Sunday, 12 July 2009

From schoolgirl to 4am party animal: Sarah Harding swaps St Trinian's uniform for LBD to enjoy night on the town

From schoolgirl to 4am party animal: Sarah Harding swaps St Trinian's uniform for LBD to enjoy night on the town

Sarah Harding started the day dressed as a schoolgirl, only to finish the night in typical party animal fashion as she stepped out of a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.
The Girls Aloud singer was seen on the set of the St Trinian's sequel in a skimpy school uniform - hot pants, black leather boots, and tight top with cheeky school tie.
Later that evening, she swapped the shrunken uniform for a little black dress to hit the nightlife of Soho.
Sarah was seen leaving the 24 Nightclub at 4am with boyfriend Tom Crane.
The giggling 27-year-old appeared tipsy as she lent over a straight-faced Crane in the back of a taxi.
Perhaps after a busy day of filming, the pop star felt the need to let hair down.
Sarah is joined in the sequel, St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold, by Dr Who star David Tennant who is playing the villain.
She had a cameo part in the 2007 reworking of the film with her Girls Aloud bandmates, but this time she has her own role as a cool new schoolgirl.

The Belles of St Trinian's, which kicked off the series, hails from the black and white days of 1954 and featured the classic comic acting skills of the likes of George Cole, Beryl Reid and Irene Handl.
Later films starred old favourites of English comedy Terry Thomas, Frankie Howerd, Terry Scott and a succession of hard-to-handle young female actresses.
In the latest St Trinian's, the scantily-clad pupils hunt for buried treasure, after they discover that headmistress Miss Fritton is related to pirates.
Also joining the cast are Bond girl Gemma Arterton, rising star Tallulah Riley, Russell Brand, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.

Sarah, who is making her TV debut in hard-hitting drama Freefall next month, is determined not to be another pop star who fails at acting.
'I don't want to try too much too soon, I'm taking baby steps,' she said.
'I'm working my way into acting gradually - I don't want people to think I'm just swanning in there.
'There is a stigma attached to people who go from singing to acting.'
Girls Aloud will pursue solo projects next year with Sarah and Kimberley Walsh going into acting, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle trying out their own plans, and Nicola Roberts working on her make-up range.

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