Friday, 4 April 2008


ITV has produced a series following the experiences of Britain’s most successful girl band, Girls Aloud.
Each of the members of the band was given the opportunity to experience a lifelong dream activity.

Sarah Harding, the blond haired sexy lingerie modelling member of the group, chose to learn the sport of polo on horseback as her “passion”.
Sarah starts her polo lifestyle experience with a trip to the prestigious Burlington Arcade in London’s Mayfair. There, with fellow band member Kimberley Walsh, Sarah kits herself out in the latest polo fashion from genuine polo outfitter to polo players and polo watchers around the world, Polistas.
From the glamour of the West End, Sarah, with film crew in tow, went to one of Britain’s equestrian heartlands, the Warwickshire countryside, to get on her first polo pony at the Royal Leamington Spa Polo Club. The camera catches all of Sarah’s ups and downs as she learns how to swing a mallet, ride a polo pony and bump the competition in ride-offs. Rules have to be learned as well as technique as Sarah is taken under the wing of polo professional and instructor Tarquin Southwell.
Founder of Polistas, Johnny Lynn, a professional polo instructor himself, gives a helping hand during instructional chukkas as Sarah is guided through her first week introduction of the sometimes not so glamorous “Game of Kings”.
Then Sarah is whisked off to Argentina, the modern home of polo, for a different level of polo practice on a rustic Argentine estancia (polo ranch).
She returns to England for her final test a week later where she plays on the Polistas Polo Team in a genuinely competitive match with celebrity polo player Jack Kidd and Royal County of Berkshire principal Jamie Morrison.
The one hour episodes of “The Passions of Girls Aloud” air in March 2008 on ITV2 on Friday evenings from 10pm.
To catch the action of Sarah’s exiting experience tune in at 10pm on Friday 21st.

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