Monday, 3 March 2008

Curl's Aloud for Sarah Harding

TIME to stamp SARAH HARDINGs backside she has been bitten by the Ashes To Ashes bug.
The GIRLS ALOUD star was snapped on yet another night on the tiles with bandmate NICOLA ROBERTS at Mahiki in Londons West End.
The Manc singer had kept her curly blonde hairdo after appearing on ANT & DECs Saturday Night Takeaway performing the girl bands new track Can’t Speak French.
And with her sporting an Eighties-style tight perm. there is a definite touch of TV cop KEELEY HAWES in there which is no bad thing.
Sarah is like the Arsenal of the Caners League campaign she always finishes in the top three. She has put in a solid start to the year with her boozing but remember. it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Lets hope we see some new Caner talent soon after a very subdued awards season.

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