Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sarah Harding Girl Alone

SARAH PARTY HARD-ING will become GIRLS ALOUD superstar No3 to join the Girls Alone crew and work on a solo album.The bleach-blonde party animal is in talks with Grammy award-winning songwriter Cathy Dennis about some songs.She’s also set to go into the studio with GA’s amazing producers Xenomania. Sarah’s solo ambitions mean there will be three of the Girls battling it out with each other in the charts next year.And although Sarah, NADINE COYLE and CHERYL COLE are going it alone, it does NOT mean my No1 girlband will split up — they WILL stay together.I revealed last month how Nadine had begun work on a solo album and I’ve been told it’s set for a January release. Sarah and Cheryl are likely to wait longer to allow time to work on their sound.My Girls Aloud source said: “Sarah and Cheryl are at earlier stages but Nadine’s determined to be finished by summer.”DESPITE getting into a mountain of trouble while his missus was away, bad boy ASHLEY COLE has been forgiven by Cheryl.Ash was nicked outside a club while Cheryl was trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.But, once again, he’s got away with it. My source explained: “Cheryl was fuming but they had another chat, he apologised and she decided to give him another chance.” Source:

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