Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sarah Hints At Ga split

Sarah Harding has signalled that a curtain call for Britain's top girl group is just around the corner. The party animal says she and her Girls Aloud bandmates are 'sick of the sight of each other' and the rest of the group have now accepted that Nadine Coyle has distanced herself with a life in LA. Harding, 26, confessed: 'I've had times where I've felt I can't do this any more. It's not an easy business to be in.'After six albums, Harding reveals the in-fighting and the *Female Dog* fights are harder to conceal. 'By the end of a campaign, we're sick of the sight of each other,' she says. 'It's like, “Oh, f***ing hell, you again!” You can't stick five girls together and expect it to be la-di-da.' The Ultimo lingerie model is already eyeing up a new life, saying: 'I want to put my fingers in all pies. I'll try anything once. I'm trisexual.' Harding's comments to Star magazine follow fresh speculation of a rift after Coyle, 22, abandoned the group at the Brits. Coyle – who has also bought a Mexican restaurant Stateside – claims she missed the show because she forgot her passport.

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