Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cheryl sets her sights on America - leaving her man and her band in limbo

This is an exciting time for Girls Aloud with two Brit nominations and a spot on Comic Relief showing both Cheryl and Kimberley climbing Mount Killimanjaro for the charity.But behind the scenes, tensions are brewing between the bandmates ahead of their UK spring tour, with Cheryl Cole's surging solo career to blame. In the past, the band was always interviewed as a five-piece but now each girl insists on being interviewed separately - and Cheryl's still getting all the attention. According to an insider, "Cheryl's doing so much on her own that she's got more to talka bout, plus she has a huge pull on the media. It's like she's becoming Diana Ross to their Supremes."And news that Cheryl's secured one of the band's management team for herself, a PA called Lily, has further angered the girls and their management company."The PA will be working purely for Cheryl now that she has got so much individual work," a source reveals. " Cheryl became friends with Lily and they'd chatted about doing work together if the girls take a break.'In Cheryl's mind, it was just a personal arrangement. She wants to keep using her whatever happens. Cheryl feels that she's doing what's good for her and she has every right to get the best people behind her. The band was looking at taking a break after the tour an they've all been busy lining up solo projects. Cheryl's on a roll now and wants to take advantage of her popularity. She plays her cards close to her chest and doesn't tell the others what she's planning. Cheryl doesn't feel she's done anything wrong by pursuing her music contacts and securing the recent Vogue shoot. But there has been a good deal of jealousy in the band, mainly from Sarah.'Our insider adds, 'When all the girls were filmed for the documentary, The Passions Of... Sarah found it hard that Cheryl was hooked up with the rap singer Will.I.Am while she didn't make any international contacts in her episode. But the jealousy really started to kick in after the Vogue shoot, because it was Sarah who'd always done more modelling.'Sarah's not speaking to Cheryl at the moment. She thinks she's changed too much and has only her own interests at heart. The girls accepted her rise in profile after the Ashley incident but now things have gone too far.''Sarah isn't the only band member to feel resentful. The others have noticed that Cheryl's confidence has grown so much that she's become the outspoken one.' our source adds.'The comments she made about Victoria Beckham wern't great for the band. They don't like sniping at other celebs, yet Cheryl got caught up in that by herself.'And Nadine isn't too impressed by Cheryl's behaviour either. Friends of the pair say Nadine is jealous of Cheryl and worried that her bandmate is being seen as the group's lead singer. In a recent interview, Nadine announced defiantely.'I'm definately the singer, I do most of the vocals. I can see all of us in Girls Aloud going solo.'With the spotlight on Cheryl, who's also in talks for designing her own clothing range for Topshop, it's no wonder that her fellow bandmates are uneasy.Since her judging stint on The X Factor, Cheryl is keen to focus on her TV career and has been secretly holding talks with US TV execs. Simon Cowell is determined to introduce his prodigy to America, so he's pulling out all the stops to get Cheryl a work visa. An insider says,' Simon's offered to set up as many meetings for Cheryl as he can. With Simon behind her in LA, she sees it as a great opportunity.'Cheryl's husband, Ashley, with whom she has just rebuilt her relationship, is also worried what a move to America might mean. 'Ashley would want her to stay based in the UK, especially as Cheryl said recently that she wanted to start a family. He's slightly worried that it may not happen this year. It will be very tough on them if she goes to the States and Ashley's unsure where that will leave him.'The difficulty is that Simon will try to get the final say, like he did with The X Factor. Ashley wasn't keen initially, but gave in eventually. But he knows he'll have a battle on his hands this time.'Cheryl's never been a typical WAG, though, and it's unlikely she'll toe the line - not after her recent solo success. But whatever happens, it looks like 2009 will be a big year for Mrs Cole.Girls Going Solo?Girls Aloud may have just signed a new three-album deal but they also have fierce solo ambitions.'A break is on the horizon,' says our source. 'All the girls have changed so much since they first started out.'Nadine is busy launching a singing and acting career in the States, as well as focusing on the Mexican restaurant she owns in LA. Basing herself there means she can spend more time with boyfriend Jason Bell.Nicola is proving she's a shrewd businesswoman. She's capitalising on her pale skin by launching her own cosmetics line called Dainty Doll. The range is being rolled out in stores nationwide this year. Meanwhile, she's also involved in fronting a new TV fashion show.Kimberley is carving out a career as a TV presenter, after her stint as Cheryl's right-hand girl on The X Factor last year. She's in talks with TV companies about forthcoming projects.And Sarah is set to continue her modelling career. 'She's always hoping another Ultimo type deal will surface.' adds our source. 'She's also looking at solo music stuff but with a different edge to it.' Sarah, who already has a role in the movieBad Day under her belt, will also star in the BBC2 film Freefall with Dominic Cooper and Alfie Allen

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