Sunday, 15 February 2009


... on Girls Aloud "At the other end of the spectrum were Girls Aloud. I was surprised not to get a call about them when they won Pop Idol - but it came six months later, after they had had three hit singles. "I got a call from Polydor to say they weren't performing well in interviews. My training methods were positive and softy-softy but they wanted me to come in as the bad cop. "They were giving one word answers, they were evasive, they would talk to each other and over each other. "I went into the studio with them for a day with the record company management behind the glass listening in which was all a little alien. I had a stand-up row with Nadine. "There had been stuff about her not being allowed in the group because she was too young. She said she didn't want to talk about that, but I said people would still be interested. "She started to argue and I stopped the session, told them to sort themselves out for ten minutes and come back when they were ready. I got a muted round of applause from the management. "They came back and we got on with it. They are still not brilliant in interviews. "Nicola is quiet, Sarah is very pleasant. Invididually they are OK, but I am not sure they all get on well, It was a little bit bitchy. "They are a complete product though and have far outlived the shelf life I thought they would have."

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