Thursday, 29 January 2009

Girls Aloud win 'Virgin Media Award 2008'

Winning by a huge margin, it seems everybody is a bit partial to looking at lovely legs. Especially five pairs of them. The Girls Aloud album Out Of Control has been voted the Best Album Cover 2008 easily beating the likes of Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Intimacy by Bloc Party. Out of Control has sold over 85,000 copies and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. Hot legs or what?2nd place: Viva La Vida by Coldplay3rd place: Intimacy by Bloc PartyOther winners of the awards include The Saturdays, Leona Lewis and Paris Hilton.

Girls Aloud gain IFPI Award for selling 1 million copies of TSOGA.

GIRLS ALOUD, TAKE THAT AND DUFFY GAIN IFPI AWARD FOR 1 MILLION SLAES FOR THEIR ALBUMS.The rapid UK sales of Take That’s The Circus, which became the second-fastest million-seller in history, have helped it to claim a double IFPI Platinum Award.The Universal album, which following its release last December took just 19 days to break through 1m sales in the UK, is one of 15 albums to be recognised by the IFPI in the past month for sales of at least 1m across Europe.The album is one of five to reach 2m pan-European sales during the period and is joined on the list by Sony’s AC/DC album Black Ice and the Universal albums This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald, the Mamma Mia! Soundtrack and Final Straw by Snow Patrol.However, it was another Universal act, Duffy, who claimed the month’s highest accolade, with her debut Rockferry now up to 3m sales across Europe.Nine albums claimed an IFPI award for 1m sales: Enya’s And Winter Came (Warner); Girls Aloud’s The Sound Of Girls Aloud (Universal); Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy (Universal); Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line: Legend Of Johnny Cash (Universal); Only By The Night by Kings Of Leon (Sony); Seal’s Soul (Warner); The Definitive Collection by Stevie Wonder (Universal); and both Hot Fuss (Universal) and Day & Age (Universal) by The Killers.Source: Music Week.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sarah and Tommy Away

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding on romantic holiday with DJ boyfriend Tom Crane

I'm happy for Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding who's sharing a romantic love villa in the Maldives with boyfriend DJ Tommy Crane.After a fight at London restaurant Gilgamesh on New Year's Eve, the pair ended up sleeping in separate beds.
But Tom was so desperate to make it up to her that he's treated her to two weeks in paradise.
She's got him under the thumb.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Loving Kind

Right guys come on we all need to buy download The Loving Kind as much as we can, as it stands its only No 10 in the mid weeks. We know it aint gonna get a high position due to the lack of promotion but if we all say download it again or buy another cd im sure we can help back sure its in the top 10.
Please remember if buying the single from hmv etc only buy one copy at once because if you buy 10 and buy them all together it still only counts as one. You can download it from itunes, digital 7, napster and msn music all count towards the charts. You can download it more than once from itunes just leave it about 5 hours inbetween.
So come guys we cant have the girls top 10 record going, please help the girls get TLK in the top 10.

Monday, 12 January 2009

I've put Something Kinda Ooooh into Girls Aloud homes

Nicola Roberts wanted a trendy, hotel feel while Sarah Harding opted for a funky, club look. Step forward Susan White, the interiors guru to the stars...Spending most of the year touring in the UK's most successful girl band ever, staying in hotels night after night, you want to create a lovely home to come back to - if only you had the time.Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding had that problem so called in architectural designer Susan White of Phoenix Interior Design to give their new homes Something Kinda Ooooh, as one of their hits says.In the past 18 months, Nicola, 23, bought a £500,000, four-bedroom new-build detached house on a development in Stone near Dartford, Kent, and Sarah, 27, a one-bedroom maisonette in Kentish Town, North London.Nicola's house is classical with some quirky contemporary features, whereas Sarah's flat is an extension of her party-loving lifestyle, and includes ideas from bars, restaurants and clubs. Susan, 40, met Nicola while working for the developer on the site she bought from.She has also revamped the former house of EastEnders star Patsy Palmer in Chigwell, chef Aldo Zilli's place in London and Des Lynam's house in Chiswick.Next up is the home of Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. He lives close to Susan's office in Ockley, near Dorking, Surrey.Susan trained as an interior architect at Leicester University, and has run her company for the past five years with husband James MacCallum, 36.She looks at the function of each room and will move walls, plumbing and electrics to get the right look and feel.Because Nicola's house was a new build, Susan had a blank canvas and after three meetings they'd agreed on the look, the budget - around the £50,000 mark - and a work schedule of just three weeks.'As Nicola was so precise and knew what she wanted the work was very quick and straightforward,' says Susan, who lives in an old hunting lodge and works with her core staff of nine out of a glamorous conversion of a former milking parlour.Chandeliers, funky sofas, Perspex egg chairs dangling from the ceiling and oak beams create a fantastic selling space for her talent.Nicola's house has 12ft high ceilings and Susan added drama in the master bedroom and dressing room upstairs with chandeliers from MP Electricals and lots of abstract, colourful artwork by the photographer Richard Thorne.The four bedrooms were reduced to two, with a large dressing room and - for someone who spends much of her time working out dance routines - a gym. 'Nicola is young and vibrant, but likes her home comforts, too.' The stairs have a colourful, stripy Crucial Trading carpet (www.crucial-trading. com) and upstairs the floors are a mix of cream carpets and wood. In the master bedroom - about 20ft by 20ft - a huge picture of a rose hangs above the bed 'for the wow factor'.The walls are white, and with windows 10ft high there's a lot of light. The deep padded white leather headboard and white pillowcases and sheets are complemented by some ebony woodwork by Gerald Lewis, one of the craftsmen Susan often uses, and a dark throw.In the guest room there is a deep velvet headboard studded with diamante and more huge windows. In the wood-floored gym Susan has put a floor-to-ceiling mirror and a picture of Kate Moss.The dressing room has the same dimensions as the master bedroom with its focal point a huge mirrored, double-sided dressing table the size of most people's dining tables.Fitted wardrobes are crammed with clothes and a very large shoe/handbag collection. There is a plasma-screen TV, a big toffee-coloured shaggy rug and an armchair for Nicola's stylist.'Lighting was paramount as Nicola often has to do her make-up at home before heading off for a video shoot or TV show. We put in two crystal droplet chandeliers and some free-standing lamps,' says Susan, who is opening a new office in King's Road, London, next month.The fact that Nicola, who lives in the house with her pug dog Elvis, has spent so much time in hotels in the past seven years is evident in the colour scheme of rusts,'Nicola has a good eye and knew what she wanted. We've created a cosy feel which is classic with a contemporary twist,' says Susan.Through Nicola, Susan met Sarah, who had already started work on the maisonette in the top two floors of a converted school she shares with the DJ Tom Crane and two Persian cats.Susan had to 'pick up the pieces' and based the look around a huge artwork by Lucy MacLauchlan.'There was only one place that it could go, so we put it up in the living area and worked off and around it,' says Susan of the artwork depicting dreamlike women's faces.
Whereas Nicola knew just what she was after, Sarah has a more magpie, eclectic taste and would often come to Susan with an idea after a night out.
'Sarah would say she'd seen this and that at various places and we had to work out where - like the back-lit light in the bathroom which she'd seen in Nobu restaurant. You can't buy those so we had to make our own,' says Susan.As you enter the flat there's a double-height living room with bay windows, a kitchen, utility and wet room. The smart, high-tech kitchen - with doors that open when you wave at them - and granite surfaces was ordered from RWK (, Germany.'It's incredible, beautiful German craftsmanship,' says Susan. In the lounge, large kidney-shaped sofas from Berkshire-based Indigo Designs ( are covered in moleskin with multicoloured scatter cushions and Abbott & Boyd throws ( floor is dark walnut and there's a coffee table from Ecco Trading ( Fake cowhide wallpaper covers one wall and there's a circular dining table and chairs. Two pumpkin stools, one cerise the other plum, provide extra seating.Because space is quite tight, glass sliding doors lead to the utility room. In the wet room are slate tiles and a Crosswater shower tap ( which lights up blue for cold and red for hot.There is also a light that comes on when you wave at it. Sarah likes her gadgets.Upstairs is the mezzanine area overlooking the lounge, with a snug and sofabed for Tom to crash on when he gets home late from work.He's taken down the hanging ceiling chair and put up a punch bag in its place. In the master bedroom is a seating area and 6ft bed reached via four, individually lit steps.There's a zebra-print chaise longue, a vast cupboard for Sarah's shoes, lots of mirrors and a TV above the walnut frame. White Company bedding and throws ( complete a funky room.The dressing room, with wardrobes lining both sides of the narrow space, and en suite bathroom are off the bedroom.The bathroom has stainless-steel seats, dark porcelain tiles, glass sinks, an aqua plasma TV and some clever lighting. 'It has a very clubby feel,' says Susan.

Louder and louder

Sigh. "Oh Girls Aloud again - of course it's Girls Aloud," TV presenter Harry Hill expels wearily. We are all - myself, Girls Aloud and Hill - standing in the back corridors of a TV production studio just after all of the above (minus me) have appeared on The Paul O'Grady Show. The Girls, as everyone around them refers to them, are now blocking Hill's exit, their mere presence having caused a traffic jam of photographers and gawpers. "Ooh, sorry!" "Oh, yeah! Go ahead!" Kimberley, Nadine, Sarah, Nicola and, of course, Cheryl break off from posing in pink dresses to usher Hill through the melee with endearing grace. Judging from Hill's abashed grin, it's hard to grumble that people are divas when they smile at you and refer to themselves as "meself, lahk".It is now commonplace for a pop group to be described as "a phenomenon" - even Blue stopped traffic in their day - but Girls Aloud definitely come with a phenomenal story. Leaving aside their music for a moment, and all those record-breaking statistics that are de rigueur for any pop act these days (in GA's case, they hold the record for the most consecutive top 10 entries in the UK by a female group, with 19 so far), just the fact that they're still here is impressive. They were formed on a reality TV show, Popstars: The Rivals, alongside a boy band, One True Voice, in 2002. Popstars and One True Voice have long since faded away. Girls Aloud are touring with Coldplay this year and Chris Martin, never a man to fear hyperbole, has described them as "the ultimate form of life".As soon as the line-up of Girls Aloud was announced, back in 2002, two of the original members opted out and were replaced by Kimberley and Nicola. Worse was to come. Their manager, Louis Walsh, could hardly be bothered with them and has since admitted that he "didn't expect them to serve their purpose much beyond the TV show". The main problem, he charmingly explained later, was that they were female: "I found it easier to deal with boy bands. Girls want to talk about hair, clothes, makeup, all the things that are important for their look on stage, and for me, life was too short for that." And so, just after their first album, they parted ways with Walsh, one of the most successful pop managers in Britain, and they announced that "we will manage ourselves", a phrase that is rivalled only by "looking at various film projects" in terms of bad omens for a pop star. Four years later, when Cheryl became a judge on The X Factor alongside Walsh, wasn't she tempted to walk up to him on her first day on the show and shout "naah naah nah nah naah" right in his face?We are now ensconced in a dressing room and the Girls have changed out of the pink frocks into jeans or miniskirts and tummy-revealing vests. Cheryl smiles beatifically when I ask about Walsh, and shoves another crisp in her mouth. "What's the point? He's so . . ." she pauses, chewing on some more crisps, apparently deep in thought, "stupid." And with that, she puts down the crisps and moves on to the complimentary cheese platter.Hanging out with Girls Aloud, whose ages range from 23 to 28, is sometimes like dealing with a bunch of mouthy teenagers and sometimes like confronting a group of very practised media professionals. Occasionally the personas overlap, as when I asked them what roles each of the Girls fulfil in the group. Kimberley says she is "the organiser"; Nadine promptly and repeatedly describes herself as "the singer - I do most of the vocals", which chimes oddly with the group's frequently professed "confederacy of equals" ethos. But then Nicola breaks off, protesting the question is "too . . . too . . ." Self-analytical? "Yeah!" she cries, and the rest loudly agree. Are they bored by such introspection? Or are they trying to avoid revealing too much? A little of both, probably.The most revealing moment of the group dynamic comes when they try to reveal nothing at all. Eventually, and squirmingly, I bring up the infamous tabloid story from last year about Cheryl's footballer husband Ashley Cole's vomit-flecked one-night stand. Did she do The X Factor partly to shuck off her "poor Cheryl" tabloid moniker?"It wasn't, y'know," she begins, not even blinking at the question. "We didn't even talk about it, did we? Well, we did but . . ." When it looks like she might be beginning to go off-message Kimberley jumps in with a soothing PR-friendly statement: "I just think it's great that it's all ended so well. That's all I've got to say." Cheryl takes her bandmate's lead: "Yeah, I have far more positive things to go on about, so I do."Judging from other interviews, done on her own, without the rest of the band, it is only because of her bandmates' protective presence that Cheryl doesn't go on about some negative things, too. Despite being far more in the media spotlight, and having been burned by it, she can be pretty direct when it comes to voicing her thoughts, which is commendable considering the furore she caused a few years ago when she compared her fellow Wags to "benefit scroungers, just a higher class of sponger". Unabashed, Cheryl picked up this theme again in her interview in Vogue this month, describing the Wags as "like wooden blocks". In Vogue, she merrily slags off Simon Cowell ("can be a total sh!t"), Peaches Geldof ("totally up herself"), Alexa Chung ("acted all superior, like") and Victoria Beckham, for not having called her after Ashley's infidelity. Now, when I ask what she thinks of Beckham's new fashion line, Cole swiftly dismisses it, describing it as for "older women". "She means older than us! Not, you know . . ." Kimberley hastily interjects. "Yeah, it's not like stuff we would wear," Cheryl continues, obliviously.Girls Aloud have outlasted, and outsold, all the pop bands who were around when they first emerged, such as Atomic Kitten and Blue. Even Sugababes, their only real rival for the title of most popular UK pop band, have had to constantly change their line-up to survive. "I think it's down to our songs - we've always made sure every song on every album works," says Nadine.This isn't entirely true. Their most recent album, Out of Control, has, at a generous guess, a ratio of about 1:3 in terms of quality to padding. Happily, the new single, The Loving Kind, most definitely counts as quality. It is brilliant - everything you would hope for of a product borne from a collaboration between Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys, who co-wrote the song.Nadine is right, though, that it's the songs, or at least the singles, that are the secret to their longevity - although they don't actually write their own music. Nothing shameful about that, but it does make one wonder how big a part the individual Girls play in their group's success. Would it have made any difference if the original line-up had stayed as it was, minus Nadine and Kimberley? "It's down to both [the singers and the songs], isn't it?" counters Sarah, slumped sleepily in her chair and talking for perhaps the first time in 45 minutes. ("I'm either really, really mad and out of control or just, y'know, done," she muttered later.) "Yeah, if somebody else had sung Love Machine it wouldn't have had the same effect because it's about the chemistry," says Nicola, far chattier than her somewhat sulky expression in photos would suggest.Onstage and off, the chemistry does work. They are clearly all very fond and protective of one another. Their image is one of sass and cheekiness - as opposed to the Sugababes' too-cool-to-be-bothered look - and that certainly seems to be the reality, although their claims that they're "still the same" down-to-earth Girls they always were now seem a little forced. Nadine, for one, now lives in LA; she had a high-profile relationship with Jesse Metcalfe, the hunky gardener from Desperate Housewives, and is currently involved with Jason Bell, a player for American football team the New York Giants. Cheryl has recently moved into a nine-bedroom, 18th-century mansion. But questions about how they knew how to manage themselves, post-Walsh, are met with the vague reply "We just learned as we went along." The probable truth is that they were fortunate enough to be surrounded by good writers and PRs from the start, although sticking with them instead of being tempted elsewhere, or, worse, trying to do more themselves, requires a certain canniness and self-knowledge on the part of the Girls.All of them had long wanted to be pop stars before they went on that show - Nadine had won a reality TV pop music show back home in Northern Ireland but was too young to be allowed to join the resulting band. They arrived with a good idea of what they wanted the group to be like and began to style themselves accordingly. The Girls claim to be horrified at the idea that fame might have been part of the attraction: "People who want to be famous - that's like them people off Big Brother," says Cheryl, nose crinkling. "Yeah, it was just the singing," says Kimberley. "It wasn't for me," Cheryl interjects. "I just love entertaining."If the band's survival has been improbable, then Cheryl's emergence as "the nation's sweetheart", in the words of the tabloids, is even more so. Only five years ago those same papers were writing about her a little less enthusiastically when she was accused of a racially motivated attack in a Guildford nightclub on a cloakroom attendant. (Cheryl was cleared of racial abuse but was convicted of causing actual bodily harm.) At least part of the media fascination with her lies in the contrast between her tendency towards Waggish bling, with all the exaggeratedly false hair and lashes that entails, and her tough childhood, although her love of the former can probably be explained by the latter. Her brother has been in court 50 times and Cheryl herself was suspended from school twice for brawling, which perhaps makes her 2003 nightclub encounter a little less surprising. ("I would have hit her again at the time. That's what we were taught to do on the estate," she has since said.)Her hugely popular appearance on The X Factor has helped her, too, and Simon Cowell is said to be taking her to America as his next protegee. Are her bandmates worried that she might leave the band behind? "That's a horrible thing to think," says Cheryl. "I mean, I'm not comparing us to Destiny's Child, but they all went off and did their own things but then came back to the group." Yes, until they effectively disbanded in the shadow of Beyoncé's overshadowing fame. The rest of the Girls, for their part, all insist that they support Cheryl "100%". Aside from her being on the cover of Vogue this month, on the day we meet Grazia has named Cheryl as 2008's People's Fashionista. "Oooh, I haven't seen that!" she giggles delightedly. "Yeah, People's Fashionista," says Nadine, with a small smile but not quite looking at her. "It's brilliant."Whether Cheryl turns out to be the Robbie Williams to their Take That (the great hope who quickly burns out) or the Beyoncé to their Destiny's Child (the success story who leaves her bandmates in the dim, forgotten past) remains to be seen. At the moment, they all look perfectly content, talking loudly over each other. Do they ever wonder what would have happened if they hadn't won Popstars? "Oh, I'm sure we'd all just be the same, somewhere, singing . . ." says Nadine dreamily. Cheryl shakes her hair extensions and, again, proves to be the unlikely voice of image-shattering truth: "We'd be completely different people".

Saturday, 10 January 2009


By Louise Gannon
Over in our fantasy world, Girls Aloud are our best friends, and Sarah Harding is the one we turn to for a party.
She's the peroxide blonde, whippet-thin firecracker who's always ready to hit the clubs. She sorts the guest list, orders the sambucas, and gets the chips and curry sauce in while we snog an unsuitable boy outside.
We can assume all of this because we feel we know her. But just five minutes in her company proves that there are many sides to Miss ‘Party' Harding. If you think she's just a good-time girl, you'd better wake up and smell the apple crumble (which she makes, by the way).
As we settle down on a battered leather sofa, before her transformation into a hard-edged va-va-vamp, Sarah's thinking about what best sums her up.
We've been through country girl, rock 'n' roller, broody, ambitious, high-maintenance and completely unpredictable. Then she triumphantly yells: "It's two words: completely crazy! I've got a split personality. And I can be hard to be around sometimes.
"My personality is very extreme and it's taken quite a few years for the other girls in the band to finally work me out."
Sarah, 27, was once written off as just another party girl after she became a regular fixture in London nightclubs and had ill-fated relationships with infamous Lotharios Calum Best and Steve Jones. But she's now happily settled down with DJ Tom Crane, 28.
"My problem is that I always pick bad boys, or at least I did until I met Tom," she says.
"In the past I've had some pretty awful relationships and I'm the one who always gets dumped. I'm very high-maintenance emotionally and guys just get fed up with me. That does get to me and it's part of the reason why, when a relationship ends, I party like mad."
Just weeks after her split from showbiz columnist Joe Mott in May 2007, Sarah met and fell for Tom, a DJ at London club Mahiki and a friend of Princes William and Harry. But while Sarah and Tom may have met on the party circuit, they've sealed their love in a very conventional way – by buying a run-down cottage in the Buckinghamshire countryside.
A smile spreads across Sarah's face when she talks about Tom and the nesting that's occupying all her thoughts.
"He gets me completely," she says. "We've had this incredibly difficult situation of living together for months in a bomb site of a house that's being built around us.
"We've had massive rows and nearly split up, but we've got through it, which just shows we've actually really got something. I'm so happy."
Settling down clearly suits Sarah, but for now getting to grips with rural life is her priority.
"It's insane, isn't it?" she says. "There's one side of me that loves to party, then there's this other side that just craves peace and quiet and to be surrounded by nature.
"In my new place I have this amazing Aga, and last weekend I picked apples off my tree and made my own apple crumble. It was gorgeous."
The fact she is scoffing crumble will be a relief to those who recently feared for her health as her weight plummeted during last year's Girls Aloud tour.
"I've put on a dress size," she says. "I did get very thin, but it wasn't because I wasn't eating. It was because we were dancing non-stop for months. I don't want to be super-thin. I like my curves and I'm very happy to have them back."
Career-wise, 2008 will count as a golden year for Sarah and the rest of Girls Aloud: Nadine Coyle, 23, Nicola Roberts, 23, Cheryl Cole, 25 and Kimberley Walsh, 27. For many observers it was the year they finally became cool – so cool, in fact, they'll even be supporting Coldplay at Wembley in September.
Their tour rocked and both albums – Tangled Up and Out Of Control – topped the charts. And with the help of stylist Victoria Adcock, the girls emerged as fashion icons. By any measure, they've come a long way since winning Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.
"We've all been through terrible ups and downs," she says. "In the early days of the band I was a complete wreck. I pretty much went through a nervous breakdown because I felt like no one understood me and I didn't deserve to be in the group.
"All I ever wanted to do was be a singer. I was terrible at school. I had attention deficit disorder and was one of those totally hyper kids who wasn't allowed sweets because I'd lose the plot.
"But singing was my dream and when it came true, I couldn't cope. It was hard. I used to spend half my time laughing hysterically, pretending everything was fine, and the other half crying."
Now Sarah and the girls have grown in confidence.
"We've all had our fights," she says. "But when things get tough we've learnt to stick together. If anyone slags any of us off, we're all in there to defend each other."
Sarah points out that they rallied round Cheryl following reports last year that her husband Ashley cheated on her. "She's had a tough time," she says. "But now everyone loves her."
And she bursts out laughing at the mention of Simon Cowell's obsession with her mate. "I was outside an awards show with him and Snow Patrol having a fag," she whispers. "He kept telling me how him and Cheryl had a special ‘spark'. I think that's what he calls it anyway."
But Sarah adds: "Cheryl is definitely settled with Ashley. Kids are the next thing for her, which is amazing."
Although Sarah admits she wants three children, she's not planning on starting a family soon. Not while there are still a few guest lists with her name down on them, anyway.
"At the minute Nicola is trying to pinch my crown as the party animal," she laughs. "I have to say once that girl has a few drinks inside her, she's totally mental. If I want a proper night out, Nicola is always my partner in crime. No one's safe."
Perhaps Sarah won't be hanging up her party shoes yet…

The feisty five
1. What's your worst quality?
I am incredibly loud and I pick my nose.
2. You learnt how to tango in Argentina. Who would be your ideal partner and why?
I have to say Brad Pitt. Have you seen him in Fight Club? He's gorgeous.
3. Has your mouth ever got you into trouble?
Boy George once slated us as "Just a bunch of pretty girls," so when I bumped into him in Moscow, I went up to him and started screaming and shouting. I was p***ed and it was pretty embarrassing.
4. Which of the Girls Aloud ladies would you like to life swap with?
They're all great, but I'm happy being me.
5. Who would you shag, marry and shoot between Lindsay Lohan, Louis Walsh and Calum Best?
I'm not answering that. I love Calum. Even though it didn't work out, he was very sweet to me.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Sarah Harding: I won't marry lover Tommy

Sarah Harding has dealt her long-term boyfriend Tommy Crane a punishing blow, revealing that as long as she has a career in the limelight she won't be marrying him, or anyone.
The Girls Aloud star made her career vow as she spoke off the couple 'strain' to maintain the peace in their North London home.

The party-loving 27-year-old, says she doesn't have 'faith' in marriage, telling: 'We bicker constantly and drive each other crazy. It's straining sometimes.'
'It's hard work going out with a DJ who comes in at five in the morning. I'm knackered a lot more.'
Harding says any hint of marriage talk is way off the radar for the couple, telling ES Magazine: 'I'm very career-driven and that's got to come first.'
'If you're going to be married, you can't have a full time career. That's when marriages break up'
'That's what I think, or what I've seen. Maybe I don't have much faith in marriage.'

The girls are on the front of ES Mag tonight
Check out on

3am's Clocked - we've got spies everywhere... - Sarah

Sarah Harding buying chewy worms at the pick 'n' mix in the Trocadero, London... James McAvoy eating chips at Konstam restaurant, King's Cross, London...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Harding to split from boyfriend Crane?

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding may be ready to split from current boyfriend Tom Crane, reports have claimed.
Harding, who last year fuelled speculation that she was to marry the DJ, was seen arguing with Crane at London restaurant Gilgamesh on New Year's Eve.
Crane performed a set at the nightspot before heading to an aftershow party while the singer went back to her Camden flat, according to The People.

Sarah Harding has massive New Year bust-up with boyfriend Tom Crane

Are we about to see a split between Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding and her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane? I hear they spent New Year's Eve apart after a huge row at North London's Gilgamesh bar.
Tom left after his set for an after-party in a Holiday Inn, while Sarah went back to her Camden flat alone.


Oasis bad boy singer LIAM GALLAGHER, 36, wants to team up with Girls Aloud - and in particular SARAH HARDING. He raved about how much he loves the girl band when he met fellow caner Sarah, 27, at London's Gilgamesh restaurant on New Year's Eve. A source said: "Liam thinks the girls are great and Sarah a lot of fun." He was probably in awe of her drinking ability, too.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Sarah's Hard at it already

AFTER missing out on my 2008 Caner’s award, SARAH HARDING started this year in style.
The GIRLS ALOUD star was at Camden club Gilgamesh for New Year with DJ fella TOM CRANE.
The pair had their usual row before his set, but they left hammered and happy.
And Sarah will be doing a lot of damage in the next six weeks, with Girls Aloud on holiday until February.
Just as well she’s moved to the country.

Bleary-eyed Sarah Harding starts 2009 as she means to go on... with a wild night out

A very merry Sarah Harding got into the party spirit as she rang in the New Year last night.The Girls Aloud singer appeared a little unsteady on her feet as she arrived at the Gilgamesh club in London's Camden to celebrate with friends.Clutching a female friend for support, the 27-year-old started 2009 as she perhaps means to go on as she navigated the cobbles outside the bar.

Party girl Sarah is known for her wild partying and hedonistic ways, and it doesn't seem she has any plans to reign in her nights out just yet.She showed off her slim figure in a little black dress with hot pink Mary Janes, a matching slick of lipstick and a vintage chain bag.The blonde beauty's bandmates were not at the party, but Sarah was accompanied by a gaggle of girlfriends.This year looks set to be a busy one for Sarah.She recently bought a house in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, where she hopes to indulge her passion for horse-riding.

But with boyfriend Tom Crane's job as a DJ, it is unlikely they will stay away from the city for long.Sarah currently lives in a £1million townhouse in Camden with Tom, 29, which she bought last year after the pair had only been dating several months.By moving to the country, Sarah will be following in the footsteps of bandmate Cheryl Cole, which lives in a Surrey mansion with husband Ashley.However despite settling down with Tom Sarah insisted she was in no rush to start a family and is hoping to continue living the good life as long as possible.She said: 'You don't want to be thinking you've missed out when you've got kids round your ankles.'

Hurls aloud: Sarah Harding wolfs down a giant, greasy hotdog before boarding a white knuckle rideSarah Harding has always been known as the wildest member of Girls Aloud, known for her late-night partying and hedonistic lifestyle.So perhaps it was no surprise she was breaking all the rules at a Christmas funfair - by stuffing her face before a white-knuckle ride.The 27-year-old singer, DJ boyfriend Tom Crane and a group of pals swapped their usual nightclub scene for the fun and frolics of the Winter Wonderland park in London's theme park.

After walking around the Christmas fair, Sarah plumped for a giant hotdog covered in ketchup and mustard, accompanied by mulled fine for her festive snack.While most people would take some time out to digest their food before being thrown around on a funfair ride, Sarah couldn't wait to get on with the fun.Sarah and Tom screamed with delight as they rode the Sleigh Ride roundabout which brought them as high as 30 foot in the air.Despite her initial joy, it seemed the fear had got to Sarah a little bit as she clung to Tom and screamed.

The singer obviously has a head for heights after she slid down the 60 metre Toboggan Snow Slide.Sarah raced her boyfriend down the heady slide, but it appeared the DJ was winning as he speed on to the bottom faster than his pop star lover.After a very social year, 2009 may be quieter for Sarah.She recently bought a house in Buckinghamshire, where she hopes to indulge her passion for horse-riding.

But with boyfriend Tom's job as a DJ, it is unlikely they will stay away from the city for long.Sarah currently lives in a £1million townhouse in Camden with Tom, 29, which she bought last year after the pair had only been dating several months.By moving to the country, Sarah will be following in the footsteps of bandmate Cheryl Cole, which lives in a Surrey mansion with husband Ashley.Despite settling down in the country with Tom, Sarah insisted she was in no rush to start a family and is hoping to continue living the good life as long as possible.She said: 'You don't want to be thinking you've missed out when you've got kids round your ankles.'

It's the Bizarre Awards 2008

SHOVE the Baftas, Brits, and Grammys, the only gongs that matter are the, er, Bizarre Awards.Just ask COLDPLAY, who won Best Rock Band.TAKE THAT, OASIS, GIRLS ALOUD and JO WOOD were also among the winnersHOWARD DONALD, JASON ORANGE, MARK OWEN and GARY BARLOW were crowned the new Bizarre Lords.The lads deserve the honour after another triumphant year. And SARAH HARDING was delighted with GIRLS ALOUD’s Best Pop award.They keep getting better — and I’m not just talking about the music.