud-er band, Girls?

THIS latest shot of GIRLS ALOUD is enough to get even the craggiest old rocker excited.Former GUNS N’ ROSES rocker DUFF McKAGAN, who I revealed last month was a big fan of the girls, has made them an offer they can’t refuse.CHERYL COLE told Attitude mag, out tomorrow: “He offered to give us his band to take with us on tour.“I mean, Guns N’ Roses? What’s going on?”Yes, why would Duff want to get close to Cheryl, NADINE COYLE, SARAH HARDING, NICOLA ROBERTS and KIMBERLEY WALSH?Answers on a postcard.

Harding act to follow

Sarah Harding certainly knows how to lie down on the job in style. The Girl Aloud looked stunning in this skintight metallic mini-dress during a shoot for Attitude magazine, out tomorrow.
And she has plenty to be relaxed about - she and the girls have just signed an estimated £2million deal to be the face of Nintendo DS.
Bandmate Nadine Coyle joked: "If Sarah was a flavour of crisps she'd be something that would come with a warning label." Like extra hot!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sad Jordan ditched by bridesmaids

JORDAN has appealed to SARAH HARDING to get in touch, fearing her bridesmaids are all deserting her.
Both Sarah and KERRY KATONA were key members of the bridal party when Jordan exchanged vows with hubby PETER ANDRE in 2005.
But Jordan has since kissed goodbye to her friendship with Kerry – following a reported bust-up over her husband MARK CROFT – and she’s reluctantly starting to accept Sarah’s abandoned her too.

Snub ... Sarah Harding

Despite the glamour girl’s attempts to touch base with the Love Machine hottie, her calls aren’t being returned – and Jordan has no idea why.
She told New! magazine: “Pete looked at a picture of me with my bridesmaids the other day and said: ‘Which ones are still your friends now?’
“And there are only two – MICHELLE CLACK and MICHELLE HEATON.
“I don’t know what’s happened to Sarah Harding. I’ve tried to get in contact and I don’t know what I’ve done to her, but she never replied.”
Last week Jordan ventured out on an all-night bender with her sister SOPHIE, taking in a liver-pickling four nightclubs.
With rumours mounting of turbulence in her marriage coupled with her fading friendships, it’s little wonder she’s keen to drown her sorrows at present.

Sarah Harding says Girls Aloud only have “one or two albums” left before they split.

Sarah Harding says Girls Aloud only have “one or two albums” left before they split.
The 26-year-old singer admits the band - made up of Sarah, Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh - have accepted their chart success can’t last forever.
When asked how much longer the group will stay together, Sarah replied: “There are still one or two more albums in us.”
Sarah – who admits she finds making albums “stressful” – also revealed she stayed at a separate hotel from her bandmates while they were recording new LP ‘Out of Control’.
She explained to MTV: “It takes me a while to get motivated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and I actually focused a lot more because I didn’t want to stay in London. So I booked myself into a hotel in Surrey and relaxed and got away from it all. It was nice to have that. I was the only one that decided to stay out of London.”
However, Sarah insists the band are still committed to pushing boundaries and have adopted a “retro” feel for their new single ‘Promises’.
Sarah said: “We’ve signed a new contract and it’s all looking rosy.
“I like the 60s vibe and the retro thing is coming back! We wanted to stay upbeat but try something a bit different and advanced.
I don’t think anything we’ve ever done has ever sounded the same. But we have that same vibe whatever we do because of our vocals.”

Girls Aloud heading for No.1?

Well, the first midweek charts are in and it's good news for Girls Aloud. 'The Promise', as performed on Saturday's X Factor, is currently outselling its nearest rival, Pink's 'So What', by two-to-one. Razorlight's newbie, 'Wire To Wire', is also likely to chart in the top five.Though much is made of the group's impressive chart record - each of their 18 previous singles cracked the top ten - Girls Aloud haven't hit the top spot that often. To date they've only scored three number ones - 'Sound Of The Underground', 'I'll Stand By You' and 'Walk This Way' - and only the first of those was an original song.So while 'The Promise' isn't the group's best single - whichever way you look at it, it's no 'Biology' or 'Love Machine' - it's pretty impressive that their popularity still seems to be growing as they approach their eighth year. But will the girls still be number one come Sunday? Well, see what Cheryl Cole's mood is like on Saturday night and then make an educated guess.

Monday, 20 October 2008

At home with Girls Aloud as the group launch Nintendo games console

Girls Aloud show off their computer game skills in a new advert for Nintendo DS.
The TV promotion, which also features Fern Britton and husband Phil Vickery and Jamie and Louise Redknapp, sees Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Kimberley Walsh getting to grips with their consoles as they lounge around on a sofa together.
'We all love our Nintendo DS’s…there’s always something to keep us laughing and entertained - the different DS colours mean we never get them mixed up too!” say the band.

'I love my Nintendog 'Miso'; I can feed him, take him for walks and play with him every day, it's just like having a real dog in my hand,' says Nadine Coyle.
Meanwhile the Redknapp family get in on the action to rave about the Nintendo Wii.

Footballer Jamie, his father Harry and wife Louise all make an appearance.
'It's great you can be active while having fun and Louise, Charley and I can all play it together. My dad's got into it recently too," says Jamie.
'We all play as a family whenever we get together and can't stop laughing.'

Girls Aloud's hair raising night

GIRLS ALOUD are back in full swing after a relatively quiet summer. The stunning girlband hit the town in style this weekend after their performance on the X Factor.
SARAH HARDING stole the show - sporting a huge barnet and a mini that made the most of her great legs.
Meanwhile, NADINE COYLE arrived with her NFL star boyfriend JASON BELL in tow.
The leggy beauty looked great in a bright pink dress - as did fellow bandmates KIMBERLEY and NICOLA.
Gorgeous X Factor judge CHERYL COLE was the only absentee from the night.
But, with all the girls looking so good, Cheryl was hardly missed this time around...

Sarah's big hair scare

Sporting what can only be described as a bird's nest on her bonce, Sarah Harding pulled off an impressive scarecrow impression on a night out at London's Whisky Mist.
The usually impeccably turned-out singer showed off her latest, er, look as she partied with Girls Aloud bandmates, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts.
X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was absent from proceedings - presumably scared off by her pal's hairdo - the rest of Girls Aloud sipped champagne and danced the night away.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

GIRLS ALOUD are back in full swing after a relatively quiet summer.
The stunning girlband hit the town in style this weekend after their performance on the X Factor.
See a slideshow of the band on their night out by clicking on the link below.
SARAH HARDING stole the show - sporting a huge barnet and a mini that made the most of her great legs.
Meanwhile, NADINE COYLE arrived with her NFL star boyfriend JASON BELL in tow.
The leggy beauty looked great in a bright pink dress - as did fellow bandmates KIMBERLEY and NICOLA.
Gorgeous X Factor judge CHERYL COLE was the only absentee from the night.
But, with all the girls looking so good, Cheryl was hardly missed this time around...
[b]Source: The Sun[/b]

Girls Aloud let their (big) hair down after X Factor performance

After making their hair big and bouffant for their appearance on the X Factor, Girls Aloud then proceeded to let it down, partying the night away at a London club.
The group, with the exception of the show's judge Cheryl Cole, headed to Whisky Mist finish off their evening.Nadine Coyle dazzled in a low-cut, skintight pink dress, and showed off her new man, NFL player Jason BellThe singer, 23, who broke up with actor Jesse Metcalfe at the beginning of the year, met the 30-year-old New York Giants star in Los Angeles.Party girl Sarah Harding, 26, was draped in a shiny silvery dress, complete with very big hair and dramatic, Twiggy-style eye make-up.Kimberley Walsh, 26, was all smiles in a figure-hugging outfit, while Nicola Roberts, 23, flaunted a bold print.

The girls had performed on the X Factor, along with bandmate Cheryl, earlier in the night.
Despite showing the audience what a successful girl group can do, it was a disappointing night for all-female Girlband, who were the second act in this series to be sent home.Fellow girl group Bad Lashes were sent packing the week before, leaving mentor Louis Walsh with just one act, the all-male JLS.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Jordan: Sarah Harding won't return my calls

Jordan: Sarah Harding won't return my calls
Glamour model says she's no longer friends with the Girls Aloud singer
Friday, 17 October 2008
Jordan has revealed she gutted that she’s lost contact with Sarah Harding.
The Girls Aloud star was a bridesmaid at her wedding to Peter Andre 3 years ago.But their friendship has fizzled out.‘I don’t know what’s happened to Sarah Harding,’ Jordan – real name Katie Price – tells OK!‘I’ve tried to get in contact but she never replies.’But Pete, 35, reckons she shouldn’t worry.‘I think she’s moved on,’ he says. ‘It makes me sad. Katie is the most loyal friend.’Kerry Katona, 27, and Michelle Heaton, 28, were also bridesmaids at the wedding.Jordan, 30, no longer speaks to Kerry.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Cane Sarah do it again?

WITH just ten weeks to go until the Bizarre Caner Of The Year is crowned I expect contenders to pull out all stops in the booze-guzzling stakes.

Caner message ... Sarah signs her book
Former title holder SARAH HARDING put in a relatively good shift to try and recapture her crown following GIRLS ALOUD’s book signing in Piccadilly.
While CHERYL COLE and the other girls went their separate ways, the blonde and boyfriend TOM CRANE hit Soho for a sherbet or two.
And RHYS IFANS, who has impressed this season with some heroic tear-ups, is to be commended for stepping up to the plate yet again.
Here he is attempting to exit Punk nightclub, in London incognito.
While a beanie hat pulled tightly over his face failed to conceal his identity, it did manage to impede his progress into a waiting car.
Marvellous logic from the scarecrow, who started his night in Camden at hellraising HQ The Prince Of Wales.
This one could go to the wire.

Sarah Harding: I had love handles and a pot belly

Sarah Harding reckons she was overweight before she joined Girls Aloud.The singer, 26, has been criticised for being too skinny in recent months.
But she says she prefers her smaller chest and toned legs.‘I was a comfortable size 10-12 when I got in the band, a naturally curvy D cup,’ she says. ‘Now there’s nothing left. I’m happier the size I am.
'People say TV adds 10lb and it’s only when I look back at all our pictures that I can see we looked chubby, but we weren’t.
'I had love handles and a bit of a pot belly.’
Sarah became aware of her figure after winning Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.
‘I was a nice curvy girl and I didn’t pay attention to any of that until I got into the band,’ she writes in the Girls Aloud autobiography.
‘Then every aspect of you in scrutinised.’

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Girls UnInterrupted

[color=purple][b][size=30pt]Girls uninterrupted[/size][/b][/color]
The music would have been enough (18 consecutive Top 10 singles), but then there's the X Factor, the celebrity boyfriends, the tears... And now even Coldplay want to write a song for them. Can anyone resist Girls Aloud?
b]Female pop group Girls Aloud[/b]
"I love Girls Aloud. I'm obsessed with Girls Aloud. I've been trying to write them a song and I can't come up with anything good enough. They're amazing. It's the combination of extreme physical attraction and fantastic music. I think they might be the ultimate form of life"
[size=13pt][b]Chris Martin, April 2008[/b][/size]
Girls Aloud listen to the above eulogy from the swooning Coldplay frontman and respond in the only way they know how, with a typhoon of loud, sweary, cackling squeals in a spectrum of comedy accents. 'Well, he better keep wehrkin' on a song, then, hadn't he?' hoots Nicola Roberts, 22, the way only Scousers can. 'Pen a bit harder!'
It's becoming, now, ridiculous. The only people who don't love Girls Aloud are the ones, surely, who don't love life itself, or a rollicking good laugh, or snogging someone stupefyingly gorgeous. They're the living embodiment of the young, good-time, carefree UK provinces (or how it appears to be when you're dancing, at midnight, with the glitterball overhead) and simultaneously as fantasy-glam untouchable as a shimmering marble sculpture called Class-Pop Goddesses Rool OK on a gigantic five-pronged plinth. Today they're where they usually are, in a photo studio in London; hair dryers humming, ironing boards steaming, three rails of clothes glimmering with this year's designer choices: Juicy Couture, Julien Macdonald, Jasmine Di Milo, D&G. (Three years ago, on tour, they were still wearing Dorothy Perkins.) Here's Sarah, 26, the Party Girl from Manchester (known to her chums as Hardcore Harding), all enormous sky-blue eyes, yet to have the make-up artist negotiate four large facial spots. 'It's because I'm on a detox,' she announces, unfeasibly, having just eaten beans on toast after a butter chicken curry the night before and now slewing a cappuccino. 'Well, I've been drinking water,' she protests. 'And not going out on the lash as much and taking my milk thistle. And I was better off being toxic!'
Girls Aloud, these days, are a sponsorship magnet, their best-known deals with Sunsilk, KitKat, Ultimo underwear (Sarah alone) and Samsung (with Nintendo pending) providing a new-found considerable wealth. Sarah now owns three properties; in Manchester, north London and 'the countryside', where she's just exchanged on a large converted bungalow. 'You've got to think about investments 'cos we're not gonna be around forever,' she grins. 'We've all been quite shrewd. And I still have my values. I'll look at a Fendi handbag for £1,700, think: "I love it", open it up, look at the price tag - "*Duck* off, you can get five pairs of Gucci shoes for that!"'
Girls Aloud are both exactly the same as the day they were invented on Pop Stars: The Rivals on 30 November 2002 and heroically unrecognisable. They are now the most successful girl group in UK history, with 18 consecutive Top 10 singles, a record now set to extend through their latest euphoric glitter-pop single 'The Promise', while their forthcoming fifth studio album sees a song written by the Pet Shop Boys, the beguiling 'The Loving Kind'. (The Pet Shop Boys' own forthcoming album is produced by Girls Aloud's glam-pop production alchemists Xenomania.) For Louis Walsh, appointed Girls Aloud manager after the TV series finished, it must be a galling story. For two years he ignored his new charges (they remember speaking to Louis on the phone 'twice'), the girls - then aged 16 to 22 - managing themselves and making musical choices with Xenomania. For Louis, it's the 21st-century girl-group equivalent of turning down the Beatles. Kimberley Walsh, 26, the Sensible One from Birmingham, smiles serenely. 'Should Louis apologise? I think an apology always helps.' Nicola Roberts, meanwhile, 22, the Miserable One, is no longer miserable. Single for the first time since 16, she's transformed into the band giggler and is 'ready for single-life carnage!' It's a new-found confidence, which means she's finally prepared to stand out even further from the others, be happy in the skin she's in, which is not so much pale as Dulux Matt Chalk White.
'I've never let myself be seen as this white, but I just thought: *Duck* it,' she smiles, twinkly dark-blue eyes illuminated by an all-new copper bob. 'This is how I was born. They look like they've just come off a beach and I look like I've been beamed down.'
Nadine Coyle, meanwhile (23, the Voice), still undergoes persistent tabloid speculation that she is in some way separated from the other girls, exacerbated by her move last year to Los Angeles, where she now owns a beach-bar business run by her northern Irish family (who moved simultaneously to nearby Santa Monica). Currently renovating the 1912 bar building, this year she's been learning about 'bellowed ceilings'. Perched on the studio sofa, her hair is bouncing around in rollers the size of soup tins.
'All the stories are the least of my worries - I'm so used to it,' she chirps. 'There's never been anybody trying to get away from the band, because this is what we all wanna do. If you didn't, what are you doing sitting here? But I would rather they wrote about that, or me being thin or me being fat or any of that stuff, than write about an actual problem someone's actually going through.'
This year the ever-fantastical Girls Aloud story has been dominated by the real-life story of Cheryl Cole, 25, the Star, whose marriage to Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole became several weeks' worth of front-page tabloid news this January after a 22-year-old hairdresser sold a story detailing a one-night stand with a chaotically drunken Ashley. Cheryl's response was swift and emphatic: she publicly declared she'd known for weeks, but would stand by her man 'and not let this woman destroy our marriage'. Further allegations from other women followed and for weeks thereafter at least two generations of British women trumpeted their opinion on 'Trashley' Cole across radio stations, TV shows, internet forums and newspaper columns, some of which accused Cheryl of 'betraying' womankind after a statement the previous year saying she'd definitely leave a cheater (she'd been cheated on before). What followed was a keep-out portcullis of silence clanging around the once cheerfully outspoken Cheryl Cole as she took the rest of this year to recover; she shunned Ashley for months and a dramatic weight loss ensued, but now she's almost her normal size (which is to say tiny and 5ft 3in), and spent her summer holidays with Ashley on the Costa del Sol.
Today is the very first time Cheryl has publicly mentioned her marriage troubles, and she is understandably cautious. She has, obviously, stood by her man, but another round of similar statements will only reignite the same furore. Legs up on the studio sofa, she's wearing an orange knitted top and pale-blue flared denims, hair also in soup-tin rollers, and is wearing no make-up whatsoever.
'After the whole... marriage situation,' she begins, her familiar Geordie burr dropping dramatically on the word 'marriage', 'I realised I've always been quite open about my private life, because it's in my nature to be honest. And when all of that happened, it blew up in my face. Now I won't be speaking about my relationship or marriage as openly. Because it gives people the right, I suppose, to talk about it and have an opinion on it. I learned a big lesson. That my career and my personal life should be definitely kept separate. I always had the thing of: "If you're just open and honest you can't ever be wrong" - that's just your opinion or that's just what's happening in your life. Who can tell you you're wrong? But when all that happened I was: "Whoa, maybe it's not such a good idea."'
She and Ashley are, she notes, 'fine' and she fondles the rings she finally feels able to wear again: her platinum and diamond wedding ring resting beneath a spectacular square, enormous single yellow jewel on a platinum band. 'This is actually my first anniversary present - it's a yellow diamond,' she smiles. 'It was too big for a long time [when she lost weight], but I love it. Beautiful, isn't it? It's stunning.'
Well, it's good to see you wearing your rings again anyway. (Or not, as some will say.)
'I think so,' she nods. A week from today she'll finally feel relaxed enough to tell Jonathan Ross that when she first put her rings back on she felt like wearing them 'in Ashley's head'. Having met Cheryl twice before, I'd say she doesn't look particularly 'fine' today, more exhausted. 'I am tired,' she notes, 'but we all are - it's been 6 o'clock starts!' Then again, where you see strain, even the ghost of trauma, she's been negotiating the most punishing workload of her increasingly successful pop life, completing the Tangled Up arena tour, the new album and promotional duties in between the weekly filming schedule for her triumphant debut as a judge on The X Factor. A move instigated by Simon Cowell (they first met on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice last February after Cheryl rang Cowell asking for money 'on air, so if he didn't ring us back he'd be caught out'). They've now become friends.
'You know when you just click with somebody?' she beams. 'Simon's perceived to be quite arrogant and self-assured, but when you meet him he's actually the other way; he's a really good person. He's a good guy, genuinely: he's got a big heart, he's got time for everybody - a naturally charismatic people person. And the fact that he respects my opinion is a big compliment to me. In the future I'd love to work in management, A&R, the real nitty-gritty.'
I like to think there's a flirtation between you.
'Really!? Noooo,' she demurs. 'I've read a few hilarious things recently, that we should get together. And I wouldn't like to insult him but [whispers]... he is a bit too old. But he is very charismatic!'
He probably fancies you for real. And the world says: 'In your dreams, mate!'
'D'you think so? I don't think he fancies me at all! Naaah. He calls me The Kid. "Come on, Kid." He took me under his wing more than anything.'
Inevitably, the tabloids have decided Dannii Minogue is vapourising with jealousy over Cheryl's incandescent youth.
'We're not friends like the girls are friends,' says Cheryl. 'We work together. But there's definitely no animosity. It's ridiculous to me.
I have friends Dannii's age, and I think women in their thirties are at their most sexy and confident. We're just different characters. She's a man's woman, more of a sex symbol.'
Cheryl's great on The X Factor - calm, frank, straightforward, preposterously beautiful, naturally empathic and usually in tears, ever attempting to hide her emotions under her ever-elevating Miss World hair.
'It looks like I'm always crying,' she protests, 'but actually out of the thousands of auditions, I've only been moved about four times! I've just always been quite a sensitive person. When you've got a grown man stood in front of you on the brink of tears, I don't know how you can't be moved.'
Our ongoing climate of brutal bitching and permanent celebrity cynicism also decrees that there must be palpable jealousy from the rest of Girls Aloud at Cheryl's overnight position as the most famous (and possibly most loved) pop star in Britain. Girls Aloud are, however, more interwoven, more ferociously supportive and protective of each other than a hundred indie bands who've come and gone over a similar six-year time span. It was they who practically forced Cheryl on to the show.
'I was like: "Are you serious, you get your arse down there!"' declares Nicola. '"And sit on that panel with pride."' 'The way I looked at it was that her fame was already on a ridiculous level,' decides Kimberley. 'They literally follow her to the shop. So why not let it be for something amazing? That you're gonna really enjoy? Let 'em write about you for good things. 'Cos she's gonna be written about regardless.'
Cheryl is suddenly in tears. We've been talking about how she dealt with the gale of public opinion this year, the relentless judgments on her marriage even as it was imploding, perhaps the first time she'd ever taken any real flak.
'Actually, I've kind of always had the flak,' she's saying, hair still bouncing in rollers. 'From the beginning. From the whole nightclub incident [she was sentenced to community service after a brawl in a nightclub toilet in 2003], people kind of immediately had a perception of me, and a false one. Of being this gobby kind of *Female Dog*... that slags people off. Who's got a perfect life? So for people to see the other side of me, which I feel they have on The X Factor... I've had some amazing things written about us recently. Julie Burchill wrote the most amazing piece on me where I was crying...'
She stops and a redness appears around her nose.
You look like you are about to burst into tears right now...
'No. No, I'm not...' And here, Cheryl begins to cry in exactly the same way she does on The X Factor, where she simply can't keep it in.
This August, as The X Factor began, Julie Burchill wrote a small opinion piece in the Sun - 'Chav Cheryl Outclasses Snobby Lily' - a critique of the feud between Cheryl and Lily Allen which pronounced Lily 'a self-loathing, street-yearning public schoolgirl and cowardly snob' while Cheryl was deemed 'radiantly beautiful, humbly born and self-made'.
'It's overwhelming to hear nice things!' she blurts, half-laughing, embarrassed now, big splashy tears dropping on to her cheeks. 'I'm fine - I just haven't read nice things like that, ever. It's like: "Wow, somebody gets us, eventually, you actually really like me." And just for being me. And not for performing. Or for having a good song with the girls. It's pretty big. 'Cos I used to be really hurt by bad stuff. I used to be so upset by the bad stuff that now when I read the good stuff I can't take that on board either. This is all weird. This is just... it's turned itself upside down.'
You're wearing your emotions pretty close to the surface, still. No wonder, maybe, after all these months of turmoil. No wonder you blub on The X Factor
'D'you know what, I think that's got nothing to do with it really,' she decides, dabbing her cheeks dry. 'It's just in me nature. Me whole family are sensitive. I cry at Coronation Street! I haven't had the easiest of lives anyway, y'know? Life's not easy. Life's not a bowl of cherries. Nobody's life is. And nobody's life ever will be. And I would hate to be one of those people that sail through life like that. Untested. Untouched. You're not living then; you're existing. You've got to experience the good and the bad in life - it's part of your character and makes you how you are. Whether you like it or not. It's life, how it is.'
[img][/img][b]Female pop group Girls Aloud when it all began, December 2002[/b]
Next week Girls Aloud release their ghost-written official autobiography, Dreams That Glitter. To the tabloids' dismay there'll be little detail on the fallout from Cheryl's marital trauma, though all their relationship stories so far do appear (from the best-known feuds, including the one with Charlotte Church, to the little-known story of Sarah's ongoing estrangement from her father). 'There's nothing seedy,' notes Sarah. 'It's not like Jodie Marsh.' 2008 has been an emotional year, though - Cheryl's year - but that's all over now. 'It was only really made that traumatic by the press,' decides Sarah. 'I'm sure they would rather have dealt with that privately. I don't ask. [Laughs ruefully] We've all been through quite a bit over the years. But whatever doesn't kill us makes us stranger. Oh, if I took everything seriously I would be in rehab!'
'Like anyone,' adds Kimberley, 'if you're going through a hard time, you focus on your career, the stable things in your life - and she's got us. Cheryl's strong, but she's also a softie and she doesn't realise how much people genuinely do love her.'
'She's my friend,' blinks Nadine. 'I love her. So when it's your friend, well, if we can be there in any way whatsoever or if you wanna be left alone to just shout and scream "Get lost!", we'll take it. And we all know people who've gone through things 10 million times worse than that.'
'She's come out the other end,' smiles Nicola. 'Look at her.'
She still seems quite traumatised to me.
'Is that what you think?' she says, genuinely astonished. 'Not at all. I honestly think she's more gorgeous than ever.'
Why would it be upsetting for Cheryl when people are positive about her?
'I suppose when it's you yourself, you don't see what other people see,' decides Nicola, the one Cheryl used to live with back in the beginning. 'She's strong, but she's not made of iron. Who the hell is? Maybe she's coming into a new phase now. We're all still growing. This isn't a fairy tale people are writing about. This is five young people's lives, and that's what you're getting. The reality of it.'
• 'The Promise' is out on 27 October on Fascination Records. Dreams That Glitter is published on 9 October.

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3rd Oct 2008

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Cheryl's song plea to Ashley [Album Tracklist Included]

#Cheryl's song plea to AshleyCHERYL COLE sings a heartfelt song about a cheating partner on the latest GIRLS ALOUD album and pleads “Just be faithful to me”.I’ve had the exclusive first listen to new album Out Of Control and I can report it is yet more pop perfection from the lovely ladies.And on the track about cheating, called Love Is Pain, Cheryl — whose husband ASHLEY did the dirty on her — ends the song with a heartbreaking solo.The girls, pictured exclusively on the album artwork, sing: “What you are, what you say, it don’t matter to me.“What you know, what you don’t, it don’t matter to me, just be faithful to me.”Then in an emotive solo to end, Cheryl sings: “Love is pain, you’re insane, feel like I could wipe you.”It is a punchy number and will make uncomfortable listening for Chelsea ace Ashley.The girls have continued their long-running partnership with pop writer and production supremo BRIAN HIGGINS for the album.The rest of the collection has a mixture of ballads and the relentlessly upbeat, catchy hits we have come to expect.AnimalAnd there are a few surprises thrown in as well.The album ends with drum’n’ bass track Live In The Country about moving to the countryside — complete with farm animal sound effects.The song is clearly heavily influenced by SARAH HARDING, who is a big drum’n’bass fan and has spoken repeatedly about her desire to get away from life in London.There are a couple of Eighties-inspired tracks and one in particular stands out.The Loving Kind is the result of a collaboration with the PET SHOP BOYS.The team-up came about when NEIL TENNANT was recording in the studio next door. He popped in to say how much he loved the girls and walked out agreeing to work with them.Miss You Bow Wow and Rolling Back The Rivers are also contenders to be released as singles.Other album highlights include Revolution In The Head, an infectious dance track which sees NADINE COYLE making her rapping debut.Drum’n’bass, rapping and animal noises weren’t words I was expecting to be writing in association with the new Girls Aloud CD.But with these girls’ incredible success, it is all Aloud.
Here’s the full album listing:
1. The Promise
2. The Loving Kind
3. Rolling Back The Rivers
4. Love Is The Key
5. Turn 2 Stone
6. Untouchable
7. Fix Me Up
8. Love Is Pain
9. Miss You Bow Wow
10. Revolution In The Head
11. Live In The Country
12. Bonus Track: We Wanna Party.

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Sarah Harding: I'll always be grateful to Calum Best

Sarah Harding: I'll always be grateful to Calum Best
Girls Aloud star says he gave her confidence
Friday, 3 October 2008
Sarah Harding says she has no regrets about dating serial womaniser Calum Best.
The Girls Aloud star got together with Calum, 27, in 2005, shortly after she moved to London.
And she reckons he helped her adapt to her celebrity lifestyle.‘[He’s] not exactly into commitment, but he was good for me because he introduced me to so many people,’ she recalls.‘He took me out for dinner and to new places and I felt like: "My God, I’m finally getting a life."’And despite his wild reputation, Sarah thinks he's a good bloke.‘He never treated me with disrespect,’ she writes in Girls Aloud's autobiography Dreams That Glitter.‘In a way I thank him for giving me the confidence I needed to go out and make friends.’
Sarah, 26, is now planning her future with DJ Tom Crane, 28.

Girls Aloud blog leads to porn rap for civil servant

A civil servant is being prosecuted for writing a lurid blog fantasising about the torture, mutilation and murder of Girls Aloud.
Darryn Walker, 35, posted the 12-page article titled Girls (Scream) Aloud on a fantasy porn website last August.
Internet Watch Foundation claims the blog about group members Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts was obscene.
The test case is the most significant on censorship since Penguin Books was unsuccessfully sued in 1960 over DH Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover.
It was brought by Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Unit after consultation with prosecutors. Police said it was an "unusual" case.
Walker, of South Shields, entered no plea at a hearing before South Tyneside magistrates.
He has been bailed to appear before Newcastle crown court later this month.