Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Girls Aloud Feud?

Gather round kids, and let us clean up the splatterings of goss off you.
We know how easily these things are spread.
But it's our job to spit on our hankies and wipe off the gossip that is of the filthy false variety.
So step forward, Girls Aloud.
There was talk that a couple of the girlies were having a bust-up.
Yet we can lay this one to rest...
Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding have piped up about this little nugget.
New! magazine asked the twosome about a feud.
And Sarah told them: "Yeah, I read about that - Cheryl asking for a shotgun to shoot me with apparently.
"It's rubbish and I want to get that straight."
Cheryl added: "I haven't had an argument with Sarah for four years and I remember that argument - it was at Pineapple dance studios and she was p***ing me off.
"And that's the last cross word I've had with her."
Ah, nowt but a whole lotta love here.

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