Friday, 16 May 2008

Sarah interview

Interview: Sarah Harding
May 16 2008 by Gordon Barr, Evening Chronicle
Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding chats to Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR on the run-up to the group’s two Newcastle shows
WE’RE used to seeing Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding taking a break and eating a Kit Kat these days.
She’s all over the TV screens in the chocolate bar’s latest advertising campaign.
But when she takes time out to chat to myself, it’s not a Kit Kat she’s munching on – rather a Scotch egg.
“I’m a classy lady,” laughs Sarah, who will be performing with Girls Aloud at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena on May 24 and 25.
“I’m eating a Scotch egg for my breakfast on the way into rehearsals! Lovely things – they’re so tasty.”
She admits that unlike in that TV ad, there is little time to relax at the moment. “It’s full on. It’s worth it, though, once we get on the stage,” she says of what to expect when the group arrive in Newcastle.
“There will still be a few hits in there but I think it will be different in the fact that every year it gets a bit more elaborate, a bit bigger, a bit better, better costumes. Onwards and upwards.”
Onwards and upwards is probably the kind of advice Sarah and the group gave their fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole in light of her recent personal problems.
While Sarah refuses to talk about that, she does give comment on Byker lass Cheryl’s duet with the Black Eyed Peas’ Will I Am on Heartbreaker. “I love it. I think it is going to do really well. I think it is perfect timing for them both to collaborate and I think it is going to really help them both.
“It’s definitely going to boost his sales!!”
Girls Aloud have been one of Britain’s most consistently successful pop acts since being formed on Popstars – The Rivals back in 2002.
Did Sarah ever think that, five and a half years on, they would still be churning out the hits?
“I didn’t really want to think about that to be honest. We were just taking it every day as it came. You’ve just got to live for the moment and enjoy what you have for now.
“There’s no use fretting about what might not be in the future.
“Because we are all strong, feisty, opinionated and ambitious girls, I think that’s helped, and plus the fact there is room for us in the market and we have a great team around us to help us do that.
“We’ve been extremely lucky in that case, but despite being extremely lucky I don’t think if none of us had our heart in it we would still be here now.
“We have our downsides, definitely, but the upsides definitely outweigh that.”
One of those upsides is the touring.
“It will be interesting to see what feedback there is to the songs we haven’t released. We’ll definitely be doing all the big hits too, though.
“My personal favourite is Wake Me Up. I’m more of a rock chick.
“But then I like Something Kinda Ooh as well as it has a really nice dance side to it as well, uplifting.
So what next? “After the tour we have a book coming out. There’s quite a lot of honesty gone into it.
“But remember we have young fans. I think the old warts-and-all one will come later on! When our fans are all grown up!”

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