Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hero to zero: Is Sarah still sexy?

MY Sun users are convinced that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding is going through a bit of a lean spell as the pop star's frail figure continues to set alarm bells ringing. Party girl Harding has always been the life and soul of Girls Aloud, having been constantly snapped by the paps at a variety of London hot-spots.
The blonde beauty had a figure that made grown men weep with joy, but lately the sexy Ultimo model has gone from hero to size ZERO as she fends off questions about her fluctuating weight.
In a recent interview with GMTV the pop star declared: "It’s not like I don’t eat anything. I eat like a horse. I just burn it off.”
Now MY Sun users are bringing out the scales as they put the spotlight on Sarah and her new 'unhealthy' look.
Talkin' Aloud but saying no-thin
Lissy32 first spotted signs of trouble when Girls Aloud performed at the X Factor finals: "I watched X Factor and thought Sarah Harding looked terrible!
"I used to love her style and look for so long but she looked terribly thin and unhealthy."
Alistair from London thinks the Cheshire lass needs a new dietician: "A carrot and an apple a day might be considered a good diet for a horse but it's unhealthy for a human being."
"Stop these unjustly famous morons having a negative impact on the youth," says marleymanbob from Norfolk.
"Her skinny frame along with Cheryl Cole makes me want to chunder blunder."
Matley05 from Cheshire is still backing the sexy singer: "Sarah Harding is the sexiest one out of the lot of them and she has the best style!"
Advertisement According to enby22 all thin-gs are possible when fame comes calling: "She's painfully skinny, but so is Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud.
"There's also Posh Spice and Paris Hilton; the list goes on and on and the buck can't stop with Sarah Harding."
"Why do people pick on her?" says sam-I-am from London.
"She's just as thin as any other woman in showbiz. Who cares? I don't."
Has Sarah gone from hero to zero in the sexy stakes?

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