Monday, 24 March 2008

Sarah Harding's sketch show

Sarah Harding wants to star in her own comedy series.
The Girls Aloud star is so addicted to British sketch shows she is thinking of approaching TV networks with ideas for her own programme.
She said: "I love sketch shows! I would love to have a sketch show. I love the grandmother in 'The Catherine Tate Show'. I'm always doing impressions of her - I really like her!"
Meanwhile, Sarah has also revealed modelling underwear for Ultimo has led to her considering a career change.
She said: "Of course, like every woman, I'm conscious of my body, but I love modelling. If I had longer legs, smaller boobs, smaller hips and was a bit taller, I'd love to have done a bit of catwalk."
The 26-year-old blonde star recently revealed she is also unhappy with her hair.
She said: "I'm in transition with my hair right now. I'm growing it out. I hate it. I was a little like, 'Oh p**s off' with the Dr. Spock thing about my hairstyle. That look is going to be big this year. Anyway, my bloke prefers me in the morning when I look like a little rat buster."

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