Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Why Cheryl won't sing live

As you know, we at Grazia are fully paid up members of Team X Factor, supporting the show through its ups and downs. However, certain crimes can not be overlooked and we’re outraged at the revelation that Cheryl Cole, who’s due to perform her new single, Fight For This Love, on this Saturday’s show, will NOT be singing live (unlike the contestants she’s mentoring).

'Cheryl will be recording her music performance earlier in the day with a live studio audience to ensure she can fully continue with her judging commitments on The X Factor later that evening,' said an ITV representative.

However, this statement doesn’t hold much water, as last year, when Girls Aloud performed as a group they all sung live – Chezza simply hopped on stage for the duration of the song, then rejoined Simon and Co on the top table afterwards. Could Cheryl’s decision have anything to do with the fact her band were panned for last year’s effort? In matching gold outfits they certainly looked stunning (like five well-coiffed Oscar statues) but their looks still couldn’t distract from the fact, Sarah Harding was the only one singing in tune.

So, is new soloist Cheryl having a crisis of confidence?
'I'm absolutely terrified,' she said, on Chris Moyles' Radio 1 show yesterday, 'The nerves started weeks ago. I love performing but I've sat for months judging people and now I'm putting myself out there to be judged. It's a weird feeling.’

The news that ex-protégé Alexandra Burke is doing so well surely hasn’t helped (her debut single, Bad Boys, is outselling Robbie Williams two to one in the midweek charts). However, lets not praise Alexandra too prematurely, as when she appeared on last Saturday’s X Factor she appeared to be miming (umm, isn’t the point of X Factor to find raw talent, who can hold a note? You wouldn’t catch Leona lip-syncing.)

Simon Cowell, raise the bar! Stop letting the professional get off so lightly (remember Britney’s bizarre rendition of Womanizer last series?) Though rumours have circulated about Robbie William’s starry-eyed performance at least he had the guts to go au naturel. What sort of example is Cheryl setting?Phew, we feel better for getting that of our chest. Grazia readers, feel free to vent…

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chilliban said...

I am so happy that you are writing about this- I, like most people, am a massive fan of Cheryl and the X-Factor- thus I was so disappointed in her that she has backed out of this live performance. I think it is extremely hypocritical of her to do so- how can she judge the contestants (who unlike her do not have years of experience under their belts) when she herself is too chicken to do it. I am not saying for one minute that Cheryl is Whitney Houston in the singing department- and I can understand her not wanting to perform on the same night as Whitney- but perhaps reschedule to the following week?!

Cheryl's fans love her for more than just her voice- she has a great personalilty, she is a lovely girl and of course she is gorgeuos with amazing it is sad to think that she has bottled out of a performance that we have all been waiting so long to see!!

I think this may enter quite a large dint onto our princesses crown!