Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Girls Alard

Chezza ready for a slap-up pamperCaring Sarah Harding is on a mission to cheer up Cheryl Cole... and she reckons the best way to do it is via her stomach. Girls Aloud star Sarah plans to whisk bandmate Cheryl away for a weekend of girly pampering - and some good old-fashioned dinners. Concerned that her pal needs perking up after husband Ashley's infidelity, Sarah, 26, has booked Chezza, 24, into a posh country hotel. After being told about the Ockenden Manor - and its acclaimed Michelin-starred grub - the singer reckons a trip to the West Sussex retreat is precisely what the doctor ordered.It has a luxury spa and flower-filled rooms as well as peacocks roaming the surrounding area. Sarah thinks it will be the perfect preparation for the band's UK tour, which kicks off in May. The hotel website boasts: "A place for peace and serenity, this Elizabethan Manor house is a haven for those that need to get away from it all." So Ashley, make sure you steer well clear, you hear? Our source says: "Sarah has been so worried about Cheryl in recent weeks and is desperate for her to return to her usual bubbly self. "Because she's been so busy with work and filming commitments, combined with all her welldocumented problems with Ashley, she's hardly had any down time. "She's also lost a quite a bit of weight of late, what with all the stress. Sarah basically wants to get Cheryl out into the fresh air and get her totally pampered. "Another advantage is that the hotel's head chef, Stephen Crane, is famed for his hearty, no-nonsense meals. "He's from the Gordon Ramsay school of thought and doesn't take to diets or fad foods too kindly. "It's going to be a weekend of pure indulgence - the girls are already joking that Cheryl will emerge from the hotel needing some seriously reinforced Bridget Jones knickers!" Ashley will be pleased...

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