Monday, 30 November 2009

New sets of pics added

Sarah Harding In 24 Hours advert

Sarah Harding in 24 Hours advert
Credit Sarah Harding Addicts

Sarah on cooking

It seems that between the five of them the girls have their fingers in ALL the pies.
Nicola’s fellow Alouder Sarah Harding, 28, is set on becoming a dom­estic goddess.
The Nigella Lawson wannabe wants to go on Celebrity Come Dine With Me.
The singer – pictured inset at the Make A Wish Winter Ball at London’s Dorchester Hotel – told Goss: “I love cooking Italian food and can make a mean soup.
“I’d definitely liven up the show.”

Aloud and proud

GOOD to see the GIRLS ALOUD lasses spending time with each other, even when they are off doing their own things these days.
A glamorous SARAH HARDING and NICOLA ROBERTS, looking elegant in green, joined up on Saturday night for the Make-A-Wish charity's winter ball at London's Dorchester Hotel.

The girls are all working on individual projects at the moment with Sarah pursuing her acting dreams, Nicola making a TV documentary about tanorexics, CHERYL COLE topping the charts as a solo artist and judging The X Factor and NADINE COYLE in the studio working on a solo offering.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sarah Harding swaps party-girl image for glamorous dress at charity winter ball

She’s usually known for her party-girl ways and revealing outfits, but Sarah Harding cut a more demure figure last night.
Looking elegant in a below-the-knee gold and black sparkly dress, the Girls Aloud singer dressed to impress for a winter ball.
With bright red lips and her blonde hair simply styled, the 28-year-old, who is now turning her hand to acting, is keen to tone down her wild image.

Harding was accompanied by band mate Nicola Roberts, who looked stunning in a full-length emerald gown for the event at The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London.
Nicola, 24, has recently launched her own make-up range Dainty Doll since Girls Aloud announced a break after their Out Of Control tour.

Towering in bright red heels, the petite singer looked sophisticated for the star-studded event.

They joined a host of other celebrities for night, which included a charity auction, to help raise money for terminally ill children.
TV presenter Nick Knowles, actor Bradley Walsh, chef Ainsley Harriott and actor Freddie Highmore also attended.

Sarah Harding 24 hours

"Sarah Harding in 24 Hours" - 13th December, 10pm.

MTV follow Girls Aloud star for 24 hours, as she films St Trinians, and prepares for the Girls Aloud 12 month break. Advert for the show are now being shown on MTV (just seen it!)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sarah Harding loves Estée Lauder

Sarah Harding gives Girls Aloud a much needed edge with her sexy rock chick image.But the stunning singer hasn't always been as confident.‘When I was younger, I wouldn't go to school without putting on a full face of make-up about an inch thick,' she confesses.‘I'm not like that now, I'm much happier in my own skin.'And the key to her fresh-faced look?‘I love the Estée Lauder facial range and Johnson's PH5.5

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Song Of The Day - Too Bad

The surprisingly brilliant 'Too Bad' is the best of three Sarah Harding solo tracks on the 'St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold' soundtrack.
It starts off like Julian Lennon's 'Too Late For Goodbyes' then lets rip into a massive arms-aloft Dannii Minogue-style chorus, has a big sort of rapped bit in the middle, and even makes time for a little nod towards Westworld's 'Sonic Boom Boy'.
If we may humbly suggest a placement for 'Too Bad' in your Girls Aloud playlists, slotting the track somewhere in between 'Close To Love' and 'Girl Overboard' would probably do nicely.

30 second clip of Too Bad from the St Trinians soundtrack

Listen to Sarah singing Too Bad

Sarah Harding uncertain about ‘Girls Aloud’ future

Girls Aloud’ star Sarah Harding insists that she’s unsure how much longer the group will stay together.
While the group is on a hiatus, Harding says she’s surprised how they have managed to remain popular since they were formed on a reality TV programme in 2002.
“We’ve grown up in the spotlight, we never thought we’d stick around,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling British TV talk show host Jonathan Ross.
“We’re simply taking a break now, we all felt it was time… We said about a year – but we’re going to see what happens,” she added.
The ‘Love Machine’ singer added that she now has her sights firmly set on acting, as it provides a fresh challenge for her.
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“I’m not saying I don’t want to sing any more but everyone knows I’m a bit of a drama queen, I really enjoy a new challenge. This is what I want to do,” she added. (ANI)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

We were getting on each other’s nerves

Sarah Harding rolls her eyes, crosses her arms, and gives us a look we imagine she perfected while playing a sulky schoolgirl on the set of her new film, St Trinian's 2. We've asked about her party-girl reputation. And that, she insists, is just not her these days. She's using a year off from Girls Aloud to get herself taken seriously - both as an actress, and as a person, too.
"People are so stuck in the past," she sighs. "Why is everyone obsessed with my drinking? I do have another side. But people don't pap me going to business meetings or cooking dinner. That caner tag, it's not me and I'm sick of it."

We're confused. At today's shoot a newspaper lies on the table, showing a picture of Sarah, 28, coming out of her favourite London haunt, Mahiki, with Marvin Humes from JLS. "It was a business meeting," she says adamantly. Because as well as being an actress - she's here to talk about her latest role as school rebel Roxy in the St Trinian's saga - Sarah is using the Girls Aloud sabbatical to discover her inner entrepreneur. Along with the owners of royal hangout Mahiki, she's invested money in London's hot new nightclub Kanaloa. An interesting move for a girl once dubbed the Camden Caner because of her penchant for the notoriously boozy north London social scene.

"The club wasn't a reason to go out and party, but a business opportunity," she explains. "There comes a time where you have to grow up. I don't enjoy going out as much as I used to. Maybe it's because I'm in a relationship now. When I was single I loved being around people, but when going out becomes monotonous, what's the point?"

These days, Sarah's happiest at her Buckinghamshire home playing Grand Theft Auto on her PS3 and cooking home-made meals. Food's a recurring theme in our conversation and Sarah's face falls when a huge dish of lasagne arrives for lunch - she's on a self-imposed carb ban today. Her last argument with Tom Crane, 30, her DJ boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, was about what 'baking blind' meant. And apparently her friends call her 'Mama Hardcore' - the party animal who makes her own pasta.

The Sarah we see today is a far cry from the wild girl we met 10 months ago when she graced one of our January covers. She arrives an hour late, dressed in a baggy T-shirt, leggings and Uggs. Her clothing choice is to hide the paunch she says she's developed since the band took a break. She lifts her top to prove her point.

"That's usually a six-pack," she moans, even though we can only see a barely there curve on her size-8 stomach. "It's the change in weather. Me and Tommy are all about comfort food. It's nice though, I've got a bit of insulation!"

Funny and self-effacing - so far, so Sarah. But after four hours (yes, that's four hours) in hair and make-up, Sarah has been transformed into a sexy screen siren. Her conversations are peppered with stories from the St Trinian's set - of Rupert Everett giving her acting advice, and practising lines with Colin Firth.

Sarah's career switch comes after almost seven years in Girls Aloud, the band that formed in 2002 after winning Popstars: The Rivals. Countless hits, six albums and umpteen awards followed, including a Best Single Brit in February for their song The Promise.
Even apart, they remain in high demand. Cheryl Cole, 26, is now the undisputed nation's sweetheart as an X Factor judge and solo artist, recently bagging a No1 single and album. Nadine Coyle, 24, lives in LA and will launch her solo material next year. Nicola Roberts, 24, is focusing on her beauty range, Dainty Doll, and making waves in the fashion world; while Kimberley Walsh, 27, is pursuing TV presenting offers as well as negotiating fashion and beauty deals. Sarah, cannily, is avoiding comparisons with her band mates by setting her sights on an acting career.

While she's written and recorded songs for the St Trinian's soundtrack, that's where her solo career begins and ends. "I'm not in a rush," she says. "Cheryl and Nadine are both doing the solo thing, but I want to take my time. I don't know how Cheryl squeezes it all in - I'd be having a breakdown by now."

What does she think of Cheryl's debut album, 3 Words? "I haven't heard it yet," she admits. "I heard the new single the other day, that's quite good. I'm really proud of her."
So with the girls going off in different directions, are cracks appearing in Girls Aloud's foundations?

"It was a relief to be apart for a while," she says. "As much as we love each other, we were getting on each other's nerves. All we did was moan about being knackered. There wasn't any gossip because we saw each other constantly. These days we've got more to talk about and we appreciate each other more."

But the differences between Sarah and the others remain.

"I'm quite loud at times," she grins. "The girls think I've got a potty mouth. I've worked in male-orientated jobs before and never had sisters so I've got quite a male sense of humour. Something I might find funny, Cheryl will go: 'That's gross!'"

"I've got loads of different sides," she adds. "I go into different personas, but that's why people always said I'd be good at acting. When I'm on stage I'm lairy, but when I come off, sometimes I just go straight home to bed."

Sarah admits it's hard for Tom to understand the person his girlfriend really is. "We're always having debates," she says. "We're either best friends or worst enemies. We have a tempestuous relationship. He thinks I'm bipolar and mental and calls me 'nut-nut'. We're quite feisty, but that makes us. If he was a doormat, he'd have been gone ages ago."

The couple split for a week last year, with Tom blaming work pressures. So we wonder where he fits into Sarah's new less-pressured life. As a resident DJ at Mahiki, he's immersed in the party scene that she says she's left behind. So does Sarah worry that, while she's at home cooking, Tom might be tempted by the DJ groupies? Cue Sarah the actress.

"I do play the jealous wife sometimes because I've got to make him feel secure," she says. "He's probably more jealous than I am, but every morning we wake up in the same bed. If we didn't, there would be more trust issues."

Three months back, Tom moved from his north London home into the Buckinghamshire pile Sarah bought last year. And, it seems, Sarah's got a pretty good catch. "Tommy's like a house husband," she says with a grin. "I came home the other day and he'd made a steak and ale pie!"

So, the question begs, is he The One? "I don't know," she says. "He's definitely a contender. I'm focusing on my career. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet before I can think about marriage. We're like a married couple anyway."

In more ways than one it seems. "We're too tired for sex," she jokes. "It's good because I have other things to do before babies. If I do that now, what do I have to look forward to?"
Sarah's manager's baby, Felix, has everyone at the shoot oohing and ahhing, and between takes she grabs cuddles. "I don't know how I'd cope with childbirth," she says, grimacing. "I'm petrified. And morning sickness scares me too. I'm also a good old-fashioned girl and I'd like to be married first."

Sarah's bitter rift with her dad John must make her somewhat cynical about family life. She disowned him at 18 and changed her surname from Hardman to Harding. Sarah doesn't want to talk about him today and her silence speaks volumes. "My friends are my family," she says. "I was lost for quite a long time - that's probably why I went off the rails a little bit."

Sarah left school at 16 without any GCSEs but with a huge dream of being a star, and she's now working hard to fulfil her acting ambitions. As well as elocution lessons, she's having sessions with an acting coach, determined to quash criticism she'll only win roles because of her profile.
As well as St Trinian's, Sarah was in BBC2's Freefall alongside Mamma Mia! hottie Dominic Cooper. Although she's the first to admit she's got a long way to go, she's already been up for a role against a big-name star.

"There was one part I went for, but I think they were punching below their weight when they asked me because they gave it to a Hollywood A-lister," she reveals. "I'm sworn to secrecy, but it was really good to just meet the casting director and the director is happy to keep me in mind. My agent thought it was good experience for me.

"My worst fear is forgetting my lines," she adds. "And I'm my own worst critic. I cringe every time I watch myself. I'm not saying I'm going to be the next Kate Winslet - that doesn't happen overnight - but I'd love to do a Charlize Theron in Monster. I like to do things that will surprise people.

"Some people expect you to fail - I hope to prove them wrong. People say: 'She's playing a schoolgirl and she's pushing 30', but it's a bit of fun. Rupert Everett is playing a woman! People take things too seriously."

But taking things seriously is exactly what Sarah's about these days. Actress, country bumpkin, nightclub owner - she's determined to succeed at all of them. But, for now, as our shoot ends, she's off to Guy Ritchie's pub, The Punch Bowl for another of those business meetings.

St Trinian's 2: Legend Of Fritton's Gold is at cinemas nationwide from December 18.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fabulous Mag

Sarah will be in Fabulous Mag next Sunday for a preview check out

Sarahs recorded 3 tracks for the soundtrack!

Banned of St Trinian's - St Trinian's Theme

Sarah Harding - Too Bad

Banned of St Trinian's - Up And Away

The Saturdays - Lose Control

Banned of St Trinian's - We Got The Beat

Florence + The Machine - Kiss With A Fist

Sarah Harding - Make It Easy

Noisettes - Saturday Night

Banned of St Trinian's - I Can Get What I Want

Girls Can't Catch - Keep Your Head Up

Sarah Harding - Boys Keep Swinging

Dragonette - You're A Disaster

Banned of St Trinian's - Jump Off

Girls Aloud - I Predict A Riot (Live At Wembley)

Cast of St Trinian's - St Trinian's Theme

Sarah Harding Releasing Solo Material

Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle aren't the only Girls Aloud members who are going solo - Sarah Harding has recorded songs for the 'St Trinian's 2' soundtrack.
Besides starring in the forthcoming film as Roxy, Sarah also contributes three exclusive songs to the CD.
Harding was worked with Girls Aloud producers Xenomania to record new tracks 'Too Bad' and 'Make It Easy', as well as a cover version of 'Boys Keep Swinging' by David Bowie.
The rest of the album includes other original Xenomania tracks recorded by the Banned of St Trinian's and also 'I Predict A Riot' (Live From Wembley) by Girls Aloud.
The 'St Trinian's 2' soundtrack is released on 14th December.

Sarah Harding: 'I don't know when Girls Aloud will get back together and I'm surprised we've stuck around this long'

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has admitted the group are taking a break from each other this year.
While the band have embarked on personal projects since finishing their tour earlier this year, it is the first time they have publicly confessed they are actively taking time apart.
Miss Harding insisted the group would get back together but admitted they were unsure when.
In an interview on tonight’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, she said: ‘We are simply taking a break, we all felt it was time. We said about a year but we are going to see.’
The 27-year-old blonde is now turning her hand to acting, recently taking roles in BBC2’s drama Freefall, independent film Bad Day and is also set to star in the St Trinian’s film sequel.
She said: ‘I’m not saying I don’t want to sing any more but everyone knows I’m a bit of a drama queen, I really enjoy a new challenge… this is what I want to do’
Bandmate Cheryl Cole’s stellar success on The X Factor and with her solo career has also raised question marks over the band's future.
Music mogul Simon Cowell is understood to be keen to launch her music and television career in the US, where she has already had offers.
Insiders have said Miss Cole could be a judge on the US version of The X Factor, which Cowell has earmarked to broadcast there as early as September 2010 – if deals with American television networks can be signed in time.
Kimberley Walsh has signed a modeling deal with New Look, Nadine Coyle now lives and spends most of her time in LA and Nicola Roberts has launched her own make-up range for fair skinned women.
However, the band are still tied to a three-album deal with their record label Fascination, which is part of Polydor and owned by music giant Universal Music.

Girls Aloud was created through ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 and have become one of the most successful British pop groups of the decade.
They have notched up a string of 20 consecutive top ten singles, including four number ones, and five albums.
Miss Harding confessed she was surprised at the band’s longevity and success.
She said: ‘We’ve grown up in the spotlight, we never thought we’d stick around.’

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sarah Harding to join Mahiki founders at opening of London venue

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding will join Mahiki founders Nick House and Piers Adam for the launch of their new venture, Kanaloa, a Polynesian-themed tiki bar with event facilities

Entrepreneurs Nick House and Piers Adam, as well as partners Sarah Harding and her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, will be present at the launch of the party destination.
Kanaloa, which will be available for event hire from 6-10pm on weekdays, takes its name from the Tiki God of the Sea.
It will offer retro touches inspired by the Beach Boys music. Design features include tiki carvings, bamboo and a wooden bridge.
A long black bamboo bar at the venue will be surrounded by carved wooden pillars and lampshades made from exotic seashells.
The lounge will have a crazy paving stone floor and rattan screens providing "discreet hideaways placed at intervals throughout".
"Piers and I have both worked in the City and we felt there was a real need to create a sense of escapism and fun in an area that historically hasn't had the benefit of high quality bars and nightclubs. We are extremely excited about the launch and are honoured to be working with a superstar like Sarah," said co-founder House.
For a full review see our One's to Watch feature in your issue of The Guide 2010, out at the beginning of next year.
To add a comment yourself register and let us know your thoughts.


Scans from todays papers added to gallery

On Hard liquor...

We've seen her propping up a few bars in our time, but Sarah Harding tells us she can't wait to be on the other side.
The Girls Aloud singer, pictured with JLS star Marvin Humes at Mahiki nightclub, has invested in a bar called Kanaloa, which opens in the City at the end of the month.
And punters won't know what's hit them when Sarah turns up. She told us: "Kanaloa will provide the perfect escape from it all."

Marv gets caner masterclass

IS JLS's MARVIN HUMES going for the double?
Alongside bandmate ASTON MERRYGOLD, he's a shoo-in for my Shagger Of The Year award already.
But this snap suggests he may be making a late bid to bag my Caner Of The Year gong too.
The swordsman went to London's Mahiki club with SARAH HARDING on Tuesday.
The GIRLS ALOUD tear-up pro has been a front-runner for my Caner award many times but has never won it.
Perhaps she spent the evening giving Marvin the benefit of her experience...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sober Sarah Harding plots Girls Aloud birthday madness

EXCLUSIVE: Top caner Sarah Harding put the heavy boozing to one side and left her night out with JLS hunk Marvin Hume walking in a straight line after toasting her new career as a nightclub entrepreneur.
The Girls Aloud beauty saved herself just a few sips of champagne as she went for dinner with boyfriend Tommy Crane and Hume at the Texture Restaurant in London's Marble Arch before a nightcap at Tommy's DJ haunt Mahiki.
Her toast comes after a hellish string of meetings, putting the finishing touches on her new nightclub in London's City called Kanaloa.

Last night the star, 27, was already plotting the venues' first wild shindig, planning a joint birthday celebration for herself and bandmate Kimberley Walsh at the new city slickers' party spot later this month.
She just had a bit of champagne after a knackering week of meetings with designers
'Sarah just wanted some down time with Tommy and some mates after frantically putting the finishing touches on her nightclub', says my source.
'She just had a bit of champagne after a knackering week of meetings with designers', said the insider.
Excited about the club's opening next Tuesday, Harding told Metro: 'This felt like the perfect time and opportunity to inject some fun and frivolity into a place, usually consisting of suits and boots.'
'Kanaloa is going to be the perfect escape for those city boys to escape from it all and relax and have a good time in a tropical paradise within walking distance from the office but without the jet lag for once!'

The star said she was 'proud' of her latest vocation, after teaming up with Crane and owners of London's Mahiki and Whisky Mist nightclubs Nick House and Piers Adam for the project.

Marvin learns the Hard way

MARVIN HUMES showed his inexperience here.
The JLS singer fell victim to caner pal SARAH HARDING's mocking during a night out in London yesterday evening.
Sarah couldn't help but giggle as Marvin attempted to look cool as she raised her fingers above his head.
The pair enjoyed a bit of dinner with Sarah's boyfriend TOM CRANE at Texture Restaurant in Marble Arch before heading to Mahiki.
Hopefully Marvin got his own back ...

Sarah Harding demonstrates how to wear the Coatagin

Sarah Harding was snapped leaving Mahiki looking less than impressed with boyfriend Tom Crane.
On the other hand, it looks like Sarah's been taking styling tips from band mate Nicola Roberts - we love the black and charcoal ensemble she's currently wearing, complete with retro hair.
Our favourite piece of the ensemble, however, is the oversized coatigan (because it's sort of a coat, sort of a cardigan, innit). The perfect solution when you don't want to ruin your evening outfit with a coat, take a tip from Stroppy Sarah and get yours now.

Sarah Harding's thick layer of make-up can't disguise her gaunt looks

Months after finishing a punishing tour with band Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding still looks as if she has not regained any of the weight she shed onstage.
Despite a heavy layer of artfully applied make-up, the 27-year-old singer couldn't hide her increasingly gaunt look as she enjoyed her customary midweek night out with DJ boyfriend Tom Crane.
Sarah's jawline appeared more prominent than usual and she sported razor-sharp cheekbones as she left her hotel in central London.

Unusually, she appeared keen to keep her party frock under wraps as she wore a loose grey jacket to keep out the chill, with only her patterned tights giving a hint of what was underneath.
Sarah enjoyed dinner at Texture Restaurant in Marble Arch with Tom and JLS star Marvin Hume before heading to Mahiki nightclub.
While bandmate Nicola has been attending fashion shows and Cheryl Cole has been winning plaudits for her chart-topping single and album, Sarah has been busy adding to her acting CV filming the sequel to St Trinians.

Last year, she starred in independent film Bad Day and recently filmed a role in BBC drama Freefall.
But her dream role is to play Ronnie Wood's estranged wife Jo in a movie of her life.
Sarah said: 'Jo is amazing. She's my new favourite person. She's had such an extraordinary life. It's fascinating. Her stories are unbelievable. They'd make a wicked film.'
Meanwhile Sarah is busy with another project up her sleeve and it combines two of her favourite pastimes, drinking and dancing - she's set to launch her very own nightclub.
Sarah and DJ beau Crane have teamed up with Nick House and Piers Adam, owners of clubs Mahiki and Whisky Mist, to open Kanaloa in London's City area

Stars get festive for Christmas Carol premiere

COLIN FIRTH, who plays Scrooge's nephew in the movie, told The Sun he was working on the St Trinian's sequel and had already shared some scenes with SARAH HARDING.
"She's a lovely girl. Amazing," he said.
"You're going to love her in the part."
Asked if he got to snog co-star RUPERT EVERETT in the second film he laughed, "No, he wouldn't let me!"

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sunday, 1 November 2009

New London Club To Be Launched By Mahiki Owner

One of the owners of top London clubs Mahiki and Whiskey Mist is launching a glamorous new nightclub next door to Goldman Sachs, on London’s infamous Fleet Street, just south of Soho and Covent Garden, giving out-of-towners yet another reason to visit London
Club promoter Nick House is opening the London night club Kanaloa in October; it will feature tree-houses, and a Hawaiian theme. It will be championed by celebrity singer Sarah Harding’s boyfriend Dj Tom Crane, Guy Pelley and socialite Henry Conway.

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