Thursday, 7 August 2008

Girls Aloud star Sarah 'set for wedding'

Sarah Harding's boyfriend Tom Crane has revealed that he plans to marry and start a family with her.
And after months of rumours that their one-year romance was on the rocks, the DJ has broken the silence about their relationship.
Crane admitted in an interview that he was in love with the Girls Aloud star and had never really broken up with her.

'I had never really split up with Sarah. It only lasted for one day or so and everyone made such a big deal of it. It's all such a joke,' he told London Lite.
'Everything you read was so silly, Sarah and I love each other. Our split didn't last long because we get on so well and I know she is faithful to me.
'We have already spoken about starting a large family and marriage and will do so when the time is ready for both of us.'
The blip in their relationship occurred last June after Tom became jealous of his girlfriend's close relationship with her backing dancer Jackson Williams.
The 28-year-old admitted that he still struggled with the thought of Sarah, 26, having so many hunky men around her but insisted that their relationship only came under pressure due to their tight working schedules.
He said: "I have to see her with all these guys every single day of the week so it's all part of it. I have to swallow and accept she's got all these dancers around her."

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