Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Keisha from Sugababes on Girls Aloud

in this weeks star magazine there is an interview with keisha from the sugababesand she speaks about girls aloud..

is it hard working in an image obssessed industry?
Yeah. when we first came out, it was all about the music, but now its about who's the biggest celebrity. so its makes us unusual because we're never going to sell out, or sell our soul. music should be down to pure talent. but er get put against girlbands who've just come on the scene or who haven't been on the scene as long as we have, and dont write there own stuff. but, because they're thin, they get to number 1, whereas because we're normal eaters and curvy girls sometimes we get place. that can be irritaitting!."

Are you maybe talking about girls aloud by any chance?
Maybe, Yeah. but its not like we hate them or anything. when they went to number 1 we sent them flowers as it was well deserved. and they're all great girls. we love them all and there sexy bitches! but we find in most interviews we get asked about what they're doing and we're like "No disrespect to them, but we've been doing this for 10 year!" its like so long as you get your tits and your legs out, you could put out baa, baa, black sheep and it can get to no.1"she did say 1 nice thing tho...
Do you think your music is better than theirs?
Yeah, we're always going to feel like our music is better, but we think their live shows are better than ours because there more entertaining. we could never do what they do"

Credit Danny
Someone sounds very bitter

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