Thursday, 26 February 2009

Continuing the festivities at the nearby Dex club, Sarah spent so much time partying, she managed to lose an NME Award she had been given for safe-keeping.Rock band Elbow gave Sarah their one fingered salute trophy to look after, which came with their name engraved on it.A fellow reveller said: 'Sarah went into the toilets with a pal and was in there for quite a while. For some reason, security went into the ladies’ loos and saw fit to chuck her out.'She was very angry, and came bursting into the smoking area yelling, "How dare those **** throw me out! I wasn’t doing anything!"'If that wasn’t bad enough, she then realised she was no longer holding Elbow’s award.'She said, "F***, where’s that award gone?" It dawned on her she’d left it in the toilets, but it wasn’t there when she checked. Someone had nicked it. That’s when things got a bit too much for her and she decided to leave.'

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