Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Girls Aloud: “We’re Going Nowhere!”

Girls Aloud have reassured fans that they are definitely not splitting up.
In a posting on the girl-band’s official website, the fivesome insist that although they are taking an extended break after completing their recent Out Of Control tour, and although Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding solo plans have been rumoured in the press this week; GA will DEFINITELY return with a new album next year, followed by more.

"We've decided to write this note together, because we want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world," they wrote.

"Over the next 12 months we are going to be involved in a lot of different things - music, TV, fashion and more. Sometimes it may be a solo project - sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together."

The message continues, with a dramatic use of caps lock: "We are definitely NOT splitting up. In fact we have all signed a new contract with Fascination/Polydor Records guaranteeing that we will release at least three Girls Aloud albums - minimum.

"We will definitely all be going into the studio next year to record - and there will definitely be a new GA album in 2010."

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