Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bono: I want to be in Girls Aloud

ROCK legend BONO last night wowed the Brit Awards — and joked that his ambition is to be the sixth member of Best British Single winners GIRLS ALOUD.Bono, 48, front man with Irish supergroup U2, told The Sun of his secret dream before rehearsals. The sexy girl band scooped the gong for their hit The Promise. They performed a raunchy version of the song live, wearing sequined burlesque costumes and surrounded by male dancers in white top hats and tails.The girls — CHERYL COLE, 25, NADINE COYLE, 23, SARAH HARDING, 27, NICOLA ROBERTS, 23, and KIMBERLEY WALSH, 27 — appeared in striking wedding dresses to receive the award from comedian ALAN CARR.When Bono said he wanted "to be in Girls Aloud", U2 bass player ADAM CLAYTON quipped: "Which one?" Bono said: "Seriously, I think Girls Aloud are at the cutting edge of pop music."They are a great band and deserve to be centre stage."They have everything a pop band should have — songs, the look, it’s all there."U2 opened the Brits with a storming performance of their latest single Get On Your Boots. The veteran band have flogged 140 million albums worldwide — but Bono was keen to point out that they still feel able to compete with younger bands.He added: "We see ourselves as contemporaries of bands like COLDPLAY, KINGS OF LEON, INTERPOL — and even Girls Aloud."We have been doing this a long time but I still get the same nerves about releasing an album as I did in the early days."The difference now is for new bands."They are under so much pressure to release their material for free."It’s different for us, we have a loyal fan base who buy our records."We can also make money from touring, thanks again to our fans, who go out and buy tickets. "The danger in giving music away free is for writers."Where would Cole Porter be now?"If you have to give away your work for free and you can’t play live, where do you earn the money?"He added: "It’s an interesting time for music."Acts from this side of the pond are doing incredibly well."Tonight is a great example."

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