Thursday, 19 February 2009


It used to be feisty old Cheryl Cole that always got into feuds with other celebs, but now it seems that Sarah Harding is after the crown for 'gobbiest Girl Aloud'.Sarah must have been in a right old mood as she lashed out against Paris Hilton and the Sugababes in the space of a week!Upon hearing that blonde heiress Paris is setting up home in the UK, the 26-year-old said: "If she moved here I would move out as I can't stand to be in the same country as the silly cow."But that wasn't the end of it - Miss Harding also felt the need to defend bandmate Cheryl after the Sugababes claimed she was the reason why the trio couldn't appear on the X Factor!“It’s bull. If Simon Cowell had wanted them on then he could have booked them. It’s really sour grapes on their part, if you ask me.”, Sarah explained.Miaow!Source: Closer

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