Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sardine Argue

Nadine Coyle has really annoyed Sarah Harding.Nadine refused to take part in the reality series 'The Passions Of Girls Aloud' and 'Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud.'This has upset the other members of Girls Aloud as they all took part. Nadine also missed the Brit Awards by claiming she had lost her passport.A source told Now magazine: "Sarah and Nadine have come to "bitching blows" over how she's treated the band. She didn't appear in their recent ITV2 series, saying "she doesn't do reality shows". "That really annoyed the girls. Sarah called her "Geri f***ing Halliwell" for trying to break up the group."It is thought Nadine is preparing to leave the band so she can join her parents in Los Angeles. They moved over there last year.The source speculates that Nadine is looking at a move into acting: "She'd love to land a role in Ugly Betty."

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