Monday, 27 July 2009


The foxy fivesome have ann­ounced a year­long break.But Sarah has vowed she will be back topping the charts with her bandmates at the end of 2010.The hot blonde is concentrating on film and telly work and is being flooded with high-­profile acting offers.A pal says: “Sarah loves singing and performing in Girls Aloud.“But they’ve been together six years now and she wants to spread her wings and try new things.“It’s been a constant gruelling schedule of recording, touring and promoting.“But the band plan to make at least three more albums, so it’s definitely not the last you’ll see of Sarah.”Sarah, 27, admits: “We’ve been on a treadmill for six years and need a break. It’s not fun when it feels likegroundhog year.”Now the party­loving beauty is throwing herself into acting with a role in the new St Trin­ian’s film and her recentappearance in BBC telly drama Freefall.She laughs: “Acting is good for me because I’ve always been called a drama queen. Singing was always mymain ambition, but acting was something else I wanted to achieve.“Now I hope my acting career will go from strength to strength.“I’m working my way into acting gradually – I don’t want people to think I’m just swanning in there."I’m taking baby steps.“It’s a bit nerve­wracking too, not having all my girls with me.“They’re really supportive though, and can’t wait to see the end results.”Sarah had a cameo role in the successful St Trinian’s flick and is now filming the sequel, which also stars former Doctor Who David Tennant, 38.And the only thing she is having trouble mastering is a posh accent.Sarah, who is dating DJ Tom Crane, 29, says: “I can do any kind of accent from Liverpudlian to Scottish and Geordie, but I can’t do a neutral, posh voice at all.”The other Girls Aloud beauties are also pursuing separate projects while they take a break.Cheryl Cole, 26, is releasing new music and starring as a judge on X Factor.Nadine Coyle, 24, plans a solo career, Nicola Roberts, 23, is con­centrating on her make­up range and Kimberley Walsh, 27, also plans acting work.On their official website they told fans: “We want to set the record straight about what is happening in our world.“Over the next 12 months, we are going to be involved in a lot of different things – music, TV, fashion and more.“Sometimes it may be a solo project, sometimes just a couple of us and sometimes all five of us together.”Sarah adds: “We’ll have a bit of a breather to do our own thing and keep it in­teresting for ourselves.Otherwise you get com­placent.“And you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

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