Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Kim: Sarah's too wild for me

GIRLS ALOUD star KIMBERLEY WALSH says she doesn't get invited out by bandmate SARAH HARDING because she 'can't keep up'.

Sarah is an annual contender for my Caner Of The Year Award, enjoying yet another heavy night out with THE SATURDAYS at the weekend.

But Kim says she would rather stay at home with a take-away.

She says: "Sarah's too wild for me - and she knows I can't keep up. She only invites on the occasional night out.

"CHERYL and I will stay in for a takeaway and a gossip. It sounds boring, but it's nice to chill when you're always so busy."

Kim has recently signed up as the new face of New Look while the band pursue solo projects.
But she says the band have wowed to stay together until they are OAPS.

She told Company magazine: "This is more of a gap year. I don't think we'll ever split up. We've had conversations and agreed that, even if we stopped making music in five year's time, we'll never officially break up.

"A lot of groups split because they're having a bad time or not getting along, then they make a big comeback.
"We don't need to make a profound statement and, hopefully, the five of us with stay on the same page for the next 50 years."

And curvy Kim says she is enjoying her new modelling contract.

She added: "I've got a love/hate relationship with my bottom.

"I feel like I'm constantly prising myself into clothes."

Looks great to me.


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