Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts do the NME Awards

After the Oscars and Grammys, the NME Awards seems about as relevant as John McCain's shoe size. Sure, the event might acknowledge some reasonable indie hit makers, but that doesn't want to look at their sweaty faces after two hours at the free bar.Thankfully then, we have a few more glamourous guests to report on; Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding may not be Brangelina, and their attendance might be inexplicable (although the aforementioned free bar might be something to do with it for Harding), but the Girls Aloud singers certainly upped the celeb-factor, making the whole bash a little more visually enticing.So who won what? We don't really care... Look at Nicola's peep-toe ankle boots! See Sarah's striped tube dress!I wonder why Cheryl didn't make it to Brixton?

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